Get Ready… to Drool

Is this a cat… or a rat? My mom drew it for me with the updated iPhone, and I’m still puzzling over it. New optical illusion?


She also sent virtual hugs 🙂


In case you haven’t realized, in this post, I’m going to showcase some of the INCREDIBLE things my mom cooked recently! From hot pot to a cheesy vegetable casserole, to a delicious almond cake, this woman can make it all.

Spiced butter chicken, honey-garlic chicken drumsticks, seaweed salad, and vegetable stir-fries. How on Earth does she get all of these dishes on the table, hot and steamy, at the same time?

And how does she make such colourful, beautiful salads and such flavourful-looking braised taro?

That sticky rice looks unbelievable.

Kabocha squash and winter melon also made appearances on her dinner table recently. I’m also drooling over that veggie stir-fry!

Yes, there’s more… and it involves potatoes. Her roasted potatoes always turn out perfectly!

I think it’s safe to say that my mom is one of the best cooks on the planet. To drive that point home – this is what she calls a “simple meal”. Umm?!

She even made her own sweet egg tarts, and this creamy, garlicky chicken and vegetable stew. Yum, times one thousand!


This post might never end, actually.

So I guess I’ll just end it with a pic of my dog, Arnie, who is back in BC and loving his new accessory 🙂


Hope everyone’s weekend was lovely!

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