30 Things University ACTUALLY Taught Me

What did I really learn after 1.5 years of university?
  1. The few times you actually go to professor office hours – they won’t be there.
  2. How to breathe super quietly after walking up the stairs to my unit, so people don’t see that I’m actually winded.
  3. It doesn’t matter if caffeine is a placebo. It works. I like mine in the form of tea or hot chocolate!
  4. How to balance two full laundry baskets on my hips while opening a door.
  5. There’s nothing like making someone smile, whether that’s with a meme or… a meme.
  6. Having a car is a blessing. I’ve never been so grateful for personal vehicles.
  7. How to jaywalk so I don’t miss my bus.
  8. There is NOTHING better than daylight savings. (the fall one, that is).
  9. How to spot the closest outlet so I can charge my laptop or phone.
  10. 8:30 AM classes become 10x more difficult than they were in high school.
  11. “Classes will be cancelled on ____” is the most liberating sentence you will ever hear.
  12. How to say “hey, girl!” when I forget a friend’s name.
  13. Lists are saviours. Make lists. Checklists, shopping lists, to-do lists.
  14. How to survive without a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner.
  15. How to carry coupons with me. All. The. Time.
  16. How to make tons of food one day, then store it in the freezer for future meals (especially during Finals season).
  17. Acronyms galore. AHS (applied health sciences). PAC (physical activities complex). OSAP (ontario student assistance program). AFM (accounting and financial management). SLC (student life centre). And way more.
  18. How to shop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to save 10% with student discounts.
  19. How to study without highlighting all over my textbooks so I can sell them for a better price next semester.
  20. How to always carry extra spoons and forks in my bag in case I drop or lose them.
  21. How to check my pockets before I get off the bus, every time, so I don’t leave my keys on the bus.
  22. My exact debit card number.
  23. How to email people and pretend to sound professional.
  24. Naps are the absolute best.
  25. Pay attention in class and ask questions. So cliche but I have solid evidence from my first semester of second year. The course I paid most attention to (math, surprisingly, because I thought I hated math and was terrible at it) – turned out to be my best course. On the other hand, I rarely focused in physiology and my grades paid the price 🙂
  26. Funny little things keep you going. Find humour. (I just typed hummus. Oh gosh.)
  27. How to go to any event that involves free food.
  28. How not to be disappointed when said “free food” is just pizza.
  29. Youtube is your best friend… and worst enemy.
  30. Having Starbucks and Tim Hortons on campus can be dangerous for the wallet!