19 Things I’ve Learned from My Dog

  1. Get lots of fresh air and wind in your face. Enjoy it!
  2. Be who you are without pretending to take on the qualities of someone you are not.
  3. Greet the ones you love.
  4. Take naps.
  5. If something that you want is buried, dig for it.
  6. Always drink a lot of water!
  7. If it is in your best interest, be obedient.
  8. Eat with enthusiasm.
  9. Be loyal, faithful, and quick to forgive.
  10. Sit close and listen.
  11. Let people hug you!
  12. Sit in the shade after an afternoon in the sun.
  13. Inform others if they have invaded your territory.
  14. Make friends with everyone.
  15. Trust, and follow, your instincts.
  16. Don’t bite if a growl is enough.
  17. Accept all treats with gratitude.
  18. Enjoy long walks.
  19. Chase your dreams.