Stretch That Dollar: 20 Money-Saving Techniques for Students

“One of the biggest mistakes young people make is spending money without any pre-planning. You map out your classes for the year, you map out your spring break road trip, you map out your outfit for that party on Friday night. Figure out how much money you have, what’s necessary, what’s a luxury, and then budget how much you need to stay afloat over the year.”

– Canadian Living

As a frugal foodie who also happens to be freaking lazy, these are tips that I’m looking forward to using in the spring semester.

  1. Buy or rent used textbooks
  2. Use library books
  3. Find PDFs of required textbooks
  4. Sell last semester’s textbooks
  5. Eat out once a week only (yikes)
  6. Use coupons for food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and more!
  7. Walk or use public transit: this one is a breeze for me because a) I’m a terrible driver, and b) I don’t have a car!
  8. Shop at places where there are student discounts: Waterloo is such a student-oriented city that every single shop will offer student discounts. It’s the best!
  9. Price-compare for groceries: this is something I truly need to work on.
  10. Take shorter showers
  11. Get loyalty points like PC Plus Points: I found myself wondering the other day WHY I don’t have PC Plus Points yet. I grocery-shop at nearly all the PC shops. It’s like I’m giving money away!
  12. Use the school gym
  13. Meal prep!
  14. Sell old clothes, stationery, appliances, etc., that are no longer used
  15. Don’t buy unnecessary school supplies (oh no)
  16. Drink water instead of coffee, juice, etc.
  17. Use Spotify for free music
  18. Avoid buying brand-name items
  19. Set budget goals: Mom! Help!
  20. Do studies/surveys/questionnaires that give you money.


14 thoughts on “Stretch That Dollar: 20 Money-Saving Techniques for Students

  1. You have no idea how much I need this post right now! Currently running low on my personal budget….more reason for me to use up my college’s meal plan savings instead of eating out and purchasing groceries from outside stores! Making DIYs and replicating my favorite recipes at home have helped immensely!

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  2. Organise to cook with a friend or two, so that you get to eat fun things that you don’t normally cook, without spending a fortune… For me, it’s important to find ways to still have a high quality of life, despite having little money. Eating well, living well, wearing nice things etc. but all for less. Not allowing your small budget to box you in. 😀

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    1. I LOVE THIS! I wish, though, that my friends were more into cooking. Some of them live at home, with their parents, who cook, and others are more “cucumbers and dip with a store-bought pizza” for dinner type. Regardless, budget eating is key for saving the $$!

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    1. GREAT idea! That kind of inspired a new blog post… 😉 I love walks in the park, picnics (not really free, but you know), storytelling, and taking photos. What are some of your favourite free fun things to do?

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      1. I love it when Spring/Summer role round because I really love walks and picnics. I just had a picnic for my birthday this weekend. 🙂 And it can be free, if you just eat what you were going to eat in the house! I asked everyone to bring their own lunch and then something they could share. So it only cost me the price of a bag of posh crisps. … Frisbee on the park next to my house. Reading in the sunshine. There are lots of historic/cultural things you can visit for free in the UK, so if I have a friend with a car (or I splash out on a train ticket), then I can go do those! Invite people over for a cup of tea (or invite yourself over!)… catch ups don’t always have to be in coffee shops. 😀 Someone else’s house can be just as exciting/nice as a coffee shop. I love public libraries – like a book shop, but no guilt when you take books home.

        It’s probably a bit limiting to only do free things, so very cheap things are also good. 😀

        Tell me about your storytelling. That sounds intriguing/fun.

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      2. Happy belated birthday, Charissa! It’s funny you mention reading in the sunshine – I find that is something I have a really hard time doing! I would much rather read indoors, curled up and blanketed on a couch with hot chocolate at my fingertips. And YES to public libraries. I love spending time at bookstores too, just looking at all the beautiful covers, reading the ones that look interesting, and enjoying the scent of new books!
        Storytelling! As in, ghost stories with a group of friends. Or playing “Never Have I Ever”, where people inadvertently feel like they need to justify their choices, and end up telling hilarious/embarrassing tales!

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  3. Buy clothes second hand – eBay or charity shops. Organise clothes swaps… get a whole load of girls together and bring clothes you don’t want any more, go home with ‘new’ ones.

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