13 Healthy, Fridge-Free Snacks

Since it’s a bit of a busy week for me – here’s a short list of snacks that are super portable, don’t require refrigeration, and, most importantly, are absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

Fridge-less Snacks

  1. kale chips
  2. oatmeal cookies
  3. energy bars (eg. LARABARs)
  4. frozen grapes
  5. roasted seeds
  6. homemade popcorn
  7. trail mix
  8. roasted chickpeas
  9. dried fruit
  10. roasted seaweed
  11. vegetable chips
  12. dark chocolate squares
  13. nut butter and banana

7 thoughts on “13 Healthy, Fridge-Free Snacks

  1. I basically went one or two weeks living off of cereal, dark chocolate, and peanut butter as my main snacks and dietary staples! Not exactly super balanced, but they got the job done! Anyways, I love LARABARS, homemade popcorn, and seeds to snack on too! Other amazing staples include fortified cereals, bananas, apples, and homemade energy bites!

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