Sunshine Coast 2016

Hey everyone! This year, my family (Mom, Dad, Seline and I) travelled to the Sunshine Coast of BC again. You can check out our previous Sunshine Coast trip by clicking the ‘Sunshine Coast 2015’ tab in my menu, or by clicking HERE!


Anyways, we visited again this year, and here are some of the highlights.


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SATURDAY: ferry, Greek food, escape room, WildPlay Elements Park, peanut butter pie

SUNDAY: turtles, butterflies, waterfalls, French food, goats on the roof

MONDAY: deer, cold cave-crawling, massive salads, provincial parks

TUESDAY: fish and chips, a hole in the wall, delicious food, the quay

WEDNESDAY: bakery breakfast, hotel room photos, getting seasick, epic desserts

THURSDAY: bistro meal at the Nest, including the prettiest PB tart dessert

Last but not least, meet the gang!


L to R: Frank Su, Winnie Su, Catherine Su, Stanley Su, ME!, Mom Christine Lee, and Dad Jeff Wei (unpictured: Seline Wei, the ‘lil sis who snapped this panorama at the Cuckoo Trattoria)