Study Strategies I Wish I Knew Earlier

Top 25 Study Tips
  1. Eat well and exercise.
  2. Join a study group full of people who care about the subject.
  3. Meet with professors.
  4. Set a timer to space your study blocks into nice increments.
  5. Reward yourself.
  6. Study in an appropriate environment that works for you, and change it up!
  7. Know your distractions. Mine is the “ding” of my phone when I get a message. I put my phone on airplane mode when I’m trying to study.
  8. Make reasonable study schedules ahead of time.
  9. Get enough sleep.
  10. Ask questions – to yourself and others.
  11. Test yourself frequently. I like using online practice exams.
  12. Study when you are most alert.
  13. Take good notes in class.
  14. Do not memorize words and ideas – understand them.
  15. Rewrite notes in your own words.
  16. Do a little bit each day.
  17. Make charts, diagrams, flows, and mind webs.
  18. Write neatly!
  19. On rush days, cut out things that are unimportant and not urgent.
  20. Take advantage of notecards, planners, whiteboards. etc.
  21. Spend time on what you DON’T know, instead of what you know.
  22. If music works for you, listen to some.
  23. Relax.
  24. Envision yourself doing well on exams.
  25. Have fun learning and know that you are improving LOTS every day.

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