Curdy Soy Milk, Live Octopi, and Taro Ice Cream

Kicked off yesterday morning with an early-early-early morning walk through Taipei. You can see the Taipei 101 peeking out from behind these buildings. I love taking selfies with Grandpa!

For breakfast, we went to a place that sells shao bing (sesame flatbreads), you tiao (oily Chinese donuts, or crullers), and dan bing (egg pancakes). This place is incredibly popular, incredibly busy, and we were incredibly jet-lagged, so we arrived early to beat the line. I liked dipping my Chinese donut into the sweet soy milk, but I also tried Grandpa’s savoury hot soy milk, which was very curdy and loaded with green onions, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

Afterwards, we visited a temple/funeral home to pray.

I really like the metro, or the MRT, in Taipei. Compared to the subway/skytrain systems of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, the MRT of Taipei is very clean, organized, and systematic. We headed to Wen Nai Nai’s house (Grandma Wen). She is Grandpa’s friend, and they’ve known each other for over four decades.

For lunch, we dined with my great-aunts at a seafood restaurant, where I ate way too many deep-fried oysters and way too much pork noodles. So delicious and 100% worth the potential stomachache, but I think I avoided it 😉 There were even live, wriggling octopi for sale!

We shopped the market at Tamsui, and bought a few things, from Taiwanese iron eggs to sticky blob toys.

I also had a delicious, massive taro ice cream cone!

We hung out with Dad, Grandpa, my grandmother’s second sister, and my grandmother’s sixth sister. We visited my grandmother’s third sister and her husband in their apartment near Tamsui. Their apartment is stunning, and I’m a big fan of the giant windows.

Finally, we were off to Cambodia. It was a 3ish-hour flight from Taipei, and I loved arriving in Phnom Penh. It was hot, humid, and absolutely amazing. The rest of my day in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was exciting, though restful, and I can’t wait to show you more photos tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!

7 thoughts on “Curdy Soy Milk, Live Octopi, and Taro Ice Cream

  1. […] One of the highlights of my time in Taiwan? We visited a famous Taiwanese breakfast house, where I tried savoury soy milk, and ate egg pancakes, “shao bing”, Chinese crullers, and more. We also visited a temple, some old friends, and had a seafood meal with my two of my six great-aunts. I also got a massive taro ice cream (hands-down one of my favourite ice cream flavours, next to pistachio and chocolate-hazelnut). Then, we flew to Cambodia! Read more about it here. […]


  2. Taipei Taipei! You will definitely enjoy all the delicious food, and you will like the nice people in Taiwan. Did you eat the whole ice cream? I can’t believe it! Grandpa seemed to have a good time with you. Cheers baby

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