Goodbye, Toronto

I may physically be in Waterloo, but my heart is still in Toronto!

I moved to Toronto on January 1, and worked in downtown Toronto for four months. It was a wonderful (and delicious) experience, at times exciting and invigorating, and other times boring and exhausting.

In other words, I loved it.

I loved browsing through leotards and practicewear at Malabar on Queen and McCaul.

I loved listening to dramatic Disney songs and reading analyses.

I loved working at the Toronto Health Centre, where I helped to create all kinds of posters, catalogues, and flyers.

Creating these were the highlight of my work term!

I loved making lists and preparing to move out. I also loved looking at summer vacation packages to the Sunshine Coast. I can’t wait until we go! Mom has been working hard to create the trip itinerary.

Goodbye, 123 Edward Street!

Goodbye, Aura Condos!

Also, goodbye to these horribly dirty, worn-out shoes that somehow managed to survive a trip to Paris, a trip to Kathmandu, and two trips to the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you, Toronto, for the beautiful memories.

And hello Waterloo, as I continue with my spring/summer semester!

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