Friday Friend Features: Cindy Wei

Feeling so grateful and honoured to be featured as a December’s Friday Friend by the lovely Cassie at Her site is not only reflective and empowering, but also filled with incredible recipes (Indian food baby… hello), motivational words, and excellent photography. Thank you for the great feature, and wishing everyone a happy New Year’s Eve Eve 🙂

We are WELL at the end of December and by this time, I am WELL into getting ready for the winter quarter in a week. I mean, nobody EVER enjoys returning to the academic stress and crazy workload, right? However, we can all use some more time to lay back and simply enjoy the rest of the holiday vacation, grab a little (or a lot) of tea and coffee and chit-chat with some good friends!

Today I am BEYOND excited to introduce my good friend Cindy of the phenomenal blog Cookies and Chemistry. A student, creative chef and talented yogi, Cindy has been one of my biggest inspirations and closest friends since I’ve started blogging myself, whether through her stunningly presented food photos, her motivational words, her beautiful smile and her infinite positivity. So without further ado, I present my interview with her right here!

  • Okay, here is an icebreaker:…

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