Salt Spring Island Getaway

Sunday, August 27th to Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Plenty of delicious food was consumed, from the crispiest cheesy yam quesadillas to goat milk gelato to decadent breakfast Bennies and incredible chocolate tortes. And, of course, tea every morning.

Beautiful beaches included Southey Point Beach, St. Mary’s Lake, and others. The entire island is a 40-minute drive from one end to the other.

Paddleboarding at St. Mary’s Lake, which was a 5-minute walk from our chalet. This was my first time on a paddleboard, and I thought it was harder to balance than I’d expected! Nonetheless, my sister and I had so much fun wading, waiting, and sitting in the sun.

This was Mount Maxwell. It’s a 25-minute drive (or 2-hour hike, but we drove) to the top, on the bumpiest road imaginable, but the view was spectacular. We could see all the Gulf Islands!

These are some of our favourite photographs, and we are lucky to have had such a clear and sunny day.

Evening strolls, afternoons by the park, beachcombing, and so much more.

I love the islands. ❤

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