Scholar’s Dinner Banquet

Good morning everyone! I have a couple of meals to share with you guys today. These are actually pretty old photos that were taken in early June! This was a dinner I enjoyed – leftover quinoa mixed with coconut curry sauce, chickpeas, spinach, and chicken breast. This was served on steamed broccoli.

DSC04470 DSC04466

This Mexican-inspired lunch also involved quinoa – as well as sautéed corn and scallions, canned black beans, half an avocado, freshly-grated white cheddar, and a big scoop of salsa. These are all my favourite Mexican toppings. What a filling and delicious lunch. I love how there’s an emphasis on lean protein and healthy fats here.

DSC04567 DSC04568

Breakfast one morning was pumpkin oatmeal topped with berries and sliced figs, as well as hemp hearts. According to Seline, this looked “like some biological cell”. She thought it looked bizarre with the rows of fruit! Well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and I happen to think oatmeal is super pretty. 😉 Do you like figs?


We had dinner one night at the school. Our chef and his team of culinary students cooked up a yummy dinner. The counsellors, administrators, and leadership student volunteers helped to set up many large tables for families and gold scholars.

DSC04640 DSC04643

Everyone was dressed up in suits and dresses. This was our first graduation-related event, and it was so exciting!

DSC04644 DSC04645

Dinner was buffet-style. I scooped up some salad with ranch, potato salad (spicy with paprika), rice and shrimp in a jambalaya-style dish, a lemon-herb chicken drumstick, and some of the best parmesan penne pasta with vegetables.

DSC04647 DSC04650

My favourite bites here were definitely the spiced rice with shrimp and the pasta with zucchini and broccoli in cream sauce.

DSC04651 DSC04652

There was also dessert – my sister and I LOVED the crumbly graham chocolate square, and I also enjoyed the mixed chocolate brownie. It tasted like a truffle bar. Both desserts were incredible! I wish I could find the recipe for the graham chocolate.


Breakfast the next morning was pancakes. I tried a new recipe, using homemade buttermilk (almond milk + lemon juice). This banana-less recipe didn’t get thick and fluffy, but had great flavor from the acidic lemon. I’ll need to make this recipe a couple of times to make it 100% the way I like it – then I’ll update it onto my Recipe page. 🙂

DSC04745 DSC04747

Topped with fruit, hemp hearts, and maple syrup, pancakes are always my weekend go-to breakfast.

DSC04749 DSC04788

Oatmeal comes as a close second when it comes to my favourite brekkie. This shell bowl was topped with chopped cherries, toasted coconut chips, and crumbled chocolate espresso muffin. I love cherry oatmeal, especially when it’s made with fragrant vanilla almond milk.

DSC04763 DSC04765

A similar but different bowl – adorned with halved cherries, coconut chips, and a scattering of hemp hearts. 🙂 Such a filling and energizing breakfast. You can make it even more satiating with a scoop of almond butter. Have you tried cherry oatmeal?

DSC04774 DSC04771

That’s it for today! We just spent two nights in Madeira Park, near Sechelt. It’s 7:04 AM and I’m typing this on our little patio, with five, yes, FIVE muffins in front of me! I can’t wait to show you guys all the things I’ve been eating and doing here on she Sunshine Coast. I have some awesome photos to share with you guys in a couple weeks – stay tuned 🙂

Minimal Monday

Naan bread with egg, blue cheese, spinach. A filling, nutritious, and varied lunch that I feel balances all the food groups and nutrients. 🙂

DSC03123 DSC03127

Italian-style Mom Dinner: pasta casserole with leftover ground turkey, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and cheddar broiled on top.

DSC03130 DSC03137

With a side Caesar salad made with homemade dressing and croutons.

DSC03133 DSC03132

Seconds… and thirds.

DSC03140 DSC03142

Incredibly creamy banana-cocoa oatmeal topped with almond butter, shredded toasted coconut, hemp hearts.

DSC03147 DSC03150

Mom Dinner of pan-fried lotus and pork patty, chicken drummette stewed with carrots and turnips, steamed vegetables in scallion oil, steamed egg, brown rice.

DSC03152 DSC03155

Scallion oil and dried krill make wonderful low-sodium flavour boosters. 🙂 Vermicelli with the root vegetables!

DSC03156 DSC03159

The bottom of a cranberry-orange muffin from Whole Foods, and a smear of almond butter for dessert – all with a bit of milk.

DSC03163 DSC03165

Amazing creamy banana oatmeal topped with crumbled cranberry-orange muffin, blackberries, almond butter, hemp hearts, maple syrup drizzle.

DSC03168 DSC03170

I want a bowl of this right now. 🙂 Blackberries are one of my favourite spring // summer fruit!

DSC03173 DSC03172

Another naan-omelet lunch – 1 egg and 1 egg white cooked with wilted spinach and cheese inside, wrapped in a soft and fluffy piece of naan bread. Perfection!

DSC03175 DSC03176

I adore the lighting in the photo on the right – no editing here! Woooo 🙂

DSC03180 DSC03182

Quinoa sautéed with frozen vegetables and leftover braised root veggies with a baby chicken drumstick on top.

DSC03184 DSC03188

Snacktime – toast with almond butter, hemp hearts, maple syrup. Tried to find a new place to take photos for better lighting… yeah, no.

DSC03191 DSC03193

Yes, I know – it’s more leftovers. Brown rice, lotus-pork patty, steamed veggies with scallion oil, chicken drummette (last one, I promise) with braised root veggies, and steamed krill eggs. With a side of scholarship forms!

DSC03195 DSC03202

Thanks for reading today’s super short and not-very-insightful post. I hope you all have the best day ever!

It’s Snowing!

Okay, so it’s not really snowing. But it is in my bowl! By the way, this post was thisclose to being named ’50 Shades of Oatmeal’. It’s always so hard to title these posts. In other news…

check out this incredible bowl of oatmeal – yes, I’m sure there are oats under this mess – with all the toppings. Crumbled pumpkin muffin, pecans, peanut butter, chia seeds, and shredded coconut that didn’t want to sprink-OOPS.

DSC02158 DSC02157

Please ignore that binder with chemistry homework in the background – sometimes I’m honestly too lazy to move everything to take a pretty photo. I don’t know how other bloggers do it, because I just want to dig in! Here’s what the scene actually looks like, with the mess in the kitchen and all kinds of nibbles on the table.

DSC02156 DSC02155

I had a similar bowl the next day – pumpkin oatmeal cooked with cinnamon and flax, topped with peanut butter, hemp hearts, pecans, and chocolate chips. 🙂

DSC02154 DSC02143

Why, oh why must oatmeal be so heavenly? The nut butter and muffin are my favourite parts and I always get seconds on the toppings 🙂

DSC02147 DSC02144

ANOTHER bowl of pumpkin oatmeal on the right – this time topped with coconut, chia, and pecans. Huge scoop of peanut butter + maple syrup on top!

DSC02125 DSC02124

This bowl, AKA Pumpkin Oatmeal Take Four, is super thick because it was once baked pumpkin oatmeal. I simply heated up the baked oats in a saucepan with extra almond milk. This texture was different in a good way – I really enjoyed this bowl, which is topped with PB, hemp hearts, and maple syrup.

DSC02116 DSC02115

I’m surprised I’m not orange, because this was ANOTHER pumpkin oatmeal breakfast. Baked, as mentioned above. You can read the recipe HERE. I highly recommend it! I topped this guy with pecans, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and maple syrup. Nut butter is buried somewhere down there too, of course. 😛

DSC02109 DSC02108

More baked oatmeal! Are you getting sick of oats yet?

DSC02014 DSC02015 \

This was my banana baked oatmeal topped with PB, hemp hearts and maple syrup, alongside two scrambled eggs, sliced banana, and ketchup for zee eggs. This breakfast had a little bit of everything and I absolutely loved it!

DSC02017 DSC02018

Want to see something different? Okay, these aren’t pumpkin or banana oats, but my favourite chocolate oatmeal. 🙂 This was so, super yummy topped with crumbled banana muffin and peanut butter. I always make my cocoa oatmeal with one super-ripe mashed banana, which really adds to the creaminess and sweetness. I don’t make this with any sugar (other than the mashed ripe banana), so it really isn’t as sweet/dessert-like as it seems.

DSC02001 DSC01999

A similar but different bowl the next day topped with more PB and shredded coconut. Whenever I have cocoa oatmeal, I never want the bowl to end!

DSC01998 DSC01921

Another day I tried to make baked peanut butter cookie oatmeal, and I stuck a chocolate kiss on top. This baked oatmeal recipe for one was not super tasty in my opinion, so I won’t be sharing the recipe. I still liked it though – the crispy texture on top was so unique. But I think the flavours need to be played around with. Or maybe I just really miss that blob of peanut butter on top. 😉

DSC01908 DSC01907

That’s all I have for you today – have a delicious long Easter weekend everyone! 🙂

Summer in Quebec (PART III)

Bon matin everyone! How are you? Today was a bit of a crazy day – I was up at 5:00 for a super-early morning skate at 5:45. I had a bit of chocolate banana bread + peanut butter and a glass of milk before I went. After practice I devoured a sludgy green/brown spinach and berry smoothie, a slice of toast with Earth Balance, 2 scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese, AND lemon pound cake with yogurt. All of that, and I could STILL eat more. Whew!

Moving on! Here are some more meals that I had in Quebec. See Part I here, and click here for Part II.

DSCN9659 DSCN9677

Raspberry lemonade from Olive and Gourmando. I TOLD you this was my favourite place in Part I of my Quebec trip! This lemonade was so REAL – it wasn’t artificial at all, and I loved how the sweet/tart flavours were balanced. On the right is probably the best brownie I’ve ever eaten. Cakey but still dense, fudgy, and so, so rich. They use real Verona chocolate and the difference is insane! You can definitely tell that the quality is 10x better. It was loaded with dark chocolate chunks and the crusty top was cracklin’. LOVED this dessert.

DSCN9748 DSCN9753

More from the Old-Montreal cafe! The “Poached Eggs on Your Face” sandwich, loaded with, uh, poached eggs, proscuitto (Italian bacon), sriracha, and incredible cheese. Plus an almond croissant and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was basically a liquid brownie – definitely the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It was a tiny cup but oh-so-rich. The croissant was just OK. I think Matchsticks (Vancouver) and Thomas Haas (Vancouver) make better almond croissants. The spicy sandwich was yummy though. I should’ve just had half!

The other photo is the chocolate and banana brioche that I bought for nibbling on the road. Imagine a flaky croissant-like pastry in a cinnamon bun shape, loaded with banana flavour and bursting with creamy chocolate chips. That’s what this was! It was insanely good but I was so full from my breakfast (… see left) and I brought it with me. Smuggled it into La Ronde, too!


Had a crepe at this amusement park. I felt sick the whole day! I can go on the “scary” rides, but I don’t like how they make me feel after. I still went on all of them – including a backwards roller coaster and a STANDING roller coaster! This crepe was pretty bad quality and filled with gloopy mayo, canned mushrooms, and processed cheese. The crepe itself was crummy too. Didn’t like this lunch at all!


My lovely Quebec parents took me out to St-Joseph du Lac, a city near Oka. It is a famous “apple town” where I had a vegetable omelet with cheese, roasted potatoes, and two slices of toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam. This omelet, LOADED with peppers and olives, was fantastic. The potatoes were some of the best I’ve had – so tender.


POUTINE! This was at La Banquise, a traditional Quebec restaurant that’s open 24/7. People usually get their fries at 2:00 AM as a hangover helper, but we went at 5:00 PM for a nice dinner. 🙂 Originally I didn’t want to eat here and planned to go home, but I wasn’t allowed – YMCA rule. So I sucked it up and decided to eat the fries… when in Rome, right? I was stuffed from the manicotti from lunch but still ordered a large Taquise poutine (Mexican-style) with guacamole, tomato, sour cream, and feta cheese. Because I don’t like cheese curds, I swapped ’em for feta. I also ordered a chevre burger. This had a layer of caramelized onions and apples – delicious. It was a fantastic dinner but I felt greasy after. We watched the Montreal Impact soccer game after this dinner and the burger/fries kept me full all night.


The BEST chicken stir-fry ever. It was coated in a sweet and spicy sauce and packed with soft vegetables. Served with minute rice, green onions and sesame seeds, this dinner was unforgettable! I recreated it at home and it tasted pretty much the same. Loved this! I can post the recipe if you’re interested – let me know in the comments. 🙂

IMG_20140804_184327 IMG_20140804_185650

This is Cafe Vasco da Gama. I read about the reviews for this duck + fig confit panini and knew that I HAD to go. So after work one day, I took the bus and then the subway to find this gem in downtown Montreal. Unfortunately I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop by twelve stations – I had taken it all the way to the end! I was so angry/scared/disappointed but then found the right train and finally found this restaurant. I got out of work at 5:00 and didn’t see the restaurant until 7:30… too much effort for a sandwich?

NOPE! This was SO flavourful and I loved the crusty-ish bread. The fig was sweet and paired perfectly with the tender duck. I also had a cup of mushroom soup, which I totally want to try making. It was completely smooth and so mushroomy. I loved it! Another hour and a half home… I was whipped!

IMG_20140803_143401 IMG_20140803_184201 IMG_20140803_191653

At the end of Family Weekend, my family took me to L’Academie, a beautiful Italian restaurant in the Sherbrooke area of Montreal. I had a lasagna with rose sauce and a nibble of my Mom’s seafood potato broil. The lasagna on the menu intrigued me – it had a layer of hard-boiled eggs! The waitress claimed it was super delish and that I wouldn’t taste the egginess. She was right! I think the eggs made it even more delicious. I loved the cheesiness and the slightly sweet tomato sauce.

Also had “pate chinois”, a traditional Quebecois dish like Shephard’s Pie. We ate this dinner with my sister and my twin student’s friend. We spent the afternoon in the pool/hot tub and then came back to have this supper + watch Youtube videos. This was made with a layer of ground beef, corn, onions, and then topped with mashed potatoes + paprika and baked. Topped with ketchup and eaten with a veggie salad. My parents put SO much effort into making/buying what I wanted to eat. ❤

The last photo is pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. I stole nibbles of this all night. It was basically a sugar pie topped with toasted pecans. After popping it into the microwave, this pie was so warm and incredible with vanilla ice cream. One of my new favourite desserts!


Nice dinner with my friends and the coordinator at Madison’s Grill. We ate there with some mentally handicapped people and it was pretty fun. Didn’t actually feel like volunteering because we sat at different tables – weird! I had salmon with garlic mashed potatoes and pineapple salsa. The dipping sauce was good and I had it with everything!


Dad made French toast for us all! Topped with maple syrup, banana slices, and berries.


One day after work, I ate alone at Crabhouse Serafim, an organic place in Old-Montreal. You could choose 3 courses and I had the seafood chowder, some bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (unpictured), a tagine with zucchini “pie”, covered with cheese, and a coconut chocolate date cake. It all sounds delicious but it was only okay… pretty diasppointing! 😦


But THIS was good! A passionfruit tart from Maison Christian Faure in Old-Montreal. It’s a beautifully modern pastry school and I had this fruity, creamy tart with a big hot chocolate. I was so full after eating at Olive and Gourmando though (see above) that I could hardly finish! … but of course I did.

untitled (3)

The Brulerie du Vieux St-Eustache was one of my favourite places. As you might have already seen in my other Quebec posts, I had lots of sweets… and most of the goodies were from this bakery near the bus transfer place. Needless to say, I’ve sampled all of their muffins!

IMG_20140810_080011 IMG_20140813_114922

And… onto the train we go! Breakfast, for FIVE DAYS, was a toasted English muffin (I added peanut butter), scrambled eggs with ketchup, bacon (gave to friends) and hashbrowns. I usually had orange juice or water.

Lunch was usually a salad with hard boiled eggs or cheese and garlic bread. Mashed potatoes on the side – not very yummy. But we also got a white chocolate cheesecake with a brownie crust and raspberry syrup! This was delicious.

IMG_20140811_192327 IMG_20140811_190851

Dessert and dinner: vegetarian chili with beans and mashed potatoes, strawberry shortcake. 🙂


Quebec was, without a doubt, one of the BEST TRIPS EVER. I’d love to know about your vacations – what was YOUR favourite trip? What did you eat there?

CLICK HERE to see the first part of my trip, or CLICK HERE to see the second!

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post. 🙂

Mes Repas Excellents = My Amazing Meals! ☺

Hi! I hope you’re having an amazing week. The weather’s been GREAT here recently; the sun’s up at 6:30, just in time for a morning run (which I’ve been doing for about a week because of the rainy spell we’ve had). I love sunny weather – it always puts me in a good mood. 🙂

DSCN7485 DSCN7484 DSCN7483

Doesn’t this look yummy? Since school’s out (BC teacher’s strike) until next year, I’ve got plenty of time to bake before my group leaves for Montreal in 16 days.*** I really want to try this recipe for blueberry coffee cake, especially because our fridge is overflowing with big, juicy blueberries from the farmer’s market. This recipe, from the Whole Foods website, looks exceptionally tasty. I’m also betting it would taste great crumbled over oatmeal, like my blueberry muffin oats!


***Dear host family, if you’re reading this, HI! Or… bonjour! ♥ I can’t wait to meet you, and I am so excited to see your wonderful city. 🙂 We have only two weeks until the big switch! Je suis tres excitee, et j’espere que vous etes une bonne semaine.

I had this salad one day at school. Mixed greens topped with berries and some goat cheese. On the left are honey-roasted pecans + walnuts and some dried cranberries, plus a bit of poppyseed dressing. I’ve also got half of a lemon-poppyseed muffin top for dessert.

DSCN7354 DSCN7353

Whipped banana oatmeal, just like Kath’s version on KERF. Oatmeal is hard to photograph because it doesn’t look very attractive unless you add lots of fruity toppings! Like Kath, I added chia seeds, a whole banana, raisins, regular milk, and a big blob of peanut butter. This bowl was SUPER sweet – I should have left out the raisins. I also added a drizzle of maple syrup, which probably wasn’t a good idea. 😛 Next time, I think I’ll stick to slicing the banana on top. That way, there is more to chew. The texture of this concoction was nice, though – sort of melt-in-your-mouth. This was a pretty tasty bowl of oats. If you prefer something sweet in the morning, this bowl is for you. 🙂

DSCN7355 DSCN7356 DSCN7357

Sorry for these terrible photos – I was too excited to dig in. :mrgreen: This salad featured mixed greens, blueberries and blackberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, and cubed avocado. All of it was tossed in creamy poppyseed dressing. I think my favourite part was the avocado – it’s a great addition to any salad! I really liked this quick and healthy lunch.

DSCN7403 DSCN7400 DSCN7404

More of my love: oatmeal. This delicious bowl (made with almond milk) was topped with strawberries, sliced banana, almond butter, and crumbled honey-almond pear muffin. Summer fruit on oatmeal is incredible. 😀

DSCN7428 DSCN7427 DSCN7429

This lunch featured leftovers from this day: chicken fried rice with green peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, sweet corn, and something else that I can’t remember. Fried rice makes awesome leftovers, and I always bring it when there’s a microwave available. On this day, I volunteered all day as a block leader at Place des Arts, a local art school. They have a lovely kitchen with all sorts of appliances. I also snacked on strawberries and the last of my peanut butter pretzels from Trader Joe’s. Aww! 😥

DSCN7368 DSCN7370

The next day, Mom and I made plans to go to Whole Foods (YAY!). Knowing I had to get ready for a big lunch like the past three times , I made myself a light breakfast of banana + crunchy Barney Butter (so good!). Here it is, sprinkled with cinnamon. 🙂

DSCN7499 DSCN7498 DSCN7497

Then we were at Whole Foods! It’s about a 40-minute skytrain ride from where we live. We have to take the bus for a short while, too. This time, we were there at about 12:30, and I was hungry! We filled a huge bowl with all kinds of goodies from the hot bar. Some highlights were the super-creamy macaroni and cheese, which was covered in buttery breadcrumbs (OMG) and the smoked mozzarella pasta salad. I’m always so happy to see the smoked mozza pasta, because it’s not usually there. Super yum! I also loved the tofu cacciatore and chicken chili verde.

DSCN7502 DSCN7504 DSCN7505

Hi Mom! 😀 She likes to take photos of her food, too – she posts them on her Weibo. Weibo is like Chinese Twitter, and Mom has quite a few followers. Go Mammaaa!

DSCN7506 DSCN7507 DSCN7501

We demolished this bowl! I saved a big chunk of the blueberry French toast to eat at the very end, and OMG, it was amazing. The best French toast I’ve ever had – it had an incredible vanilla taste. After all of that, we were SO. FULL. Usually, we have a sandwich after eating a bowl of hot bar food, but we just couldn’t. I didn’t even need dessert!

DSCN7508 DSCN7509

We bought this sandwich at WF: my favourite, the turkey apple brie. This one, and the big chicken + arugula, are tied for the position of my favourite sandwich EVER. At the moment, though, this sammie is my #1. I had about a third of it for a light dinner, along with some Mom dishes and dessert (no pics – sorry!).

DSCN7518 DSCN7519

Creamy and tangy brie cheese, with savoury turkey breast, crisp greens, a slice of tomato, and sweet/sour grilled apple. The bread is one of the best parts – it’s SO crispy. I think it’s ciabatta?! Love it!

DSCN7516 DSCN7517

Lunch at school: quinoa sauteed with butter, scallions, and sweet corn, topped with lemon, black pepper, and goat cheese crumbles. I ate this like a cold salad (ie. no microwave). I love lunches after a trip to Whole Foods or Costco – so much fresh, crisp produce. These cherries and grapes (both organic!) were so, so crunchy good. Mmm! I’ve said it lots of times before, but ORGANIC PRODUCE TASTES BETTER! It really does. I think it’s sweeter, and the texture is so much more pleasant. If you can afford it, I highly recommend you spring for organic fruit. You won’t regret it! Most of the fruit that we buy here is organic or local. I am so lucky. :mrgreen:

DSCN7527 DSCN7526

Next up – a PB + B sandwich for breakfast. We bought a nice loaf of organic whole wheat bread from Whole Foods. It was really soft, and I loved the crust. Here it is with lots of natural peanut butter, cinnamon, a drizzle of honey, and a sliced banana. I put it on the skillet with a bit of coconut oil to crisp it up. Nice ‘n toasty. 🙂 This was a really filling breakfast, too.

DSCN7525 DSCN7529 DSCN7530

And agaaaaaain, that turkey apple brie sandwich. This is the other 2/3 of the sandwich. We have a panini press, and it’s perfect for warming up the middles and making the outsides toasty. I don’t even brush oil on the “plates” – they still get crispy on the outside without added oil. Check out those grill marks! 😀

DSCN7534 DSCN7532

I think the melty brie is the best part. Or maybe the apples. Or the crispy bread… never mind.

DSCN7535 DSCN7533

That’s it! Thanks for reading today’s post. I’ve got to go now – I will be attending my school’s awards night. Last year, I totally lucked out and won the Top Student Grade 10 award, and I hope I’ll be winning the same award this year (for Grade 11). I’m wearing a dress right now, and I think it looks pretty dopey… and then there’s the pom-pom flats that I have to wear. Oh gosh.

Bye for now – I hope all of your school years end well and have a wonderful weekend!

A++ Meals

Hi there!
How are you doing? I feel like I haven’t posted in a loooong time, but really it was just two days ago. :mrgreen:
So A LOT has been going on for me right now. Finals are coming, my first SATs are in three days (eeek), and I will be going to Montreal this summer.
Okay, it’s not 100% decided yet, because the YMCA Student Exchange Program still has to look at my references and do a criminal record check. But there is a 99% chance that I will be flying across the country in only three weeks. Talk about short notice! The interviewer came to our house on Sunday, interviewed my family and me, and then toured our house. He even asked me three questions in French!
The program is offered to 16-17 year-old students in Vancouver and Montreal. We’ll switch lives for a summer (6 weeks), and I’ll be working there while living in the house of a teenage French-Canadian girl. She’ll live in my house (homestay) and work here. I’m excited, but super nervous. My mind is swirling with those classic what-ifs.
What if I feel sick on the plane?
What if I get lost?
What if I miss my family and want to come home?
What if I suddenly forget all of the French I’ve learned at school?
What if my homestay parents offer only roast beef burgers and poutines for dinner?
What if…

I’ll update you on this later, as I have to make a portfolio and a resume (en francais!).

Back to ze food!

Fantastic trip to Whole Foods with ma mere. I was starving, so I went a little crazy at the hot bar. This is a little bit of everything! I especially loved the tomato-ey brown rice with tofu chili, and of course the mac and cheese. Go Whole Foods! Too bad Montreal doesn’t have a Whole Foods OR a Trader Joe’s. 😥

DSCN7248 DSCN7250 DSCN7251

But then again, that might be a good thing… I’d probably go broke on my second day. 😉 Oh, and we had a big sandwich! Turkey-apple-brie. I had 2/3 of this beauty. So yummy – the melty brie was the best part!

DSCN7252 DSCN7253

Sweet petites, as usual. Chocolate Turtle ganache on the left, and coconut cream pie on the right. I loved both. The chocolate ganache was rich and deep, but the coconut tart was sweet and coconutty. Again, I loved both! Bonus marks to the coconut cream pie for having shredded coconut in the crust. Yum…

DSCN7254 DSCN7255

Top notch oatmeal! Topped with berries (blueberries + blackberries), sliced banana, and a big blob of my favourite almond butter. This was so, so, so good. My favourite summery, light oatmeal for sure!

DSCN7267 DSCN7265

Tuna melt for lunch. I made this up on the spot. 😛 I just mashed up a can of tuna with some sundried tomatoes for flavour, plus a little mayo, lemon juice, and mustard. Then I toasted some focaccia bread and spread the mixture on top. Lastly, I shredded up some sharp white cheddar on top and broiled it. This was really good! Crispy focaccia bread can make shoe leather taste food. Black pepper on top, of course!

DSCN7325 DSCN7322

I liked this a lot. I think next time I’ll use a bit more cheddar. This kept me full for hours!

DSCN7323 DSCN7324

O-M-G. This oatmeal.

DSCN7338 DSCN7336

These oats are the equivalent of loaded nachos or an everything pizza. Seriously – ALL possible oatmeal toppings are on here! Crumbled lemon-poppyseed muffin, berries, toasted nuts, almond butter, and banana (cooked into the oatmeal). I added some yogurt after taking these photos, too! This kept me full for HOURS. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – oatmeal is boring; toppings are not. Toppings will make oatmeal exciting + delicious AND keep you full. Plus, you’ll never run out of possible combinations.

DSCN7335 DSCN7332

Like I mentioned on this post, Mom bought dungeness crab ravioli. Here, I topped it with crumbled goat cheese and black pepper. Served on a bed of baby spinach. This was a fun alternative to having a side salad! The ravioli were okay. They weren’t my faves – I prefer the spinach-ricotta ravioli from Costco, or even the portobello mushroom ravioli.

DSCN7327 DSCN7331

My weakness = pancakes. My favourite breakfast (well, for today at least. Oatmeal and pancakes are always battling for top spot.) 😉

DSCN7316 DSCN7317

These babies were made according to my healthy pancake substitutions, then topped with honey Greek yogurt and chia. There’s a mashed banana in here, plus a tablespoon of ground flax. A couple of blackberries for decor. 😉 Oh! And nut butter, of course. Barney Butter, sunflower, peanut, and almond.

DSCN7320 DSCN7318

Here they are posing with my math homework… and half-eaten with maple syrup for dipping. I rotate my plate every few bites, by the way!

DSCN7319 DSCN7321

Mom Meal: early dinner because I had to go to a hospital orientation. Steamed eggs, beef + broccoli, lentil stir-fry with frozen corn/peas/carrots, and a spicy onion + pork stir-fry. Not my favourite Mom Meal, but I really liked the beef + broccoli.

DSCN7259 DSCN7261

Lunch! Whole Foods sandwich with grapes. I love grapes… until the skins get stuck in my braces and take half an hour to pick ’em out.


Same ‘ole oatmeal topped with blueberries, crumbled lemon poppyseed muffin, and almond buttah. This is one of my #1 oatmeals EVER! Obviously anything with AB, muffins + berries I love.

DSCN7281 DSCN7280

Same thing, sorta! This was for dessert – there’s honey Greek yogurt under there.


Okie, I guess that’s it for now. I have to do some homework, study for my math test on permutations (Friday), and work on a resume in French. Luckily there’s no school on Thursday, thanks to the teacher strike. Random, but my teeth hurt. 😥 Just got my braces tightened, and now I have to wear elastics. Boo! Also random, but OMG – it’s already June! Where did the spring go?

Oh – one more thing! Check out my updated Mom Meals page and my revised Oatmeal page. I added all of the new ones from the past three posts. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have an AWESOME Wednesday, everyone. 🙂