Top 25 Study Tips

Volunteering at the Senior Home and Cooking for the Seniors

Top Tips for BUDGETING

Final exams are almost done! End of first year :O


Easy + Delicious Things that you CAN and SHOULD eat daily!

Eating healthy in the middle of EXAM SEASON? My Top 5 Tips 🙂

Daily Life + Making a Powerpoint Presentation for Nutrition Professor

We All Feel Stressed.

When I’m Not Studying…

The Ultimate De-Stressor

High School vs. University

Roommate Rules

Lunch with UWaterloo’s Top Scholars

5 Things to Know Before Grade 12

Easy Ways to Get – and STAY – Organized

Stress-Free School Success!

15 Things I Learned During my First Semester of University

50 Things My Roommate Taught Me

Meeting the Dean: International Women’s Day Dinner

30 Things University Actually Taught Me

DSC09198 DSC09195

DSC04703 DSC04671


September 5-7, 2015: Moving in, getting settled, and orientation

September 8-9, 2015: Room Tour

September 18: University of Waterloo Schulich Leaders Dinner

AHS Fun Run

Running Club

Henna Club

Athletics Department and Shoe Tag

Crafts for Charity I

Crafts for Charity II

University of Waterloo Farmers Market

Hanging out with friends at Niagara Falls!



37 thoughts on “University

  1. Hey Cindy! So I chanced upon your blog and suffice it to say that I was blown-away by the similarities between us! We’re both called Cindy (though my surname is Wu :p), both around the same age, both in university, and both love eating 🙂 Do you happen to study Chemistry in uni too??


    1. I do actually! There is A M Africa Restaurant in Kitchener and East African Café in Waterloo. Both have great reviews! Unfortunately I don’t know much about hair, though 🙂


  2. OMG I am sooo jealous of your spacious room and your kitchen!!! Lol the apartment dorms here for undergraduates are soo tiny (but are the best rooms compared to others on the campus haha).


  3. Cindy. When I look at an old photo on my bookshelf that is I am holding a little baby, also I am almost couldn’t believe this baby has been an university student right now. Remember, to value time is beyond all things.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! your culinary skills will surpass your mother.
    I like your roommate rules, but I don’t know “eat junk food” and “stay up late” means both of you can do it or don’t do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Farmer market! I have not gone even once to the farmer market since you had gone to Paris and Waterloo. Do you miss Coquitlam Farmers market? Wow, you have the whole to do list. Keep it up! You can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really miss the Coquitlam farmers market, but it’s also great to explore new farmers markets and meet new vendors. I miss the raisin braid and little butter cookies – all the great stuff we ate in Coq! You should visit. Their pie-baking contest is coming up!


  6. HI Baby, Did you like the bagel? I still have two left, and I love it. Wow , your dessert looks so good and also the panini. I wish I was there sharing all these yummy food with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mom! I ate two of my bagels and I just have another one in the freezer. I’m gonna eat it next week! The bagels are so good! So glad you bought them. I think I’m going to go back to buy another package when I’m done it.


  7. Hi Baby, I am home. I Just can’t imagine our house is so dirty. I was just away for 5 days. Oh my… Today will be my cleaning day for sure. Baby, I really had a good time staying with you for 5 days at Waterloo. We turned the empty room to a beautiful student room. And bought all the kitchen stuff. I am sure you will like to study in Waterloo while finding some good food and good cafes in this new town. Take a good care of yourself and I will always read your blog post. Love you sweet heart!


    1. I laughed so hard when I saw this! You are so funny, Mom! I love all of your comments 😀
      Studying in Waterloo won’t be too challenging: my room is all done, my apartment is convenient, and the whole city is perfect for students. I like it!
      Yes… the cafes are great! Too bad there aren’t any amazing bakeries here. I’ll have to explore Toronto one day! Maybe this Saturday. Hmmmm…


  8. Cindy, your mother has sent many pictures of your new room. I like it very much, because it is big in size, neat and tidy, complete facilities. I believe that you ‘ll get excellent results of study from your new starting.

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  9. We’ve been so busy buying everything that you need these days, it’s a short stay for me , but I think I really like here. Your room are now so organized, keep it up. Study hard , play hard, and EAT hard. I already miss you !

    Liked by 1 person

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