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Microwave Mug Cakes {all single-serving}

Cakes and Quickbreads

Blondies, Brownies, and Squares


Delicious Miscellaneous

Savoury Entrees

32 thoughts on “Recipes

      1. I understand but will read whenever I can especially as we have a lot of commonalities in spite of the fact that I’m old enough to be your grandmother. 🙂

        I used to live in the Waterloo/ Kitchener area but now I’m further south on the 401. I’m a supply teacher in the public high school system with qualifications in Bio and Chem. Good luck with your future career in Kinesiology.

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      2. I’m always in awe of the amazing people I meet on the blogosphere and you are one of them!
        Really!? Small world! Waterloo is a lovely place from what I see so far (haven’t experienced winter yet!) and I like how student-oriented it is. Very cool! I miss my high school teachers a lot. Thank you for the kind wishes. 🙂


      3. Being a foodie, have you been to the local farmer’s markets or the famous St. Jacob’s Farmer’s market? I haven’t been in the area in a decade but still remember that there were lots of great food locations and antique stores.

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      4. I’m sure there are other markets closer to the university that you can go to on a regular basis. We had a 2nd one open up which is on the way to the one I go to regularly. Still haven’t dropped in there yet.

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