10 Questions

Name the number one thing on your bucket list.

  • Scuba diving or snorkeling!

Go-to exercise routine?

  • Long walk in the park, or yoga.

Would you rather repeat the same day for a month, or repeat every single day twice for the rest of your life?

  • This is trippy – is “neither” an option? I think it would be neat to repeat every single day twice, so you can make things right. But for the rest of my life? Does that mean I can live until 160? Whoa.

What are your three most important components for optimal health?

  • Self-love, good spices (so you can make veggies taste good!), and clothes that motivate you to move.

Do you prefer spending leisure time with friends or by yourself?

  • By myself. Interesting Wikipedia articles, here I come.

Have any secret talents?

  • I can fold my tongue into a flower with three petals! I gotta show you guys some pics one day.

Weirdest food combination that you think surprisingly works?

  • Some people think tea with milk and honey is weird, but I always found it normal and absolutely delicious. I also love seafood with cheese, like in Hong Kong style baked seafood rice with béchamel sauce and broiled with cheese. Another one – toast topped with nut butter, sliced banana, cinnamon, and get this – chopped prunes!

Describe your perfect vacation getaway!

  • Thinking about vacation makes me so happy, but it is really impossible to choose. At this moment, I’m envisioning a couple of weeks in Casablanca, Morocco, or Tunis, Tunisia. I’d give away half my belongings to visit Carthage, in Tunisia! You must google Essaioura, and Sidi Bou Saïd, right now, because they are so stunning. Oh, and French Polynesia. I’d love to see the Baie d’Along.

If you had your own garden, what would you grow?

  • I would grow strawberries and green onions. Strawberries because I love them, and I think they look cute when growing, and green onions because they are super easy. It would be neat to always have green onions at your fingertips for a good ‘ol stir-fry.

Where would you go during a full day of restaurant hopping?

  • Chocolate almond croissant and a rich hot chocolate from a French patisserie for breakfast à all kinds of sushi for lunch à a London Fog (Earl Grey tea latte) from a café in the midafternoon à variety plate of Indian food for dinner (palak paneer must be involved!) à freshly-made ice cream sandwiches from a food truck for dessert.

In your honest opinion, do you believe in good luck, or is hard work the only component to success?

  • I definitely believe in good luck. Success depends on who you meet, when you do things, where you do things. You need to be at the right place at the right time for success in certain cases. Though, I know that the harder you work, the luckier you get. J Maybe hard work comes with luck, but luck can’t stand alone?

Thanks, Cassie, for these questions! It only took, eh, three months for me to get around to it…


12 thoughts on “10 Questions

  1. OMG, I’m so glad you answered my questions with such enthusiasm! 😀 I REALLY enjoyed reading your responses, hahaha! Snorkeling is absolutely fantastic! Most recently, I did it in Hawaii two years ago, but I heard Costa Rica and certain parts of Asia are beautiful too! And the combination of milk, tea, and honey makes sense to me! I personally prefer tea by itself though, because I’m plain like that! OMG, and your restaurant hopping day sounds fabulous! A chocolate almond croissant sounds reeeeeeally nice right now (instead I’m studying for organic chemistry. RIP)…

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  2. omg the “Hong Kong style baked seafood rice with béchamel sauce and broiled with cheese” is also one of my favourites. Top it off with a cup of HK style milk tea and you’ll be eating exactly like many HongKongers!

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  3. I love getting to know fellow bloggers a little better. Your day of restaurant hopping sounds incredible. I want to come. Also toast + any variety of toppings is always a win. People say prunes are for old people, but who says old people get to have them all to themselves? Prunes are pretty great.

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    1. You’re more than welcome to! We’d have so much fun chatting about food, life, school, and other things.
      Yes! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone my age who adores prunes. They’re sweet, flavourful, and chewy – like an upgraded date. I love them stirred into my oatmeal. What are your favourite ways to enjoy prunes?


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