My Food Philosophy

“Are you vegetarian? Gluten-free? Vegan? What the heck is paleo? Are you paleo?”

As a nutrition-obsessed foodie who loves to cook, I often hear questions like this one, and my answer is simple: none of the above. My philosophy to food and healthy eating is all about savouring every bite in a balanced, forgiving way. Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, though it is slowly becoming the enemy, something we blame and fear. When fresh ingredients (and love!) are used to make anything from kale salads to triple chocolate cakes, they all belong in our diets.

If you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and have a bowl of a caramel ice cream, do it. And if you overdo it this time, forgive yourself and move on. Given the fact that humans spend five to six years of their lives eating, a single meal mishap is nothing to stress out about.

As for the said diet labels, there are days where I am completely vegan (most of the time, it is unintentional!), and other days where I’m the biggest carnivore. Sometimes I’ll enjoy dairy-free meals, and other times I’ll make yummy paleo or grain-free desserts. Every diet has great benefits and shortcomings.

Of course, there are days where my diet doesn’t fit into a box at all! For reasons explained in a couple pages, I am 90% vegetarian, with an emphasis on plant-based ingredients. While I strive to enjoy a variety of seasonal produce, unique grains, and other delicious things like salmon, nuts, eggs, and yogurt, I don’t like to label myself a vegetarian. When Mom spends hours salting, basting, and roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving, I will happily help myself to a piece… or five. During the summer that I lived in France with my sister, I devoured steak tartare (raw beef topped with uncooked egg yolk) and frequently found myself ordering crispy fried duck. If Grandma lovingly prepares a beef stew, I will certainly not refuse the juicy chunks of meat that she cooked with so much care.

Cooking and enjoying food need not be complicated, time-consuming, or restrictive.

A healthy diet = balance = cook at home as much as possible + variety of minimally-processed goodies + occasional indulgences

Liebster Award!

A HUGE thank you to HoggHannah at ChewTrue for nominating me for the Liebster Award for bloggers! Her post made my day and I loved putting this write together 🙂


The Liebster Award is an award created by bloggers, for bloggers. It’s passed from person to person in order to encourage and help readers discover new blogs.

The rules of the award are:

  1. Answer 11 questions provided by your nominator.
  2. Choose some of your favorite bloggers and link them to your blog post.
  3. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominate
  4. Inform the bloggers you nominate directly on their blog

  1. What made you start blogging?
    • I read food blogs for a loooooooong time before starting my own, and my favourite reads were Our Best Bites, Iowa Girl Eats, Simply Scratch, Kath Eats Real Food, The Oatmeal Artist, and the Pioneer Woman Cooks. The list goes on, actually! Later on, I discovered Minimalist Baker, Cookie and Kate, Ambitious Kitchen, and Half Baked Harvest. Slowly, I developed a love for recipes and baking – I wanted to start working on my own and sharing them with others. It’s also a good way to record memorable meals and things you’ve done – like a special photo journal. It’s so rewarding!
  2. What is your personal end goal from your blog?
    • Personal growth and a lovely food journal that I can look back on when I’m older. Plus, it’s so relaxing and therapeutic to organize recipes and share photos. I love the connections I’ve made with other bloggers with similar interests and I think the foodie community on the blogosphere is so supportive.
  3. What/who is your motivation to work hard?
    • Deadlines, success, relief, accomplishment, and okay, chocolate. I think working hard is rewarding in itself – the chase is often better than the catch!
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    • Paris! I still can’t believe I will actually BE in City of Lights in less than a week. So I’m going to have to say Greece, Italy, and Hawaii, in that order!
  5. What is your philosophy on life on Earth?
    • I’m only seventeen! This question is too deep for me! 😉 HELP!
  6. What is your philosophy on food?
    • Eat what makes you and your body happy. Explore and enjoy food. Eating is a pleasure rather than a punishment. Learn to cook and bake, then impress your friends while having fun and doing the world’s most rewarding hobby. 🙂
  7. What is one the most memorable moments of your life?
    • I have many! Visiting temples in China with my sister in grade five, receiving my big scholarship to the University of Waterloo, and spending time with my family. I definitely don’t have ONE most memorable moment – I try hard to remember and cherish them all, which is challenging at times!
  8. What are your favorite musical artists?
    • I don’t listen to much music, to be honest! I find that music distracts me, and I don’t find it necessary. If a song is on the radio and I’m neutral to it (which I am for most songs!), I don’t mind. Overplayed songs, however, tend to drive me crazy! Except for Uptown Funk. Never tire of that one. Some artists I enjoy listening to are Sia, One Republic, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis, and Kelly Clarkson. My sister plays songs by these artists all the time and I’ve grown used to them. 🙂 My true musical love, however, is DISNEY! Disney music is the best without a doubt.
  9. What is your greatest aspiration in life?
    • I want to be happy and make others happy! I’d love to be a paediatrician or dietitian, or maybe a teacher. I also want to travel the world and see as much as I can before starting a family. Oh – and go on a hot air balloon!
  10. If you were a food what would you be, and why?
    • This is a hard question. If I got this question at an interview I’d probably be screwed and I can’t even think of an answer now, in the peaceful place I call my computer room… I’d have to say I’d probably be a pecan. They can be sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Some people hate pecans and others can’t eat them at all. Most people love pecans, luckily, and they’re good on anything! I’m a pretty flexible, yet stubborn person and I like being spontaneous. Kinda like a pecan.
  11. What/who makes you truly happy?
    • Chocolate cheesecakes, almond croissants, and my family and close friends. I also find that helping others, whether that’s flashing a supportive smile or free babysitting, is a rewarding way to get positive and confident vibes. Accomplishing something important (especially if it’s far before a deadline!) and having a good laugh are also up there. Oh – and learning and experiencing new cultures while travelling.

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My 11 Questions
  1. What is the #1 thing you’ve learned by blogging? Do you have any blog inspirations?
  2. Do you believe in aliens? Ghosts?
  3. If today were your last day alive, would you do what you are about to do today?
  4. Are you a modern guy/gal or more old-fashioned?
  5. If a friend treated you the way you treat yourself, would he/she still be your friend?
  6. What are your thoughts on reincarnation?
  7. Is there something you LOVE doing, but never do? What is it and why don’t you do it?
  8. You’re on a weird desert island where you can choose 3 meals and 1 dessert to eat FOREVER. What are they?
  9. Are you a procrastinator?
  10. What do you do to stay in shape?
  11. “Follow directions with baking. Go by your own taste with cooking.” What do you think?