November Nibbles

Before every post, I always ask myself whether I want to start by posting the food or posting random life stuff. Since I normally go with food first (what a surprise), I think I’ll start with some posts and things that I stumbled upon in the Internet, this time!

I’ve been obsessed, recently, with list-making. Here’s a shopping list and a list of things to practice on the aerial silks, both of which I made a couple days ago.

I also love, love, love making tables. I use them all the time to compare things – like silks studios and co-op job positions!

Speaking of co-op jobs, I was matched with a job last week! From January 2017 to April 2017, I’ll be working full-time at the Toronto Health Centre, a physiotherapy clinic in downtown Toronto. In May, I’ll be going back to Waterloo for four months of school. 🙂


My school days have been full of labs, tables, drawings, graphs…

… webs, classes, and meetings.

And study groups that turn into random draw-ourselves-on-the-whiteboard moments.


I’ve been keeping track of my finances. It’s crazy how much a couple rides to Toronto and a few sessions of silks can really, really add up.


Seline made this beautiful decoration for her room. I keep telling her that she’d make a brilliant interior designer!


Pain du chocolat all the way.


My aerial silks teacher was featured in Maclean’s magazine! For some reason this made me  so, so, so happy. She is not only incredibly smart, strong, and talented, but also so humble, funny, and a friendly, encouraging teacher. I want to be like Sara when I’m older!


Yoga teacher training nowadays involves lots more teaching. I still get sore from too much time on my butt, though.

Onto the food! I bought some light rye bread from Vincenzo’s. Here, it’s topped with a mixture of maple syrup, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and PB2, to make a creamy spread with the texture of Kraft peanut butter. It tastes healthier (not as good as Maranatha), but good for the moments that you don’t have PB in the fridge. Tragic.

A Thai green curry chickpea mixture with snap peas and spinach was also enjoyed. I liked this with buttery, garlicky cayenne-spiced salmon.

Another day I headed to Seven Shores Cafe for lunch! Here, I had the chicken croissant with… okay, you can read. Yum, hey? Sadly, this gave me onion breath, but it was so worth it for the fresh (just-baked) buttery croissant and the incredible mango and sweet potato soup on the side.

I was stuffed after that meal, but you know me – I needed something sweet. This was chocolate hazelnut gelato with peanut butter cookie gelato. These are my favourite flavours!

Pumpkin pancakes were made! Check out all of that gooey, delicious peanut butter on top.

No idea why these photos are blue! The lighting recently has been funny. Waterloo’s weather is so unpredictable. Anyways, more of the pumpkin-maple-nut spread with granola on top. Crunchy!

Late night of studying ended with this plate of quinoa with frozen corn and spinach, with my frozen falafels and avocado hummus. Filling and really flavourful. Thank goodness for frozen falafel!

My friend Lily and I spent Saturday evening together. “Studying” started with a trip to Cafe 22 for tea lattes and key lime tart. She liked this key lime dessert and found it just-right in terms of sweetness/sourness. I loved my London Fog tea latte, as usual!

Half an hour later, we headed to Famoso Pizzeria. I had the funghi, which was topped with parmesan cream, all types of roasted mushrooms, onions, and cheese. I also had the Caprese salad with fresh basil pesto. The mozzarella cheese in the Caprese was incredible!

Lily decided on a spicy pizzetta with salami, cheese, and onions. Hers came with the tomato bisque and feta cheese, which she wasn’t a fan of. I loved it! Next time, I will order the tomato bisque as my side dish. Time to make another trip to Famoso!?

We were both stuffed from the meal, but let’s face it – can you really go to a restaurant and NOT order dessert? The answer is no. 😉 Our waitress recommended the Nutella calzone, which was chock-full of creamy, sweet chocolatey goodness and topped with chocolate sauce and vanilla bean gelato. This dessert filled me up to the max and satisfied my Nutella craving.

I cooked a huge batch of quinoa the other day and loved it as a breakfast with maple syrup and cocoa powder. This breakfast also involved frozen cherries, almond butter, and tons of granola.

Sweet potato pancakes made with just TWO ingredients! All you have to do is mash a small sweet potato (or 1/2 large one) and whisk it up with two eggs. I also added some cinnamon and salt, then cooked it in coconut oil. They are insanely tender.

Sandwich at Princess Cafe! This baby had brie cheese, apple, caramelized onion, smoked turkey, and spinach. The soup was a curried maple butternut squash! YUM.

Banana quesadillas with peanut butter are incredible. Have you tried that before?


Thai green curry loaded with vegetables! I tried to plate it like a restaurant would 😉

More of those to-die-for quesadillas!

And some more of that chocolatey quinoa breakfast. It’s such a great alternative to oatmeal!


Overnight oats with cashew butter on the bottom were devoured alongside some schoolwork.

And more curry was eaten. I adore Thai green curry so much! Especially with broccoli and sweet potatoes involved.

How has your week been? Did you eat anything delicious?









7 thoughts on “November Nibbles

  1. Food, fun, finances, school and a JOB. Looks like you’ve been busy.

    Always a treat reading (ok, skimming cause I’ve got less than 5 minutes to deal with my 3 inboxes) your posts. I need coffee after a late night of reading and a busy day of cooking ahead.

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