My First Week in Toronto

Good morning friends!

As some of you might know, I moved to Toronto (downtown, eek!) from Waterloo last week. It was a 2-hour drive in the snow, and now I’m all unpacked and settled. I’ve been working at the Toronto Health Centre as a clinical assistant for about a week now, and I’ve been loving the big city 🙂

A couple days ago I went to Whole Foods out of boredom and couldn’t resist the hot bar. Holy moly, y’all need to go to WF and get the mashed sweet potatoes from their hot bar. Irresistible. I was tempted to go back for more of that sweet potato mash! I also tried cauliflower rice for the first time. It’s yummy. What do you guys think?

An expensive (but oh-so-good) London Fog latte from Dineen, which is around 20 minutes from my house. Beautiful cafe with lovely breakfast baked goods and incredible drinks. This was one of the richest, tastiest tea lattes I’ve ever had. Too bad the SMALL cost me over $4. Whoa.

I also joined a new gym! This is Cirque-Ability in west Toronto. I can’t wait to start practicing here.


I stopped by Butter Avenue while walking from dance class at the City Dance Corps and accidentally (ok intentionally) bought this creamy white chocolate cheesecake mousse. The bottom layer was filled with crunchy oat bits and raspberries. I died with every bite. AH-mazing. Worth $9? Probably. Would I get this again? Probably.

Another day I had brunch at Le Petit Dejeuner! It’s a Belgian-Canadian brunch spot that’s a hit with the locals. I nommed on these Belgian waffles that came with a poached egg and smoked salmon, as well as some sour-spicy apple slaw. Not a bad breakfast! I loved the mix of savoury, sweet, and salty flavours. That’s maple syrup in the little tin. 🙂

And you know I can’t go anywhere without trying an almond croissant! This is Milano Espresso Bar, where I was lucky to snab an almond croissant straight out of the oven. This London Fog was the biggest I’ve ever had, and every sip was scrumptious. I’m addicted to tea lattes. And croissants.

The St. Lawrence Market is another famous Toronto spot! I browsed the aisles and spoke with some vendors, and had to try one of these famous Portuguese custard tarts. It was creamy, sweet, rich, and really good. I wish I had it heated up, but it was delicious nonetheless.

I actually cooked at home?! Apparently, yes. This was a simple bowl of oats enjoyed with a smashed up sweet potato muffin and tons of peanut butter. I loved it!

Toronto’s big mall is called the Eaton Centre, and it’s massive! Their Christmas decorations are gone now, but it’s still as busy.

Yesterday, went to T&T. Asian markets are a lot of fun to browse.

Lastly, a random salad from Maman, a bakery in Toronto’s financial district. This salad was just okay, but the financier that followed?! One of the best ever. Wish I had a pic!

And that’s it for today! Have a spectacular Tuesday ❤


45 thoughts on “My First Week in Toronto

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying Toronto. When you get time, I recommend visiting the Junction and Roncesvalles for Eastern European treats, quite close together in the west end. I am going to the Aga Khan museum I hope this weekend. I understand it is worth visiting but will let you know after I’ve been. I can’t even begin to name all my favourite eating places, but since I have a flat in one of the Portuguese areas, I tend to frequent those places the most – lots of custard tarts of course.

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    1. What exactly is the Junction? Is that just a district in TO? And what is the Aga Khan museum?! I am so bewildered by all of the unique and timeless places in this great city, honestly. 🙂


  2. OMG, when I come back for MLK weekend, I am RAIDING the hot bar at 365 (a smaller chain of grocery stores that was created by Whole Foods but it much cheaper!!)! SO GOOD. Now I really envy that you had a lovely brunch! I wish I had the time to do so as well 😦 I might try to make sweet potato muffins too!

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      1. Certainly my home town, Minneapolis, but anywhere we visit I research the best spots, most recently a college tour visit to San Francisco with my son. I would love more time in Northern Cali!!

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  3. So nice to see the city through your eyes. You are exploring it really well. I hope you will be happy there, it is a wonderful city. I have lived an hour and half up north from Toronto for 8 years and I still visit it a few times a year. Good luck and i follow you with interest ;o) xo Johanna

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      1. I lived in the country close to Creemore. Hmm top 3..thats a hard one. I love going to the AGO and they have wonderful tea and cookies there too. My favorite hang out cafes are Snakes and Lattes I love shopping at Kensington market It’s a nice hippy organic fun neighborhood. Fantastic food is every where in Toronto but I highly recommend Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Korean restaurant on Bloor street..this is the BEST food in the whole world (they do not have a website) Bata Shoe museum is small but a lot of fun!! And you already explored the St. Lawrence market but on Sunday morning they have a fabulous antique and collectible market, atm its located in a big tent in front of the buildings on the parking lot. And for walks I always love going to High Park and there is also a nice cafe where you can warm up with tea and goodies. Well not really a top 3 but I hope this will indeed help you. Toronto is crazy when it comes to traffic but a lovely big city, rather green and with lovely low crime rates! I really hope you will be happy there! is is part of your studies? xo Johanna

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  4. Boy, I hadn’t realized how quickly time passes. You’re done with school and are out in the working world already? Or did I miss something?

    RE: the latte and the mousse … you need to learn how to make them yourself cause Toronto is one EXPENSIVE place to live. Have a great career. 🙂

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    1. I should have clarified! It’s my first co-op job, and I’m still in my second year of university (not 100% out in the working world, haha!). I am working there for four months as part of my degree. I’ll be at the Toronto Health Centre as a full-time employee until the end of April. In May, I will be going back to school for four months! From there, I will continue to alternate between work and school in four-month increments until I graduate in 2020!
      I actually took your advice and bought some milk and honey so I could make my own lattes at home. Way, way cheaper and less sweet as well!

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