Finals Over? Do This!

This post is specifically targeted to first-year students in Kinesiology who have just finished final exams. Welcome to your first (and last!) four-month academic hiatus: you won’t be going back to school until mid-September!

Let’s make the best of that time.

  1. Pursue a hobby that you’ve always wanted to start. Get truly passionate about it and start improving. Maybe you’ve always wanted to oil paint – now is the time to take lessons. Perhaps you want to learn how to bake a killer macaron or design your own website (PS: I can give you WordPress tips). Start now, start now, start now! You can possibly even start a club at UW. Take something you are interested in, and move it to the next level.
  2. Polish up that resume! Add a pop of colour. Add modern graphic designs. Update it with your experiences. Make it so well-designed that employers HAVE to take a second look. Your resume should be 2 pages maximum, highlighting only relevant information.
  3. Make a LinkedIn account. Most employers will search up your name, and potentially make their final decision based on your online presence. Use your LinkedIn as an “extended resume”. Show off the courses you’ve taken, the awesome experiences you have, and the things you’re passionate about. You can see mine at
  4. Consider doing some kin-related volunteering. I volunteered at Waterloo Sports Medicine, which gave me great experience for the clinical job that I am doing now. You can volunteer in 2-hour shifts once or twice a week. I also volunteered at KidsAbility, where I helped a teacher lead a class of 8-10 kindergarteners with special needs. One of my favourite summer volunteer jobs was supervising elderly residents at the Parkwood Senior Home. Eventually, they allowed me to lead my own Stretch and Strengthen fitness classes for groups of seniors (age 70+).
  5. Go on vacation with your family. In the rest of your Kinesiology degree, you will not have a 4-month break again. Enjoy it! Do things you love.
  6. Consider applying for the AHS Fun Run coordinating team. It was hard work to organize the Fun Run, but SO worth it – even being at school for 6:30 AM on event day was great. I got to meet so many dedicated upper-year friends.
  7. Chat up a professor (with a polite email!) and ask about research opportunities.
  8. If you are interested in teaching fitness classes like spinning, Zumba, Aquafit, yoga, or barre, consider getting a fitness certification. Search up ‘CanFitPro’ if you’re interested.