2B or not 2B

My phone lock screen was my school schedule, but it’s been ten weeks so I don’t think I should be using the schedule anymore. My memory isn’t that bad… I hope. This semester, my 2B semester, is pretty insane.

New wallpaper = Mom’s buttered toast.


A new ice cream truck opened in Uptown Waterloo (ice cream in uptown FINALLY!), so I had to stop by to try some! I had a scoop of Grammy’s Cupboard (vanilla with cookie dough, peanut butter cups, and brownie chunks – OMFG I know), and one scoop of chocolate caramel swirl with cashews. This tasted amazing, was a bit on the sweeter side, but I don’t think I would buy it again, considering the 2 half-scoops (= 1 full) was $5.00.


Here’s what it looks like! The person who served me was very gracious and kind.


Before the hearty ice cream, I had a glorious meal at Princess Cafe. The sandwich was my all-time favourite: grilled cheese with harvarti, goat cheese, walnuts, rosemary butter, and honey. The soup of the day was vegan tomato ale, which I was extremely skeptical about, but it tasted incredible. I am officially a fan of tomato soup! I enjoyed every drop of the soup and savoured every bite of the rich, crispy, cheesy, crusty sandwich.


For breakfast (don’t ask me why I am moving in reverse chronological order) – I enjoyed a bowl of plain oatmeal topped with a banana and tons of peanut butter. Yes, there is more underneath the massive scoop. Hemp hearts and cinnamon also made an appearance.


Then, the oats became granola, the bowl became a jar, and my nice messy desk at home became the bus stop bench on a sunny day. That sounded kind of poetic… or maybe I just have very low standards for poetry. This was so yummy – PB on anything!


Jars, because they save my lazy butt from washing dishes 😉


So colourful! The natural lighting at the window makes for some lovely photos of my lunch and snacks. I wish I could say that I made those falafel, but I didn’t – everything else is homemade!


This frittata was also homemade, and I can’t wait to make another one. Eggs, spinach, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and garlic goat cheese came together to make a tasty breakfast that I enjoyed with a nectarine and some yogurt with granola.


I’m cleaning out my room and found these pictures that I drew two years ago! Drawing is so much fun. I used to love drawing so much, but now have no time to draw waste all my time doing other things.


Have an incredible week, friends!

21 thoughts on “2B or not 2B

  1. Wow, I never knew that you were such a talented sketcher! I ALWAYS knew that you were a stunning artist when it comes to photography, food, and writing, of course! I’ve forgotten the semester system since being in high school! That tomato soup and bowl of oatmeal look divine as well! I also want to try a really nice frittata recipe!

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  2. You’re a young woman of many talents … bright, athletic, you can cook and you draw amazingly well. Just got up so no appetite (NEED coffee!!!!) but that choc/vanilla ice cream cup looks really good. The chocolate part reminds me a batch of Rocky Road ice cream I made ages ago from a recipe I found on line. Crazy rich.


    There’s a link on the bottom of the page to the individual ice cream cake I made with it, though my picture didn’t do it justice. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Your comments never fail to make my day ❤ Coffee coffee coffee! I hope you got your coffee!
      Oh my goodness. I've never made homemade ice cream before. Despite the old photo on your blog, it still sounds absolutely incredible.

      "I used dry roasted salted peanuts, mini marshmallows, Nestle's mini chocolate mini chips and the highest cocoa percentage (77%) dark chocolate in my pantry cause chocolate ice cream is only as good as the chocolate you use."

      Peanuts! Chocolate! Creaminess! What is not to love? I saved that page for when I go home in mid-August (back to BC) when I'll have lots of time to make things ❤

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      1. Reading your blog posts is always a treat even if sometimes I just have time to look at the pretty pics and press LIKE. 🙂

        Try one of the no churn ice cream recipes. No ice cream maker required … just whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, 1 tbsp of your favourite flavouring/extract and 1 tbsp of liqueur of choice. After that, you can get creative. There are a couple on my blog.

        The older ice cream recipes are on my LJ. The egg nog ice cream was fun.


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      2. Yes, I used an ice cream maker with the frozen canister for the egg nog ice cream as well as those early ones, but not for the no churn versions I made later. You don’t need an ice cream maker for ‘ices’ like lemon or coffee granitas that the Italians make. It’s a sugar syrup which is put in the freezer in a ‘usually’ metal shallow tray and then scraped with the tines of a fork while it’s freezer to make ‘granules’ put back taken out and scraped again for that grainy texture.

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  3. So, so many good eats. I’ve always been pretty skeptical of tomato soup too. I usually feel like I’m eating a bowl of pasta sauce, but maybe I’ve never experienced quality soup. And good golly girl, you’re an artist! Your sketches are beautiful.

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      1. I agree. If you have a panini press, you can add a very thin slice of deli ham to the grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve even had the soup with Mexican quesadilla (flour tortilla with guacamole and Monterey Jack cheese inside)

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    1. I totally agree about the pasta sauce feeling! Now I’m so curious different kinds of tomato soup – I’d love to try a tomato bisque one day!
      And thank you! I watched too many cartoons as a kid, and my parents would rather have my sister and I stay at home than go out (hence lots of childhood years drawing at home!) 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for final exams to be over, for the semester to be done, and to go back home to BC where I’ll have plenty of time to draw and think about nonacademic things 🙂

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