10 Things I Need in a Career

Being in Waterloo’s co-op program taught me a lot. I worked at the Toronto Health Centre, a physiotherapy clinic, for the last four months, and was truly instilled with a sense of what I like (and don’t like!) in my future jobs.

  1. Something medical or healthcare related. I like to make people feel their best.
  2. Being able to care for people who cannot care for themselves. By that, I mean that I do NOT want to serve food as a waitress (because that is something people are able to do). I want to teach things to people who don’t understand certain concepts, organize events that people wouldn’t be able to create, or treat regular citizens in a medical sense.
  3. Regular hours. I need to work from 9:00 to 5:00 every day, with a 30-60 minute break for lunch at around 1:00 (flexible). Weekends off; and 2-4 weeks of vacation each year. No overnight shifts!
  4. The ability to be very independent, so I don’t need to wait on other people.
  5. Encouraging, positive, success-oriented coworkers who inspire me to be the best version of myself.
  6. Being able to move around, so I am only sitting in front of a computer 40-60% of the time. I like to move it, move it!
  7. Long-lasting relationships. I want to be able to see people grow, progress, improve, develop – over the course of a year (or even a decade or two).
  8. Organized and sanitary environment: no poop for me, please.
  9. A variety of tasks to do every day, so I don’t feel bored. I need to see different people, do different things. No dull, monotonous tasks day after day.
  10. Being able to wear my own choice of comfortable (and professional, of course) clothing.

What do you think? Are my “rules” reasonable?

6 thoughts on “10 Things I Need in a Career

  1. #3 and #4 may need to be a little more flexible depending upon the organization and the person you report to. But, these issues are usually known when you apply so you will be aware of the guidelines. I’d also be comparing benefit packages between companies – tuition reimbursement is always a welcome benefit if you want to pursue additional education. Good luck. 🙂

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  2. I have found that learning what you need in a job is critical to well-being. Well done on being so reflectful! You may find your ‘rules’ evolve and change over time, as you take on various roles and your life changes, so keep up the reflecting! 🙂 And don’t panic when you find yourself in a job that doesn’t quite fit – be thankful for all the stuff that is right about it, get stuck in for a little while, do the job as well as you can, learn from it, and then move on. And if it really doesn’t fit, just hit the eject button and get right on out of there!

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