Charcoal Waffles ♡_♡

Mmmm, pizza. It’s been a while since I’ve had truly, truly amazing pizza and this one from Lamanna’s, an Italian bakery and hot table in Scarborough, did not disappoint. Smothered in provolone and mushrooms, the toppings were simple and tasty – but the crust, charred to perfection, was my favourite part.

Dessert? Large gelato with a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of hazelnut (check out that size compared to the little gelato spoon and my water bottle!) – followed by an unpictured lobster tail cream pastry. Talk about an amazing lunch!

Another day, I had lunch at Light Cafe in downtown Toronto, a chic and modern new spot in Baldwin Village.

The truffled mushroom croissant is their specialty, loaded with creamy truffle mayonnaise, sliced tomato, shiitake mushrooms, and lettuce. The croissant was toasted and tasted fresh. Salad was dressed in sesame, and had plenty of fresh tomatoes inside.

The soup was another highlight: rich, creamy, savoury Lobster Bisque!


For dessert, I had to order the famous Light Cafe dish – black sesame waffles. There were four heart-shaped black sesame waffles, made with charcoal for that incredible colour, a little vial of rich sesame syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a scoop of black sesame ice cream. All of it was devoured. 😇

Waffles with ice cream is hands-down one of my favourite desserts of all time, and bonus points for special-flavoured waffles like ube (purple yam, specialty of the Philippines), black sesame, or red bean.

This is one of my favourite photographs from my trip downtown. I love how 50% of it is that urban traffic look with trees in the back, and the other half is a pretty lake with trees, and apartments in the back. The contrast is cool!


The reason for my Toronto trip? Stock. Up. On. Muffins. Since I don’t go downtown very often, and I won’t be going often anymore since it’s starting to get chilly, I bought plenty of muffins, chopped ’em into thirds or quarters, and stashed them in the freezer. These are some of the muffins I remember:

  • blueberry streusel
  • blueberry bran
  • plain blueberry
  • blueberry scone
  • lemon poppyseed
  • carrot
  • banana chocolate chip
  • mixed berry and oat
  • cornmeal
  • lemon currant scone
  • ginger scone

There were definitely more, but that’s all for the ones I can recall. 😎 Apparently, I seem to like muffins a lot?

Excitement. In the form of a delicious plate of coconut Thai green curry with broccoli, mushrooms, onion, and carrots – and in the form of a new book. Sci-fi isn’t really my genre, but this one, RUSH by Eve Silver, had me intrigued all the way through.

A trip to the library meant I took lots more snapshots of the books that are on my to-be-read list. I can’t wait to take these out and see if they’re good.

On Mid-Autumn Festival, which is like Chinese Thanksgiving, I had an incredible meal at a buffet called Dragon’s Pearl, with friends of my grandfather. I. Love. Buffets. So what did I enjoy this time?

  • yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and gravy
  • steamed ginger and scallion fish
  • Japanese sweet egg, bean curd sushi, other assorted sushi
  • stir-fried vegetables, crispy stir-fried noodles
  • peking duck on a flatbread, with sweet and sour sauce and cucumber
  • creamy crab salad
  • crispy shrimp cakes
  • garlic mussels
  • grilled salmon and plaintains

Dessert was just as delicious.

  • tiramisu
  • green tea cake
  • sweet sesame mochi ball (favourite)
  • regular cheesecake
  • unsweetened cheesecake
  • bread pudding with golden raisins, whipped cream on top (#2 favourite)
  • English trifle
  • kiwi custard tart

Do you like buffets? I’m a sucker for variety, so I adore buffets!

One morning, I had some quiet time to myself in the office so I started designing a new poster for the Integumentary System, which is the system about human skin, hair, and nails.

Totally random note here. This is such a beautiful logo! I like graphic design a lot and want to learn more about designing lettering.


Speaking of graphic design, I’m creating a PDF doc of Anatomy-related study tips. The entire study guide is written out now, but I’m figuring out how I’d like to design the other pages. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 8.12.20 PM

That’s pretty much it for today, guys. Hope you all have the most wonderful rest of the week. 🙂

Get Ready… to Drool

Is this a cat… or a rat? My mom drew it for me with the updated iPhone, and I’m still puzzling over it. New optical illusion?


She also sent virtual hugs 🙂


In case you haven’t realized, in this post, I’m going to showcase some of the INCREDIBLE things my mom cooked recently! From hot pot to a cheesy vegetable casserole, to a delicious almond cake, this woman can make it all.

Spiced butter chicken, honey-garlic chicken drumsticks, seaweed salad, and vegetable stir-fries. How on Earth does she get all of these dishes on the table, hot and steamy, at the same time?

And how does she make such colourful, beautiful salads and such flavourful-looking braised taro?

That sticky rice looks unbelievable.

Kabocha squash and winter melon also made appearances on her dinner table recently. I’m also drooling over that veggie stir-fry!

Yes, there’s more… and it involves potatoes. Her roasted potatoes always turn out perfectly!

I think it’s safe to say that my mom is one of the best cooks on the planet. To drive that point home – this is what she calls a “simple meal”. Umm?!

She even made her own sweet egg tarts, and this creamy, garlicky chicken and vegetable stew. Yum, times one thousand!


This post might never end, actually.

So I guess I’ll just end it with a pic of my dog, Arnie, who is back in BC and loving his new accessory 🙂


Hope everyone’s weekend was lovely!

Meanwhile in BC

Mom has been cooking a LOT back home recently!

IMG_1264 IMG_4858

Arnie has been cute! Well… not really. We always joke that he looks like a horse now.

IMG_6088 12083656_1232462186771076_90521095_n

Cute messages from Mom! “Oh no. Oh no.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.39.13 PM

Mom made pasta salad for the homestay students and some cinnamon coffee for herself.

12084132_1232677936749501_1603432167_n 12071502_1229360073747954_946120097_n

Seline enjoyed a sushi lunch with her friend Brianna!

IMG_6997 IMG_7504

Mom did a little baking without me! Pumpkin muffins and swirled pecan cake from a boxed mix.

12048957_1230013177015977_391256384_n 12092655_1233326993351262_796974625_n 12067889_1233325750018053_1357921082_n

Congee with meat, and two Chinese dinners that Mom cooked. Cooking for one is hard, but imagine cooking for NINE! That’s what my mom has to do every meal of the day.

12087540_1229373793746582_1860848353_n 12083950_1233380493345912_2044661314_n 12047814_1229373827079912_1778090679_n

Hi Seline! Hey Arnie.

12064264_1232462553437706_1576812403_n 12087017_1232462226771072_884911788_n

Breakfast for the students: toast, fruit, eggs, beans. And tortellini with creamy mushroom sauce and chicken noodle soup for Seline!

12076973_1232203960130232_2136755632_n 12092614_1232430610107567_716375127_n 12077405_1232678040082824_1892073132_n

Noodles with meat and meatballs and shrimp and egg. Whoa… deluxe. Chips, which Mom has recently been addicted to recently. Check out that tortellini – Costco’s massive packs are THREE in one!

12087576_1230962010254427_1867145461_n 12077103_1233383516678943_1460777368_n 12092567_1232017676815527_259299330_n

Mom posts regularly on her Weibo account: this fried rice was made with sausage, chicken, peas, egg, and mushrooms. Seaweed soup in the back!

12092590_1232912433392718_365645268_n IMG_1270 IMG_8089

Sometimes I get a little homesick, but with messages from Mom and long FaceTime sessions, I don’t feel too lonely. 🙂 Can’t wait to go back home soon!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone 🙂

Saturday Things // Wild Rice // Packing for Paris

Yesterday morning started with a deliciously juicy and flavourful peach from the farmer’s market. I love soft, ripe peaches. This one tasted better than candy! I also had some leftover frittata, reheated in our toaster oven. Frittatas are even better the second day, in my opinion. The goat cheese forms a yummy crust, and the eggs set some more, so it’s a bit firmer. This was a great light breakfast (probably equal to some regular person’s normal-sized breakfast!) before going to Wild Rice for a family lunch.

DSC09481 DSC09482

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and I ordered hot lemon water to start. I loved the way they put hot water into these miniature tea kettles. So modern! I’ve never actually seen a personal tea kettle like this.

  • Wild Rice Market Bistro (River Market New Westminster)
    122 – 810 Quayside Drive
    New Westminster BC. Canada, V3M 6B9
    T: 778.397.0028
  • Mon-Thur: 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm
    Fri & Sat: 11:30-10:00pm
    Sun: 11:30am -9:00pm

DSC09483 DSC09486

1Not good 2Okay/Decent 3Good 4Very good 5Excellent 6Incredible! Must-try and would order again

Salt & Pepper Squid: fried squid and jalapenos, grilled lime, house tartar: 2/6

  • I didn’t try this because I’m really not a fan of calamari
  • Dad and Seline complained that this was too salty
  • The salt was sprinkled on top and they ended up shaking the salt off before eating
  • I liked the grilled lime! 🙂


Curried Steam Buns: Chinatown style house made buns filled with fresh root veg in coconut curry: 3.5/6
  • Buns were very soft and tasted handmade
  • Filled with chopped root vegetables in a turmeric curry sauce
  • Fillings and bun had great flavour and texture but didn’t blow me away
  • Green condiment on the sides was similar to an Asian-style pesto made with Chinese spices rather than basil
  • Hot sauce and sweet soy sauce drizzled on top

DSC09491 DSC09492

Cauliflower Duo: pan roasted cauliflower on turmeric scented cauliflower puree, raisins, scallions, beet jelly: 3/6
  • Very creative dish!
  • Cauliflower may have been too soft/mushy for some, but I found it just right
  • Beet jelly did not have a strong beet taste. The flavour was quite neutral
  • I couldn’t quite identify the yellow puree as I was eating it – thought it was some sort of mustard aioli
  • Aunt Mimi liked how the cauliflower was spiced with cumin as well as S+P
  • The cauliflower were great and had a bit of a sear on it

DSC09495 DSC09498

Kung Po Chicken Poutine: our award winning poutine, spicy kung po chicken gravy, aged cheddar and cheese curds over polenta fries, topped with spring onions: 4/6
  • Polenta fries were thick and chewy with lots of crunch from the cornmeal outside
  • Gravy was luscious and just salty enough, tasted homemade!
  • I liked the addition of cheddar (not just cheese curds), but the cheddar flavour faded into the dish
  • There were also some small chunks of chicken (thigh?) on top
  • This was a very creative twist on poutine that I really enjoyed, but I wish the polenta fries were a tad softer inside. The outside crisp was just right.

DSC09501 DSC09502

Panko Chicken Tenders & Fries: hand filleted boneless breast, smoked paprika, parsley: 2/6
  • I didn’t try any of this, but my dad and sister complained that it was too salty
  • The salt was sprinkled on top (coarse sea salt) and was more noticeable
  • Garlic aioli was very popular!
  • Apparently the fries were over-salted as well


Tuna Gomae: a Japanese classic. lightly seared Albacore tuna, smoked shallot lime salt, sesame spinach: 3.5/6

  • “It doesn’t taste like tuna at all. It tastes like meat” was my uncle Charles’s first impression
  • I thought the tuna had a great seafood flavour but was not flavoured enough (could’ve used some garlic or maybe vinegar)
  • A drizzle of some soy/sesame sauce would’ve been excellent
  • The sesame spinach was great! Served slightly cool and very flavourful with ground sesame


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap: our take on a classic. crispy chicken, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, house made buffalo sauce, served with house salad: 5/6
  • I didn’t get the chance to try this either
  • House salad of mixed greens was topped with cucumbers, radish, generous amount of candied pecans, roasted tomatoes
  • The wraps were massive! My grandma could only eat one after the appetizers

DSC09516 DSC09517

Garlic Prawns: garlic coconut sauce, jasmine rice pilaf: 6/6
  • Like last time, this was my favourite dish!
  • Creamy coconut sauce was infused with garlic and served with eight perfectly-tender prawns
  • Rice pilaf was seasoned with turmeric and mixed with peas, carrots, and chopped baby corn
  • So flavourful with the spices, coconut and garlic
  • Not too salty
  • Flavours blended so well together (coconut + turmeric + garlic + seafood)
  • Shrimp is very easy to overcook so I appreciated how nicely done the prawns were
  • This is probably just me, but I wish there were some more seasonal veggies served with this

DSC09518 DSC09519

Vegan “Butter Chicken”: tofu simmered in mild curry, jasmine rice: 5/6
  • Not too spicy, quite creamy
  • Served with pickled onions, which did not have much flavour
  • Tofu chunks were large and substantial
  • There were also chunks of potato or lotus. I think it was lotus because there were some holes?
  • There were also bits of celery and lentils
  • The rice was fluffy and quite plain (like regular home-cooked rice)
  • This dish was delicious but did not stand out to me. I really enjoyed the flavour of the curry with the onions

DSC09524 DSC09526

Spicy Chicken Kung Po: fresh BC chicken, broccoli, twice cooked peanuts with rice noodles in rich coconut sauce: 6/6
  • LOVED the peanuts here! I expected the peanuts to be hard and crunchy, but they were crisp and shatter-y
  • Peanuts were spiced with paprika and cayenne (I think)
  • Generous amount of broccoli, cooked until tender
  • Noodles were chewy and very good with the peanut sauce
  • There were some chunks of chicken (thighs) here, but I think there should’ve been more
  • Some onions or carrots would’ve taken this bowl over the top
  • Excellent flavours and everything fit together very well, but I became bored of it after a while
  • Enjoyed the variety in textures and flavours


I loved this so much and it reminded me of my peanut sauce (click for recipe in a new tab). Definitely a highlight on their menu and I encourage you to give this lovely Thai-style noodle dish a try, especially if you like noodles and peanuts!

DSC09527 DSC09529

Seared Duck Breast: braised shiitake mushrooms, sweet potato gnocchi, blueberry rooibos jus: 4.5/6
  • Duck was very tender and did not have much of that “duck” taste
  • If I did a blind taste test of the duck, I would’ve guessed chicken (flavour) or pork (texture)
  • Gnocchi were so fluffy inside and had a beautiful crust outside
  • The shiitake mushrooms were braised in a soy-blueberry sauce that was quite fragrant (from rooibos, which is often used for tea)
  • The blueberry flavour in the sauce really stood out to me
  • The creative flavours in this dish did not quite work for me, but that may just be because I am used to blueberries in sweet dishes

DSC09534 DSC09535

Do you like gnocchi? Have you ever had it cooked until crispy?


We demolished everything except about 30% of the vegan butter “chicken” which we didn’t want packed up. We were all so full but ready for dessert!

DSC09538 DSC09539

See THIS POST for my first visit to Wild Rice. 🙂

TreGalli Cafe white truffle gelato (3/6), chocolate-almond gelato (2.5/6)

  • Kid’s cup with two flavours
  • Chocolate almond gelato tasted like regular chocolate ice cream, so I was not impressed at all
  • White truffle gelato tasted like real, pure white chocolate, not too sweet
  • Both were creamy and melted quite quickly, which is normal for gelato
  • The waffle cone on top was not good at all – probably because I compared it to the house-made vanilla waffle cones at Rain or Shine
  • Last time I enjoyed the cookies and cream flavour


Before dinner, we ran lots of errands and I was so ready for a little bowl of fruit before starting to cook. Two chopped kiwis and some fresh blackberries made it onto my plate as I cooked dinner: rotisserie chicken on quinoa, spinach, corn, and zucchini stir-fry. This simple dinner didn’t need a single grain of salt – I added lemon juice and some freshly-ground black pepper. This is truly my fave quick dinner for one!

DSC09543 DSC09549

I’ve said it a hundred times before, but rotisserie chicken is SO tender and delicious. You don’t even need the skin to get the full effect. With my chicken thigh and breast, this was such a filling and delicious dinner. I finished every drop!

DSC09547 DSC09548

I packed some snacks for our plane ride (L to R): organic kettle corn, cashews + raisins, dark chocolate-covered figs, a little square of milk chocolate, roasted garlic and rosemary crackers, coconut chips, and some more kettle corn. Seline has some baggies of Sour Keys and High Chews prepared.

DSC09551 DSC09553

Paris, here we come! 😀

From Dim Sum to Dill Salmon {Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant}

Good morning everyone! I’ve got a restaurant review to share with you today 🙂 Have you ever been to Fisherman’s Terrace in Richmond? It’s located in Aberdeen Centre, and we visited at 11:00 on Sunday to meet up with Grandpa’s old friends. I brought some healthy vegan pumpkin muffins for my grandparents as well as some report cards to work on for my kids at skating lessons. These muffins were made with butter avocado and sugar banana!

DSC04006 DSC04018

Looks like a classic dim sum restaurant with the large spinning glass centrepiece in the middle of the table. Aunt Mimi ordered our dishes for the day from their menu. I took a peek at the menu – they sell a “cold marinated chicken feet plate”, “pig stomach”, “cow intestine soup”, and “apple sautéed snails”. Those were just some things my sister and I noticed and discussed. 😛 We actually ended up getting the first three items, though. No snails for us this time, but I can’t wait to try escargot in Paris with Seline this summer!

DSC04021 DSC04026

This was lobster congee with ginger. I liked the flavour of the slow-cooked rice stew, and so did Seline. The lobster was a bit hard to eat because it was still on the shell. On the right is a piece of charred eggplant topped with a shrimp ball. I loved taste of the blackened eggplant – it was smoky and really tasty.

DSC04029 DSC04031

Steamed BBQ pork buns were so delicious! Big, fluffy white-flour buns that were softer and squishier than a cloud wrapped around sweet and tangy pork in the most delicious sauce! I really loved this bun. On the right is a fried shrimp and chive cake, which was also very tasty and loaded with chives. I want to recreate this at home!

DSC04034 DSC04040

More shrimp, this time wrapped in a sticky rice wrapper bun. I also had a piece of pan-fried taro, which I enjoyed as well. That shrimp-chive cake though… yummers.

DSC04042 DSC04045

This steamed rice wrap was filled with chicken. The rice was really tasty but I found the chicken inside a bit dense and fibrous. Either way, these rice wraps were a hit at the table. Seline loved them, too! Seline’s favourite dish of the day, however, was the fried squid on the right. We ordered two plates and Seline ate most of it, claiming that the Asian calamari was “really, really good”.

DSC04047 DSC04077

For dessert, we ordered two things: lychee pudding and durian tarts. I was a little reluctant to try durian for the first time, especially after Dad made a deal about how gross it is. Still, I really enjoyed this dessert. The durian taste was prominent, but it wasn’t bad at all. I’m also in love with anything enrobed in flaky puff pastry. 🙂 Cute baby on the right was also sitting with us – he ate his berries while we dined on dim sum.

DSC04055 DSC04075

Here’s the superb dinner that I really wanted to share with you all – delicious dill salmon! We served it with sautéed corn and leeks with quinoa and steamed vegetables with a scoop of coconut curry hummus from the farmer’s market.

DSC04082 DSC04087

This recipe is super easy – you’ll need to mix some ingredients, including garlic, dill, salt, pepper, and lemon. Then you’ll add some olive oil, pour it over four salmon filets, and then top them each with half a tablespoon (little cube) of butter for richness and contrast. Here’s the recipe below!

DSC03065 DSC03069

Baked Dill Salmon

Makes 4 salmon filets


  • 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 2 tbsp fresh dill
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp freshly-ground black pepper
  • 3 tbsp freshly-squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp butter, cut into four squares
  • 4 salmon filets


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Mix garlic, dill, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.
  3. Whisk quickly as you add olive oil to emulsify.
  4. Pour mixture over four filets of salmon.
  5. Top with butter squares.
  6. Bake for 12-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your filets.

You will love this recipe! It was definitely the star of this dinner. I liked it so much more than the carrots and hummus. 😛 Another great thing about the recipe is that the WHOLE recipe has just a teaspoon of salt. That means each serving has just over a pinch of salt on the fish. Again, cooking with fresh herbs is such a great way to impart huge flavour without adding too much sodium. Here are some other tips to decrease salt in your cooking. 🙂

DSC04088 DSC04089

Thanks for reading, guys – have a great week and I’m off to hot yoga!

From Mantou to Banana Cake

Hey guys!

Hey Medha! AKA acid chyme. If you’re reading this I love you. You’re cool. I’m trying to think of a creative inside joke or something, but I don’t think we have any because we’re too busy studying… NOT. So, what do you use to catch an eyemaster? 😉

On another note, I wanted to share this funny afternoon with you guys!

Mom and I weren’t sure what to make in the afternoon, but we had three ripe bananas sitting around. I popped them into the fridge so we wouldn’t get any fruit flies. Drosophilias suck. So do Punnett Squares. And Calculus. Right Medha? 🙂

We decided to make banana bread, and I found two 5-star recipes on Allrecipes and one by Cookie and Kate, one of my favourite recipe sites. I decided to fuse the three recipes together to make my own banana cake recipe, and it turned out really well. Here’s how we did it. If you aren’t into step-by-step photos, just scroll down to the bottom for my recipe 🙂

DSC02596 DSC02597

Anyways, make sure you use super, super ripe bananas. The blacker, the better when it comes to banana bread! These three were massive, but they don’t have to be too big. Four little ones would do, too.


Then mix some flour with cinnamon, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. We used a mixture of spelt, kamut, and whole wheat flour, but that’s not necessary by any means. Feel free to use a mix of any flour you have. All white flour works great as well 🙂 Whisk it all together (and sift, if you’d like) and the dry ingredients are done!

DSC02599 DSC02600

On to the wet ingredients. You’ll need the three overripe bananas, some coconut oil, vanilla extract, two room temperature eggs (to prevent coconut oil from separating), sour cream, light brown sugar, and honey. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use sugar, honey, or maple, but finally decided on a mix of light brown sugar and honey. They turned out great, and not too sweet. We actually decreased the sugar from 1.5 cups to just 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp!

DSC02601 DSC02602

When the wet ingredients are all whisked up, carefully pour the wet ingredients into the dry. Use a spoonula (yep!) or spoon to stir them together. Don’t overmix, and seriously, don’t use such a tiny bowl. There was so much flour to wipe off the tablecloth after this!

DSC02603 DSC02604

Again, be careful not to overmix! If you do, you’ll get tough, dense, chewy, firm banana cake, which would NOT be yummy. I know it’s super tempting to stir until everything is as smooth as possible, but stirring too much will cause the gluten (protein in flour) to form a thick, sticky network. Gluten is what holds baked goods together – which is why gluten-free baked goods often require xanthan gum as a binder – and gives them their structure.

DSC02606 DSC02607

Sadly, gluten is also responsible for making dough and batter super tough. Mixing too much will cause the gluten to turn firm, and the muffin won’t be as tender.  Streaks of flour in the batter are totally okay! Make sure there are still plenty of pockets of flour before you add the chocolate chips. They’ll bake out to be just fine.


Time for the funny story! Mom was making mantou for Grandma. Grandma loves Chinese steamed buns, and they’re a huge part of her diet. She eats them alongside meat, soup, or dumplings. 🙂

Steamed buns are made of wheat flour, water, and leavening agents (Mom uses yeast). You can also add things like taro, sweet potato, brown sugar, or corn to make flavoured mantou. By the way, if you’ve never had mantou, they’re usually soft and fluffy. Kind of like a thick, blobby, dense pita bread? Okay, that was a bad description… sorry.

DSC02610 DSC02612

Mantou are a main source of carbohydrates in the Chinese diet, and I’d say they are equivalent to rice. Mantou are small, cottony, and delicate in restaurants, where they are often deep-fried and dipped in sweet condensed milk. Working men often have two or three fist-sized mantou for lunch. You can also find mantou in Asian supermarkets, frozen! BTW the huge pot on the right is the steaming pot we use for mantou. 🙂

DSC02613 DSC02614 DSC02618

Grandma made red beans in brown sugar water in her steamer, and she wanted them inside the mantou to make baozi (mantou with filling).

DSC02615 DSC02619 DSC02621

So my mom put about a tablespoon into each rolled out dough, and then sealed it up.

DSC02622 DSC02624 DSC02627

She pinched it up with her fingers and sealed out all the air.

DSC02628 DSC02629 DSC02630

I like the tetrahedral shape! … those are tetrahedrals, right? I forgot all the molecular geometry I learned before spring break!

DSC02631 DSC02632

Mom says “these are Grandma’s favourite hongdou buns”. Hong dou = red bean 🙂

DSC02639 DSC02637

She really liked rolling them out! Meanwhile, my banana cake went into the oven for 50 minutes.

DSC02634 DSC02641

And the red bean mantou went into the microwave to steam a little bit. The heat (we put a boiling pot of water inside) helped activate the enzymes in the yeast. Smile, Mom!

DSC02644 DSC02646 DSC02647

And about an hour later, my banana cake came out of the oven! It smelled AMAZING when it was baking (thanks, vanilla extract!) and I nearly fainted when we took it out. It looked SO scrumptious! The cardboard on the right is used to protect the table from my sister’s beloved deep fryer. She spills oil everywhere!

DSC02649 DSC02651

Then we brought it onto a cooling rack and let it cool for about 10 minutes. We should’ve waited longer, but I wanted to dig in! Warm baked goods are the best because the chocolate chips are still wet and gooey – the best.

DSC02653 DSC02654

AHHH! I want some of this right now actually.

DSC02656 DSC02657 DSC02659

Into the steamer they go!

DSC02660 DSC02661 DSC02662

And then I went back to admiring the cake 🙂 We sliced it in half and then quarters (obviously LOL) and I drooled.

DSC02663 DSC02665

A slice for me…

DSC02668 DSC02669

With almond butter! I can’t have ANYTHING without almond butter! Like I said, this stuff is crack for me!

DSC02670 DSC02671

Of course I made sure that I got the piece with the most chocolate chips. 😛 Then I smothered it in rich, nutty almond butter and devoured it. Here’s the recipe – and don’t forget the almond butter!

DSC02673 DSC02674

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Cake



  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • ½ cup spelt flour
  • ¼ cup kamut flour
  • NOTE: you can replace the above with simple 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour, or a combination of whichever flours you’d like
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Scant ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda


  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 large overripe bananas, mashed
  • ½ cup sour cream // Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup light brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • ½ cup chocolate chips (optional but recommended 🙂 )


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Grease a loaf pan or a round pan.
  3. Mix dry ingredients together. Sift if desired.
  4. Mix wet ingredients (NOT chocolate chips) and whisk well. If coconut oil solidifies, place in a big bowl of hot water and whisk some more.
  5. Pour wet ingredients into dry. Mix a little bit. Add half the chocolate chips and combine.  Be careful not to overmix.
  6. Pour into the prepared pan and top with remaining chocolate chips.
  7. Bake for 45 to 60 minutes, until golden brown and a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean.
  8. Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then serve. Great for about a week – or you could freeze them!

My homestay student Jadee also had a piece. I’m so glad Jadee likes our baking! She got a big slice for a snack, but I’d happily eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, okay basically every meal. It’s THAT good! OMG I’m going to have it crumbled on top of my oatmeal tomorrow morning – can’t wait!

DSC02675 DSC02678

She really likes the soft texture and springiness of the cakes. Thanks for being our special baked-goods-tester, Jadee! 🙂

DSC02680 DSC02676

Yup, I guess that’s it for now! I’ve got lots of Chemistry homework that I’ve been procrastinating (whoa, I’ve put it off for about a week now…) and I’ll be posting a SUPER awesome pesto post on Wednesday. 🙂

PS: the mantou turned out to be a fail! The water evaporated into the dough and made them all soggy and wet. They didn’t fluff up at all and were really dense and firm. We will probably mash the beans and add them to the dough next time.

Have an awesome week!