Toronto is¬†truly¬†a funny city. Not in a ‘ha-ha, what a joke’ kind of funny – but an unusual, strange, or peculiar way. What do I mean by that?¬†There was a rainy snowstorm three days ago. Today, we have sun with a high of 22 degrees. What?!

Regardless, this morning the sun was beaming into my apartment and gave me a moment to reflect on what I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for getting back into yoga!

I’m grateful for being able to live in Toronto in a beautiful, sun-bathed (and messy, because I didn’t bother to clean it before pictures) apartment.

I’m grateful for¬†delicious gelato, like this cup full of pistachio-rosewater and peanut-sesame.

I’m grateful for¬†my 17 year-old sister, Seline, who took a printout of my face to London when she travelled to Europe two weeks ago. Happy National Sibling day!

I’m grateful for¬†having a sister who is so incredibly artistic. From photography to sculpting to oil painting to creative writing to poetry, Seline is a master of it all.

I’m grateful for¬†the Kensington Market in Toronto. Their ice cream is the BOMB. Chocolate Oreo and vegan salted caramel (made with coconut milk) were a few of the choices from Sweet Olenka’s.

I’m grateful for¬†oatmeal.

I’m grateful for¬†living in a multicultural, super diverse part of the city. Yesterday, I enjoyed a cheese empanada, spicy tomato salsa, and a humita (mashed corn with onions and basil) from Jumbo Empanada, a Chilean cafe.

I’m grateful for¬†curry. Thai yellow curry, to be exact! The best healthy, filling make-ahead food that tastes better in the days to come. This stew was loaded with broccoli, butternut squash, mushrooms, and eggplant, and served over quinoa. I actually made this a few days ago, on the same day that Cassie debuted this incredible kabocha and mushroom Thai yellow curry. Foodie minds think alike?

There’s a lot more that¬†I’m grateful for, but I don’t have any photos to show for it at the moment.

What are YOU grateful for?