Top 100 Awesome Things in Everyday Life

#1 – the GIFs I used in this post and the featured image of my last post.

Okay, I’m joking. But life is pretty awesome. You know the saying “the best things in life are free”? I’m not sure if I agree with it 100%, but there are some dang amazing things in life that are simpler than you might expect.

Writing this list really made me think. How awesome would my life be if I could just be a couple thousand dollars richer? How much better would my life become if my grades were just a little higher? Or if I had a couple more clothes and shoes? While those things would make life pretty sweet, I think some of the greatest moments, feelings, and actions are some of the most underrated. Whether that’s making someone smile or watching people use “your” and “you’re” correctly, I fully believe that there are some fantastic things in life that I need to appreciate more often.

Here are a couple (okay, 100) examples of super neat things in life that should happen more often. 🙂

My Top 100 Awesome Things in Everyday Life
  1. Getting a seat in the bus.
  2. Gliding scissors through wrapping paper.
  3. The smell of new books.
  4. Tea that’s not to hot, not too cold.
  5. Watching the Olympics.
  6. When public washrooms have amazing toilet paper.
  7. Laughing because someone else is laughing.
  8. Finishing something that you started a long time ago.
  9. Ice cream from street vendors.
  10. Being the first table to be called to the dinner buffet at formal events.
  11. Finding money that you didn’t even know you lost.
  12. Eating things after their expiring date.
  13. Pretty doilies.
  14. Freshly-cleaned sheets.
  15. Showing old people how to use technology.
  16. Pinky swears.
  17. When someone comments on your blog. 😉
  18. Finally getting that piece of food out of your teeth.
  19. Making it through airplane security no-problem.
  20. Practicing your signature to make it more adult-like.
  21. Making wishes.
  22. The feeling you get after flossing.
  23. Melted cheese.
  24. Learning – and remembering – a cool fact.
  25. Having oily hair and then going into the rain, because no one will know how greasy your hair is.
  26. Living with people who don’t mind killing spiders.
  27. The smell of bakeries.
  28. Canoeing or kayaking.
  29. Walking through a pile of crispy, crackly fall leaves.
  30. Live music.
  31. Seeing pictures of your parents when they were teens.
  32. Old-school video games.
  33. White peacocks.
  34. Finding out that you and your new friend have a mutual friend.
  35. Walking under a bridge on a rainy day.
  36. Bubble wrap.
  37. Peeling fresh plastic off of something you just purchased.
  38. Scratch cards.
  39. Waking up randomly in the middle of the night.
  40. Gift shops.
  41. Getting eyelashes out of your eye.
  42. Finishing your last exam.
  43. Goodie bags.
  44. When someone calls you and your phone isn’t on silent – and you have time to chat.
  45. Meeting someone who has the asme name as you.
  46. Reading a book that you’ve read before, but forgot how it ended.
  47. Fixing a clogged photocopier.
  48. Kicking dandelions.
  49. When you wear rainboots and it actually rains.
  50. When your idea works.
  51. Watching people on the sidewalk from a cafe.
  52. The sound of blades hitting the ice.
  53. Telling funny stories about your experiences – or listening to stories from a friend!
  54. The first days of snow.
  55. Pull-through parking spots – or as my sister calls them, “easy in, easy out”.
  56. The perfect hair days.
  57. Coming up with harmless pranks.
  58. Optical illusions.
  59. Feeding ducks, geese, or – let’s face it, any animal.
  60. Uniquely-coloured foods like purple carrots and orange cauliflower.
  61. Mailing something via snail mail.
  62. When you become instant friends with someone because you both dislike the same person.
  63. Getting no cavities.
  64. Listening to people speak quickly in a foreign language.
  65. Water fountains.
  66. The first shower after haircut.
  67. Perfectly cracking an eggs in half.
  68. Family barbecues.
  69. When someone stops an elevator for you.
  70. Dropping someone breakable and it doesn’t break.
  71. Playing footsie.
  72. Getting desserts heated up and served with ice cream.
  73. Actually seeing a constellation in the stars.
  74. Cool dreams.
  75. When washrooms have super powerful hand dryers.
  76. Saying something at the same time as your friend or sibling.
  77. When chopsticks come apart perfectly.
  78. When the person scratching your back finds that itchy spot.
  79. Free samples.
  80. When you finally understand a concept in school.
  81. Admiring a clean room.
  82. When people tag you in a meme on Facebook.
  83. Taking out my ponytail.
  84. When cool air hits you for the first time when walking into an air-conditioned building on a hot day.
  85. New toothbrushes.
  86. Clean glasses.
  87. That moment when you look at a clock and it looks like the time isn’t moving.
  88. Guessing the actor who voices a character.
  89. Sandwiches cut in triangles.
  90. Relaxing outside on a hot day.
  91. When a really good song comes on just as you’re getting ready to get out of the car.
  92. Hors d’oeuvres.
  93. Waking up at the right time without an alarm.
  94. Figuring out how you got to a topic.
  95. Correctly guessing old passwords.
  96. Hold music that’s actually really good.
  97. Babies.
  98. Finishing an eraser (okay, that’s never happened to me but I’m sure it’s 100% awesome).
  99. Gabbing a tissue last-second before sneezing.
  100. Trampolines.

What do you think? Would you agree with my list?

What are some of the most amazing (simple!) things in life that you can think of?

Share it with me in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Top 100 Awesome Things in Everyday Life

    1. PERFECT TEA. Yes! My family has cavity problems 😦 I’ve had over 10 fillings (wish I was joking), which is so sad because I brush and floss religiously. And how did I forget puppies?


  1. Ahh I LOVE this!! Gave me some awesome ideas for my daily gratitude journal, I’ve been getting to repeats… A couple of my favorite little things are putting on something warm straight out of the dryer, letting your hair dry out the car window in the summer, sunny Sunday mornings, taking heels off after a long day, and more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know that you wrote a gratitude journal! I have to do one as an assignment for my yoga teacher training, and it is truly an eye-opening, rewarding thing. I can’t believe how much I take for granted.
      Taking off heels after a long day – that’s brilliant!

      Liked by 1 person

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