32 Refreshing Summer Salad Ideas

Summer Salad Ideas (Inspired by the salad bars at Loblaws and Longo’s Market)

Remember to add salt + pepper to everything!

  1. shell pasta with turmeric-curry mayo dressing, celery, green onions, yellow raisins
  2. seven grain salad with wheat berries, lentils, rice, couscous, mung beans (green), adzuki beans (red), pearl barley, navy beans, green onions, red pepper, soy sauce, turmeric, vinegar, honey
  3. apricots and couscous
  4. boiled and chopped white potatoes with cheddar cheese and green onions, mayo dressing
  5. tuscany bean salad with barley, chickpeas, navy beans, green and red peppers, green onions, pesto, sundried tomatoes, vinegar
  6. wheat berries, sunflower seeds, red peppers, raisins, lemon juice, parsley, honey, ginger
  7. bean salad with black beans, kidney beans, corn, lemon/lime juice, cumin, chilli powder
  8. fancy bean salad with chickpeas, black eyed peas, black beans, red kidney beans, canola oil, sugar, navy beans, red peppers, vinegar, celery, parsley, garlic, lemon
  9. curried quinoa salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, tiny purple raisins or cranberries, slivered or sliced almonds, maple/honey-tahini dressing mixed in
  10. Thai noodle salad with black sesame seeds, snap peas, cabbage, green onions, cubed chicken, cucumbers
  11. artichoke salad with chickpeas, chopped peppers, sliced kale, edamame
  12. California quinoa salad with mango chunks, raisins, black beans
  13. kale salad with lemon honey poppyseed dressing: cabbage, Brussels sprouts, radicchio, beets, sunflower seeds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds
  14. kale Caesar salad
  15. curried tofu salad with tofu, canola oil, red and green peppers, raisins, carrots, green onions, almonds, mayonnaise, curry sauce, cumin, sugar, shredded coconut, garlic powder, lemon juice
  16. quinoa salad with feta, corn, spinach
  17. chickpeas, beets, carrots, edamame, Israeli couscous
  18. tiny penne, cucumbers, tomatoes
  19. tabouli salad with couscous, cucumber, tomatoes
  20. beets and feta cheese chunks
  21. seafood salad with tiny shrimp, green onions, red bell pepper, shredded crab meat
  22. black grain firecracker salad with black rice, black barley, black quinoa, carrot, yellow pepper and red pepper with dressing of canola oil, honey, lime juice, sugar, soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar, Italian parsley
  23. edamame and tomatoes, corn, shredded carrots
  24. quinoa with kale, almonds, feta
  25. macaroni 3-cheese salad with pasta, mayonnaise, sour cream, carrots, peppers, cheddar, green onion, mozzarella, lemon, garlic, sugar, parmesan, parsley, white vinegar
  26. chickpeas, shredded carrots, flax, red peppers
  27. cilantro tabouleh salad with bulgur, tomatoes, cucumber, quinoa, canola oil, lemon, coriander, mint, vinegar, parsley
  28. Silican pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, pesto, cheese
  29. summer rotini salad with pasta, tomato, spinach, green and red peppers, black olives, onion, white vinegar, garlic, parsley
  30. creamy salmon
  31. honey chicken with red and yellow peppers, poppyseeds
  32. quiche with leeks and brie (not a salad, but… yum)



11 thoughts on “32 Refreshing Summer Salad Ideas

  1. Oh my gosh cindy all these ideas sound so good! Mia and I love salads so much and honestly have been trying to come up with so many combinations. You have so much variety love your creativity!

    Liked by 1 person

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