Brain Dump! ✌

  • There’s a dead spider next to our front door that was squished by a shoe and has been splayed on the wall for months. My roommates and I view that as a warning for all future spiders to STAY OUT of our unit.


  • I once left my brand-new white sparkly Lululemon hoodie on the bench at the ice rink during a practice, and forget it there when I got home. It was gone the next day, and I was so upset that I made “MISSING” posters for it. Have you ever lost something super important and precious?


  • I just made an Excel table to record my finances, and realizing that laundry takes up a substantial amount of moolah! How do you keep track of your budget?


  • I think I’m losing less hair. I used to lose tons of hair in the shower. Do you lose hair in the shower or when blow-drying/brushing?


  • I use the word “savage” a lot now to describe my sister. She says some things that are just so heartless (in a joking way) and it’s just “sav”. Any slang words you use all the time?


  • Kind of miss my doggie Arnie. I think he’s already eight now. I like his softie ears 🙂


  • Who are your favourite Disney characters? Mine are Mulan because of how humble she is, Pocahontas for her bravery and courage to stand up to her entire culture, and Esmeralda for doing everything she could to help those poorer than herself.


  • Do you get random ice cream cravings? I really, really want ice cream.  Haven’t had true, good ice cream for a while now. And by a while, I mean a month or so.


  • Speaking of ice cream, I would do anything to be back in Paris with my sister, Seline, right now! Summer 2015 really was one of the best of my 18 years.


  • Midterms stress me out subconsciously. I probably look calm and collected, but I get extra white hairs and pimples and feel sleepy, hungry, and bored all the time. Sneaky, sneaky stress. Do you get white hairs? (My grammar in that sentence seems totally wrong. Is it?)


  • I wish I knew how often I would need my laptop in each semester. This semester, I’m never taking my laptop to class because I need to do all my notes by hand. Last semester, however, I needed my laptop nearly every day! How frequently do you use a laptop or computer? Is it mostly for recreation or for school/work?


  • I wish there wasn’t a time difference between BC and ON. It would be so much easier for me to chat with my family. 😦


  • I want to try freezing chopped scallions in a plastic water bottle. Would be so convenient! Have you ever tried that kitchen hack?



  • I haven’t read a book recreationally for a while. Maybe once the semester is over and I start working at my first co-op job from January to April, I’ll aim to read a book a month or something like that. How would you guys feel about me writing book reviews here? (Let’s be honest, I’d be pretty terrible at book reviews).


That’s it for today! I have a midterm to study for, so bye now!