New Things

A new thing from last week: moving for my first time. I’m scarred.

#sleptonthefloorforfivenights #nevermovingagain

Another new thing: before I left Waterloo, I visited Perimeter Institute with my friends. One of them works at Perimeter, which is an institute for theoretical physics. It’s a beautiful, massive, modern, bright building with a lovely bistro and great desserts. You can bet that I had two desserts + two mugs of tea with milk and honey.

New thing #3: I met up with Vivian, an incredible Schulich Leader and WE Day speaker from UBC. We enjoyed dinner at The Chickpea, a new vegan restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver. I ordered the fried eggplant dish, which was topped with yams, chickpeas, and garlicky tahini. There was a great hummus on the side, along with salad and chickpea fries.

Not including the lovely conversation, dessert was the highlight of my night. This was a vegan carrot cake, super tender and just sweet enough, served with the richest, creamiest vanilla ice cream (vegan, made with coconut milk). L-O-V-E. Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this coconut vanilla ice cream.

Mom made a great dinner a couple days ago – braised chicken with taro. On the side, I made a rolled black sesame and red bean crepe sweetened with brown sugar.


Indian food! I need some. Where is my palak paneer at?

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.30.22 AM

A couple days ago, I made pesto pizza on naan flatbread, topped with stir-fried mushrooms.

So yummy! Seline’s had garlic tomato sauce instead of pesto, and some Tex Mex cheese on top. We loved, loved, loved this dinner. 5 stars from me, 4 from Seline 😉

This morning, I savoured some buns that Grandma bought for me. I’m super lucky to have a lovely 奶奶 (granny) who buys me all kinds of buns. Here, we have:

  • cocktail buns filled with sweetened shredded coconut
  • red bean bun
  • taro bun (my #1 favourite because it was soft and perfectly sweetened, with a “bolo” topping)

On another note, another new thing: I went skating yesterday. I grew up doing competitive figure skating, so it completely filled my heart to be back on the ice after three years.

Grandma ❤ Her nails are always on point, as her her hand-knitted sweaters.

Grandma and I had lunch at Pho99, a Vietnamese restaurant where we both enjoyed lemongrass chicken with rice, bone broth soup, and fresh cabbage.

The best new thing! À la Evangeline (check out her new post, by the way – I have hearts in my eyes), I enjoyed a waffle breakfast yesterday. I made the batter with one egg, 1/2 a banana, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp baking soda, and plenty of vanilla and cinnamon. After a few minutes in the waffle maker, my waffle tasted great with nut butter and blueberries. ❤ Have I been converted? Maybe 70% 😉

An oldie, but a goodie – I made some chocolate banana bread. It’s my favourite recipe, which uses applesauce, a small amount of sugar, and no eggs. It tasted wonderful with yogurt, more summery blueberries, and crispy coconut cookies. I had seconds thirds.


Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!

10 thoughts on “New Things

  1. OMG, I am totally going to be saving up money to travel to Canada next summer! I’m deciding between Toronto and Vancouver, but both would be AMAZING! You have to recommend to me some fabulous places in both cities! The Chickpea looks incredible. I will have to visit that place for SURE!
    Also, your grandmother is so cute! She seems like such a sweet woman! OMG, and I need Indian food too! I had it a week ago, and I want it AGAIN! 😀

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  2. Mmm those waffles look mighty tasty. So sorry about the moving ordeal. I feel like we don’t realize how many things we have until we try to fit them all into boxes and bags. Plus, it’s just disorienting and frustrating to pack up your life and then unpack in a new place. Do you have a recipe for the banana bread? Banana bread is one of my favorite quick breads on the planet, and it has been toooo long since I’ve made some.

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    1. I had the greatest “red velvet” (beet) waffles this morning made with plenty of cocoa powder. I loved them!

      I love these applesauce chocolate squares made with banana (so rich, I always have this for dessert, and breakfast – chocolatey and decadent, though it uses applesauce):

      My #1 favourite banana muffin recipe never fails, in my book. I love for modifiable it is:

      If you have extra Greek yogurt, this recipe is wonderful:


  3. I moved when I was younger so don’t really remember much so I guess I’m lucky :). Also, for Indian restaurants, there’s a great place in Surrey called My Shanti. It’s fabulous and the saffron mango lassi is super tasty!

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  4. I have to confess that I’ve never ‘moved’ myself. As in packing up my stuff. I’ve been in the same place for over 30 yrs and before that, I would leave one house in the morning and come ‘home’ to the new place at the end of the day. My stuff was packed for me … though finding it and arranging it in my room/spaceat was a pain. I don’t envy you having to do it on your own.

    So much good food. Your gram looks like she loves life and has passed on that attitude to you. Love the nails as well.

    Four words … ‘no churn ice cream’.

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      1. We moved from Yugoslavia to Canada (Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo) and 4 times within the city or vicinity in which I’m currently living. However, I was too young or not involved in the various moves. I certainly never had to move on my own. In fact, my parents moved out of my current domicile leaving me behind. I’ve been very lucky in that way.

        I can hardly wait to be surprised by the flavour of no churn you decide on. 🙂

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