Weekend ♥

Hi everyone! I hope you had an excellent weekend. Mine has been busy, but I’m totally ready for Monday. How about you?

Saturday (yesterday) started off with a bowl of delicious banana cranberry almond oatmeal. Highlight: opening a new jar of Barney Butter. That stuff is seriously addictive, and melts SO well in oatmeal. Unlike Maranatha, which is usually thick and clumpy, Barney Butter literally melts into a silky puddle of almonds in the hot oatmeal. By the way, get CRUNCHY Barney Butter. I’m not sure if it’s just my jar, but the creamy version is… waxy? I think it might be stale, because it just doesn’t taste right. Barney Butter is definitely one of my top almond butter picks! That’s coconut you see sprinkled on top.


After attending a university conference thingy, where we spoke to people who gave me a timeline for studying, we went to Costco for the usuals. Bought the usuals – 2% BC organic milk, eggs, blackberries (ridiculously cheap compared to Whole Foods), and some other shtuff. I feel like I ALWAYS say this, but we buy trout from Costco. It’s the best deal, and tastes so fresh. 🙂

After quick and yummy lunch of cheese omelet (which became scrambled eggs thanks to my folding skills) + apple with peanut butter Greek yogurt dip, we drove to circus school for aerial silks. I’ve done aerial silks a few times before, two years ago, so I was pretty much a beginner. Did some basic poses, and I was exhausted after the one-hour lesson. Those circus artists have SERIOUS ab/arm/leg muscles. Wow! And then there’s me… I came home, lightheaded and ready to collapse, and discovered a big, rope-shaped bruise on my back. Ouch.


Dinner sure woke me up! We had an AMAZING beef + broccoli stir-fry and some steamed mixed vegetables (Taiwanese cabbage, cloud ear fungus – which I swear tastes like EARS, carrots, and mushrooms). All on top of fluffy fat rice. I had two and a half bowls! 😛


Sprinkled with sesame, because I can NOT have a Chinese meal without sesame! Totally off-topic, but my mom now makes her stir-fries without cornstarch. I don’t like cornstarch, and I couldn’t care less about how it thickens sauces. It’s not that cornstarch is nutritionally bad or super-processed, I just don’t like it. I can’t really explain why! Thanks, Mom. ♥ So if this broccoli and beef looks really naked, now you know the story!


Krispy Kreme says hi! Oh, and Mom wants to say that she likes to see how I eat so much… and she is happy that I eat a lot. I’m not joking. She just sat next to me and told me those exact words. Ha! Check out this stir-fry though! It’s sooooo good drizzled with scallion oil. Did I mention that I love sauteed vegetables? Cloud ear fungus, which I was scared of for the longest time, is back IN. I love it!


Dessert, which I can never miss, was blackberries and granola over yogurt. I swear, this go-to dessert tastes absolutely decadent, but it is healthy enough for breakfast. Try it!


Major yum! I ditched the drizzle of honey because I gave myself extra granola. :mrgreen:


Lots of typing, homework, essays, applications… ZZZZZZZZzzzz.


Sunday Funday started with three delicious pancakes. I used my usual healthy pancake substitutions. I proclaim these to be the BEST PANCAKES EVER. I’ve never had a better breakfast, and I think the mashed banana is to thank! Super sweet, and it tenderized the pancakes too!


Made with Coyote whole wheat flour mix, an egg, half a tablespoon of flax seeds, plain yogurt, and a half of a ripe mashed banana. There were also some blackberries cooked inside. As usual, I cooked the p-cakes in coconut oil.


Of course, I smeared three different nut butters on the pancakes. See here for my nut butter analysis. I used Barney Butter, peanut butter, and sunflower butter. I loved all three pancakes. Different flavours for the win! Topped with more fresh blackberries, and the other half of that banana – sliced! The banana really adds a creamy sweetness. I also stirred up some Greek Gods honey yogurt and plopped it on top of those berries. Sprinkled with chia seeds, and served with maple syrup for dipping. As you can see by the number of pictures I took, these pancakes were seriously the highlight of my weekend. I might even have them again tomorrow. 😉


Had lunch at Grandma’s. We ordered sushi from the local sushi place. I was so full after those pancakes – I think I had only 12-15 pieces? Plus salad. So multiply what you see here by two! Yam tempura rolls are my favourite. I know it’s battered and deep fried, but c’mon it’s sushi. We also get BC rolls (BBQ salmon skin), Dynamite rolls, and California rolls with real crab meat. Those are delish!


The ginger-garlic-miso dressing is killer.


Love sushi. I could eat it every day.


Dinner was a veggie stir fry. We used the same veggies as yesterday because it’s so easy to chop once and eat twice. There was also onion scrambled eggs and pan-fried tofu with ground pork. Pretty good!


Served on brown rice today. First time in YEARS since I’ve had brown rice. It’s chewy, nutty, fiber-filled and delicious. Need to eat it more often!


Mom, you are a MASTER CHEF! How you manage to combine such simple ingredients and make them so delicious flummoxes me every day.


Yay for leftovers! Can’t wait to have all of this again for lunch tomorrow. I always bring a lunch in this container to microwave at school.


Reheated tofu and vegetables taste just as good as they did the day they were cooked. 🙂


Double the yum! 😛


No dessert tonight. Although I could’ve easily plopped a few blackberries and a sprinkle of granola on some yogurt, I resisted! Dessert should be for a few times a week only – not an everyday thing, which I really need to improve.

It’s 8:15 now. I’m going to do a little studying for my driver’s test, which I’m taking on Friday. I’ll also review my math and some SATs stuff. Stay tuned for an awesome oatmeal post soon!

Yummy, Healthy, Dessert in 2 Minutes!

A nutritious, delicious dessert that can be made in less than five minutes?
Yes! It’s possible!

DSCN5464 DSCN5463 DSCN5462
Fresh blueberries + chia seeds + crumbled triple berry muffin from Whole foods on peach yogurt


Merry Monday, by the way!

Honey Greek Gods yogurt + Quaker honey coconut granola + fresh raspberries, and a serving of R.L. Stine! 😉


Bonus: it has only three ingredients – and you probably have them all right now. In fact, I ALWAYS have these around for a quick and easy snack or dessert. Now that I think about it, these ingredients could even make a nutritious BREAKFAST. Dessert as breakfast? Sign me up now! I had this dessert last weekend, and yesterday… and today. Okay, so I pretty much eat this every day. :mrgreen:

DSCN5548 DSCN5547 DSCN5546 DSCN5545
Krema coconut yogurt + flax seeds + honey + strawberries + blueberries


1) YOGURT: Greek yogurt is my #1 choice. After going Greek, I’ve never looked back. Greek yogurt is thick, tangy, rich, and oh-so-creamy. Did I mention it’s got four times the protein? Greek yogurt is almost like sour cream in texture, and cheesecake in taste. I seriously can NOT get enough. I also love knowing how good it is, for my gut! Go probiotics. 🙂

2) FRUIT: berries, sliced banana, stone fruits (my absolute FAVOURITE – I can’t wait for those juicy nectarines and sweet little cherries!), or even little melon balls. Try a variety! A handful of berries or half a large banana is all you’ll need.

3) TOPPINGS: try crumbled muffin (banana muffin would be divine, click here for my ultimate recipe!), crunchy granola, a scoop of nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and/or a big drizzle of honey. I can NOT do without honey – it’s a must-have, no matter what other toppings you’ve got. Try maple or agave!

DSCN5743 DSCN5742  DSCN5609 DSCN5608
Plain yogurt + crumbled kitchen sink muffin + blackberries + chia seeds


I don’t think you even need instructions for this.

Chia seeds + crumbled triple berry muffin + Greek yogurt + blueberries + honey drizzle


Scoop a few scoops of yogurt into a bowl (seriously, try Greek yogurt. It’s so creamy you’ll freak). Two or three big scoops are about 1/4 or 1/3 of a cup, and that does it for me.
Top it with fruit.
Add two or three fun toppings. My faves are listed above. I usually add a sprinkle of chia (about a tsp) and a drizzle of honey. The best!

DSCN5510 DSCN5509 DSCN5469DSCN5468DSCN5508
Plain Greek yogurt + chia seeds + crumbled triple berry muffin + chia seeds + honey


So filling, so delicious, and pretty healthy, to boot!

Greek yogurt + fresh berries + granola + chia seeds + honey


You MUST try this dessert. It’ll totally satisfy your sweet tooth AND make you feel good inside and out.

DSCN5499 DSCN5497
Plain yogurt + chia seeds + sliced banana + honey + crumbled kitchen sink muffin


Absolutely the best. Enjoy, guys! Let me know if you try this out. 🙂

DSCN5492 DSCN5491 DSCN5490 DSCN5489
Raspberry yogurt + crumbled triple berry muffin + fresh blueberries + chia seeds + honey drizzle