9 Days of Mindful Fitness

DAY 1 – Wednesday, April 19

What I did: gentle stretching at home

How I felt: lazy, wanting to move


DAY 2 – Thursday, April 20

What I did: 1 reduced heat level 1-2 yoga class, 1 flow and glow yoga class, 1 reduced heat level 1-2 class

How I felt: I felt energetic during the first class, but after shavasana in the second class, I felt tired. I listened to my body in the third class and had to “simplify” a lot of the poses by lowering my knees. The yoga classes went from 6:45 to 10:15, with 15 minute breaks in between. I felt like my insides were warm after the three heated classes, and wanted to lie down and sleep after the three classes. My mind was relaxed.


DAY 3 – Friday, April 21

What I did: 2 hours of stretching and easy silks tricks

How I felt: I did my stretching and silks right after eating a lot of indian food and an ice cream sandwich, so I felt too full to do big tricks and intense conditioning. I went home feeling good, but still bloated. I felt out of breath after doing silks. I stayed up in the air for two 5-minute intervals as an endurance challenge.


DAY 4 – Saturday, April 22

What I did: gentle hatha yoga class, flow and let go yoga class, restorative yoga class

How I felt: I wanted to move, move, move. Even now, I ‘want’ to move, but I just cannot force myself to do it. I loved the flow and let go class today. In restorative yoga, I really wanted more hands-on adjustments. The gentle hatha class was relaxing.


DAY 5 – Sunday, April 23

What I did: aerial silks practice for 2.5 hours

How I felt: I felt energetic for the first part, after my warm-up. After I ran through the tricks that I wanted to work on, I felt tired and needed to sit down to relax for a little bit. I relaxed by doing some stretches, but felt extremely lethargic in my straddle stretch. After that, I had very little energy left. I also walked home after silks practice, which took just over 1.25 hours. Walking home made me feel great. I was not hungry afterwards, but really wanted to eat.


DAY 6 – Monday, April 24

What I did: aerial silks practice for 2.5 hours

How I felt: I felt energetic during the first part, but lost my energy once I didn’t feel the vigour to climb. Once I started stretching, I felt too relaxed. After a lot of stretching I was able to get back on the silks and feel  more energetic. Near the end of the practice, I wanted to keep moving. I realized that I am not changing because I’m not challenging myself enough. I know that the thing that is holding me back the most at this point is strength; I need to work on the pull-ups, chin-ups, and dead hangs. At the same time, I don’t want to lose any grace or flexibility.


DAY 7 – Tuesday, April 25

What I did: Nothing

How I felt: Lazy 😦


DAY 8 – Wednesday, April 26

What I did: simple yoga stretches by myself in the morning, 1-hour Core Yoga class

How I felt: I feel great today, even though I did the same amount of sitting/computer as yesterday. I felt awesome after doing the stretches in the morning, and I liked doing some balancing in the morning before breakfast. The Core Yoga class felt great, but there were some postures and sequences that I didn’t like. The class went by fairly quickly, and I felt like my shoulders and core had a reasonable workout (though fairly easy). I would not go back to a Core Yoga class taught by the same instructor.


DAY 9 – Thursday, April 27

What I did: aerial silks for 1.5 hours

How I felt: today I had a private lesson in silks for 30 minutes. I felt energized in the class and very excited to be in the air. We worked on creative exercises. During the private lesson, I was in the air only two times, each time for around 6 minutes. I was very proud of myself for being in the air for 8.5 minutes at the end of a session, during a slow routine. Now I feel more confident in the air.

2 thoughts on “9 Days of Mindful Fitness

  1. I’ve always tried to be good about getting enough exercise, but I’ve only recently discovered how important the stretching part of that is–it really does make a difference in how good you feel!

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  2. Stretching makes almost everything better! I feel so much more collected when I do so 🙂 I want to continue practicing yoga more often, almost as much as I perform my current exercise, which can be really intense!

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