Do you compost?


At my house, we compost every single day – any food waste goes in that green bin. But luckily there was no food waste from this dinner, which was pretty much perfect in my book 🙂

DSC02296 DSC02298

Scrambled eggs with shrimp, mixed vegetable stir-fry, and a pork lotus patty. Really yummy on top of brown rice. I love the scallions in the pork lotus patties 🙂 This was such a classic Mom Dinner!


On another day, I devoured these not-so-yummy thin buns, topped with a new peanut butter (just okay) and sliced banana with hemp hearts and maple syrup. Not the best lunch. 😦

DSC02330 DSC02332

Sometimes I have plain ‘ole omelets with a little bit of filling. On the right is a plain mushroom omelet made with cheddar, two eggs, and sauteed mushrooms.

DSC02333 DSC02338

Do you like omelets? Toast was sorely missed in this meal – I love two slices of buttered toast with every omelet. 🙂

DSC02340 DSC02341

Dinner here was scrambled eggs with onions (I now HATE onions because I had a raw onion on top of a kiwi this morning by accident – the onion got stuck on the knife and landed on my kiwi), tilapia, steamed broccolette and carrots, and a little brown rice that I plopped on top later.

DSC02342 DSC02343

I was not a really big fan of this dinner. 😦 There is a filet of pan-fried tilapia under that mound of onion. I really don’t like plain tilapia – it definitely needs more than salt and pepper. I’m thinking a coconut sauce next time, or maybe something Thai?

DSC02346 DSC02347

This dinner, though monochromatic, was really tasty. Roasted baby potatoes, baked cauliflower, rice and Thai green curry with eggplants, and a fried egg. I just love runny eggs! My favourite meal in this post so far.

DSC02225 DSC02230

This dinner was good because I absolutely LOVE Thai green curry sauce! There were eggplants cooked inside, and it was just so yummy with coconut milk and all those fragrant Thai spices, including lemongrass and ginger. You know, I loved that dish so much that I had leftovers the next day, mixed with rice.

DSC02232 DSC02233

There’s no school today, and I think I’m going to do some hot yoga at 9:30 after I finish my homework. It’s a Hot Yoga Fit Sweat class, which means that we do much more vinyasa, or flow yoga.  In vinyasa, we don’t hold poses for as long, and spend more time doing “breath-synchronized movement.” Essentially, vinyasa is a series of poses that are done with smooth transitions and will make you think about when to inhale and exhale. I tried this class last week and really enjoyed it!

Yup, that’s all I have for you all today – my sis and I are off to aerial silks now!

Mom Dinners Galore

Hi everyone! How was your week? I hope life has been great for you this summer. Like I mentioned in my last post, summer’s on here in BC! Well… that’s in terms of school. We were burdened with heavy rain ALL DAY today, and just before dinner, we had thunder and lightning! :O Hopefully the upcoming week will have beautiful weather, because we are planning another trip to the Sandbar (seafood restaurant) in Granville Island.

Below you’ll see a chart of my recent meals and a short analysis. I have no idea why I did this – obviously I am REALLY bored this summer – but I wanted to share it anyways. Pictures of these meals are coming!


I wanted to share a lot of old Mom Meals in this post. Our schedules have been jumbled up recently with other activities, so I actually haven’t had a Mom Meal for a while. Looking at old photos of home-cooked meals makes me so happy. 🙂

This is quinoa topped with tomato scrambled eggs (and sesame), and steamed cauliflower sauteed with ground pork and scallions. I LOVE both of these dishes. Chicken drumstick on the side… yum. I like drumsticks and thighs so much better than chicken breasts, which I find a little too dry. Dark meat is so juicy – I love it!

DSCN3508 DSCN3509

This is rouzao rice, a traditional Taiwanese dish made with ground pork, soy sauce, and lots of aromatic spices like star anise and cinnamon. Mom also adds some hard-boiled tea eggs. I had a big scoop of this on top of white jasmine rice, next to some buttered corn on the cob, Chinese chicken salad with sesame dressing, and shrimp + vegetable stir-fry. This was actually a party dinner, much like this party brunch, where we have lots of food options.

DSCN3632 DSCN3624 DSCN3633

Fried rice! Again, I am in love with my mom’s fried rice. This was made with cubed trout, mixed vegetables, scallions and onions, and fluffy jasmine rice. Have you ever tried trout or salmon in fried rice?! It’s amazing. Some simple steamed broccoli on the side.

DSCN3846 DSCN3847

Italian food is definitely one of my top three favourite cuisines, and I think Mom does a great job cooking it. Here we have shells topped with vegetable bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese, plus a super tasty side of roasted broccoli with garlic. The garlic gets really crispy – like garlic chips. I love ’em!

DSCN6084 DSCN6082

Look at how the spinach peeks out of the side. I like to stir a little spinach or kale into the tomato sauce. The flavour mellows out and is covered by the sweet-ish and tangy tomato sauce. I have the same meal (almost) here, with noodles instead… and no broccoli. 😥

DSCN6083 DSCN6080 DSCN6078

Lots of protein in this dinner: beef and asparagus stir-fry with onions and mushrooms, pork ribs with braised carrots and daikon, and steamed edamame on rice.

DSCN6462 DSCN6463 DSCN6461

This here is Thai fried rice with shrimp and egg, garnished with peanuts. Thai fried rice, in the Wei family, is essentially the same as regular fried rice… but we add lots of minced garlic and ginger, cubed pineapple, extra onions and scallions, plus a splash of coconut milk. Oh! And we cook it in coconut oil instead of olive oil. I don’t think I will ever go back to regular fried rice! The peas are really sweet and yummy. The sweet caramelized pineapple is the best part. Love how a splash of soy sauce and a drizzle of lime take fried rice to the next level, too. Thai fried rice is so, so fragrant and ultra-flavourful. The creamy eggs, slightly coconutty rice, and crunchy chopped peanuts are to die for!

DSCN6689 DSCN6687

Served with sauteed vegetables on the side. Black cloud ear fungus, bok choy, mushrooms, and carrots, stir-fried with a little soy sauce and garlic, then topped with sesame. Really tasty with the special fried rice.

DSCN6688 DSCN6686 DSCN6685

More ribs here: this time braised with carrots, firm tofu (dougan), baby shiitake mushrooms, and daikon. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these baby shiitakes. They are so juicy and… brothy? I love the rich, savoury mushroom flavour. They are great when braised in soy sauce and spices.

DSCN4078 DSCN4076

We also have some broccoli sauteed with onions and scallops. These little scallops are so buttery and soft. Lastly, we’ve got a fried egg and a big scoop of jasmine rice. Of course, everything is sprinkled with sesame. I really like these photos!

DSCN4079 DSCN4077 DSCN4075

For now, that’s all I have to show you! :mrgreen: I hope you enjoyed these healthy home-cooked meals by my mom.

Recently I’ve been looking at good restaurants in Montreal, and I am so excited to go… only 12 more days until the flight. Woopeee! See you in my next post, and I hope you have a not-so-manic Monday. 😉


May Showers

Hello! Happy Thursday. 🙂

Thankfully it’s almost Friday. I’m so tired from this whole week – math exams, Leadership project, speeches and essays to write, emails to answer… blah. The weather is just making it worse. It was sunny ALL of last week – I’m talkin’ tank top + sunscreen sunny – and then it poured all weekend. It’s still raining now. I can’t believe it’s already been May for a whole week, because the weather = February. Cold and drizzly!

Anyways – today’s post is going to be a goodie! I’m so excited to show you all of the yummy meals I’ve been having recently. Here we go!

Banana pancakes with berries on top.


As always, these healthy pancakes are topped with chia, four types of nut butter (!), and yogurt. Yogurt is like whipped cream in that it adds moisture to the meal, but it’s not so light and airy. You know? By the way, I’m making a whole new PAGE just for pancakes. You can see it here – it’s still under construction now. 😉


Sushi lunch with the family – my fave way to spend a Sunday.


I always make a tally of how many I eat – usually I’m done at 16-20 pieces, plus a little salad.


We had chocolate brownie for dessert! Used the Trader Joe’s brownie mix. It was SO easy to whisk it up with a cup of plain yogurt and bake. Done!


Check out that crackly top. To DIE for!


Dinner was maple-soy salmon, just like last time. Onion scrambled eggs on the side, and also some baked burned baked butternut squash.


Lunch salad the next day featured leftover baked trout and butternut squash.

DSCN6939 DSCN6941

Honey mustard dressing – olive oil, mustard, honey, salt, and peppah. Honey-roasted pecans to sprinkle on top. 🙂


Dinner is egg + scallion noodles with some baby spinach. All swimmin’ in chicken broth. I love runny eggs in soup! There’s also some bok choy in here. Dinner for one is good, but I still like my Mom Meals!


Another salad! This one stars mixed greens, carrots, and radishes. My mom cut the radishes pretty thickly, so I didn’t have a good first impression! I honestly thought they tasted like dirt. AKA not good. BTW, that’s cubed papaya on the right. It was not good! Sort of powdery and mealy. I didn’t finish them.


Dressing was simple: EVOO, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, a little blob (I just wrote blog) of Dijon mustard, and honey. Quick and easy, but totally delish. The addition of honey is awesome. Goat cheese, TJ’s toasted almonds, and berries on top. These salads get all jumbled up in my backpack, so when I eat them at lunch they’re already dressed in melty goat cheese. :mrgreen:


Oatmeal! Plain ‘ole oats topped with sliced banana and berries. LOVE fresh berries on oatmeal. That’s a big spoonful of almond butter on the left, and a drizzle of maple on top. Check out that landscape!



And the grand finale…




Coconut chicken curry is my absolute fave, as I’ve gushed about here and here. This time, we added pretty much every vegetable in the fridge, plus butternut squash (melted into the sauce – put it in too early!) and cubed chicken breast. Fluffy, coconut-infused jasmine rice on the bottom. I just had dinner, but I would kill for a bowl of this right now. Mmmm!




And thirds. 😛


Obviously I hated my dinner. 😉


I guess that’s it for now. These are my favourite posts because I love writing about the meals I’ve been having. Can’t wait to do another one. Bye byeee.

Braised Ribs + Broccoli + Egg Dinner

Good, good mornin’ everyone!

Can you believe I JUST finished my first green smoothie two minutes ago? It was delicious – definitely a repeater. 🙂 Thanks, IGE! I will update you all soon about my first greeeeen-drink experience!

How did I manage to stray from my daily bowl of oats? Blame my orthodontist. My braces are making my teeth REALLY sore! 😦

Anyways, these photos are some of my favourite pics, ever.


What do we have here?

I see a fried egg and a broccoli + scallop + onion saute.

Some fluffy jasmine rice and braised ribs with carrots, dou-gan (firm tofu), baby shiitake mushrooms, and daikon.

What a yummy and filling meal. I love how it looks covered in sesame seeds. It also adds so much flavour!

Got to run – I’ll update again this weekend, so stay tuned and have a wonderful Thursday.

Cheesy Baked Seafood Rice {Restaurant Lunch}

Cheese, fried rice, and seafood aren’t really words that you’d expect to see together on a menu.
And I swear I’m trying to make this a healthy-living blog.


But what can you do when the restaurant you’re planning to go to has a SUPPEEEERRR long line? Yup – drive a block down and go to the local Cantonese “cha chan ting”.

“Tea restaurants” are little places that sell brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as *obviously* tea. They aren’t my favourite (actually I strongly dislike them) because Cantonese restaurants are masters of fusion food.


What’s that? Fusion food is when two cuisines, say Chinese and American, are blended together. When this happens, creative and crazy food combinations are born. I’ve seen Korean tacos, filet-o-fish sushi, and even hamburger fried rice. I like my food pure and authentic, thank you!

This meal, however, wasn’t as bad as I’d have guessed.
It’s essentially long jasmine rice stir-fried with egg, then topped with seafood (mussels, scallops, shrimp, white fish, something else that I can’t remember…), and doused with a creamy white sauce similar to Alfredo. Then, cheddar and mozzarella cheese are sprinkled on top, and the whole dish is broiled. Like Alfredo pasta and seafood fried rice had a baby, this meal was cheesy seafood fried rice.

Good, but not great. I ate the seafood and left the rice. We were going for ice cream after, and I didn’t need all of the calories from fat.
I did, however, burn my tongue on the first bite. I just couldn’t wait to dig into the melty cheese! :mrgreen:


Happy Tuesday everyone. I will update you soon with a great Mom-meal post! 🙂

Do you like fusion food?

I find it okay, but it sorta creeps me out a little bit. Even things like Hawaiian pizza, which I know isn’t Hawaiian, makes me iffy. Greek quinoa sushi? Yeah, no. I’d just rather have the real thing! How about you? Let me know below!