My Top 22 Favourite Food Blogs

Hey everyone! I had three classes, a midterm, and an interview today – plus a mile-long to-do list and a couple more midterms coming up…
… but I wanted to blog. And eat. And wash my hair, my dishes, and the floor.
In other words, I just want to procrastinate. 🙂
So I put this post together while devouring some of the chocolate peanut butter banana bread that I shared in my last post. Anyways, without further ado, check out some of the blogs that I love!
Blogs You Might Already Know and Love
  1. Oh She Glows: Ms. Angela Liddon is a vegan food queen in the blog world. Her recipes have never failed me, and my favourite is her vegan pumpkin pasta. Her photography is out-of-this-world, and I love the dedication she puts into each and every recipe. Her second cookbook came out recently, and it is an absolute beauty. Plus, I can’t wait to make her new vegan banana bread!
  2. Minimalist Baker: My roommate recently mentioned that he loved his chili. When I asked whose recipe it was, I wasn’t surprised to find out that it was by Minimalist Baker. I love her photography, creative recipes, and great alternatives.
  3. Cookie and Kate: Dear Kate, thank you, thank you, thank you for your honey almond cake. I make it at least twice a month – truly a keeper when it comes to healthy and delicious bakes. Also, her soups are the most colourful, aesthetically-pleasing bowls I’ve ever seen.
  4. How Sweet Eats: Funny story – I found her cookbook on a shelf at Value Village for $5, and it was brand-new and calling my name. I had to buy it, and have since been in love with her recipes. She introduced me to the whole new world of browned butter. She’s also a cheese-loving chocolate eater who enjoys beans and vegetables (cooked properly). 😉
  5. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: One of my mom’s favourite blogs. Well, it’s actually one of mine, but my mom adores all of her recipes because they are mostly in bulk and involve meat. I’ve often made these recipes for big groups of people, and they are always insanely popular. She is one of the few bloggers who show step-by-step photos, which were so helpful for me as a novice chef. Warning – you might start drooling after one look at her pizza potato skins or croissant French toast. YES!
  6. Iowa Girl Eats: The first blog I’ve ever read, and the blog that inspired me to read more blogs. Also, the blog that inspired me to create my own blog! I feel like some kind of spy because I’ve been reading Kristin’s blog before she was pregnant with her now-toddler, and long before she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Now, her recipes are healthier than ever, and gluten-free to boot. Oh, and her travel experiences are EPIC. I think I’ve read so many of her travel posts that I could write her travel biography… in a non-creepy way, I promise.
  7. Damn Delicious: Chungah created her blog around five years ago to organize her favourite recipes, but it has blossomed into so much more than that. Today, she is one of the most well-known bloggers in the blogosphere, and has countless recipes that I know and love. She has an entire recipe category dedicated to Asian food, and it’s so colourful and beautifully-photographed.
  8. Kath Eats Real Food: Kath is an oatmeal goddess whose whipped banana oatmeal I make at least four times a week. Kath inspired my love for nut butter, fuelled my desire to visit Charlottesville, and educated me about all things from nutrient-dense living to how to use different types of lettuce. She also introduced me to tons of new foods, like acorn squash, wheat berries, buckwheat, spaghetti squash, sunflower butter, and goat cheese. If I could meet one food blogger, it would probably be Kath.
  9. Deliciously Ella: I haven’t actually tried any of Ella’s recipes, but I am always inspired by the plates she creates. She’s always making bowls of sweet potato wedges, beans, cucumber, spinach, avocado, sesame seeds, chili flakes, and big blobs of hummus. They inspire me to add all kinds of simple foods into a plate to create something more than that! Oh yes, and her cookbook is adorable.
  10. Fit Foodie Finds: this blog is a godsend. No funky ingredients like arrowroot starch, xanthan gum, or unshelled hemp hearts. Lee is not only a master photographer with a knack for creating deliciously healthy recipes, but also a yoga sculpt instructor who shares cool videos and instructional posts for circuits and tabata workouts.
  11. Happy Healthy Life: This blog is mega-colourful, so informative, and has everything you could dream of in a blog. All of these recipes are vegan, and simply amazing. I recently saved tons of recipes from this blog and can’t wait to try them out, especially the harvest rice and sweet potato tofu hash. Talk about vegan comfort food!
  12. Smitten Kitchen: My go-to blog for when it comes to “fancier” recipes, like blue cheese scallion drop biscuits and butternut squash and caramelized onion galette. You can also search her blog my season or by recipe!

Blogs You Should Check Out ASAP!

  1. Delicious Nutrition: When I skated at the Coquitlam Skating Club, Brianna was always one of the girls I looked up to. With her amazing line, expression on the ice, and work ethic, I knew she would go far in her skating! She now studies nutrition at the local college and has started creating gluten-free and vegan recipes. She also makes cooking and baking videos that you should check out ASAP for some recipe ideas!
  2. My Little Tablespoon: Cora writes the blog that I wish I could squish into a handbook and carry with me all the time. She’s also brave in both life and cooking/baking. Cora has made everything from cottage cheese fluff to vegan mushroom gravy to cauliflower shortcake pancakes (whoa), and writes with such authenticity. Her posts are very thought-provoking. Should restaurants include calorie counts? What is the relationship between food and guilt? How can we let go of food shame? Guys, you need to check out Cora’s blog ASAP for a dose of “real-ness”. Totally random, but I just checked out her peanut flour baked pancake for one, and I think I’ll be making that tomorrow. Yum 🙂
  3. Mindful Eats and Treats: Steph is a nutrition student at McGill with such a “real” voice, one of the most beautiful blog logos that I’ve ever seen, as well as great How-To’s. She makes some incredible desserts and is also an experienced traveller. Check out her adventures in Italy and Switzerland! (PS: so jealous).
  4. Vivian Tang: TBH, Vivian is the person I wish I was. Her food is mostly a fusion of Western and Asian food, and she goes from creating whole wheat cranberry biscotti to stir-frying Sichuan pepper with bitter melon. Her dessert recipes are mostly low-sugar or low-carb without compromising any deliciousness. Oh yeah, and check out her Yoga Portfolio. Her bow pose, peacock pose (!) and insect pose are textbook-perfection. You need to visit her Instagram page, too. Can’t say I’m a fan of the multipleselfies-eating-while-wearing-just-a-bra or the gym-selfie overkill, but nonetheless, #rolemodel #iwantyourlife
  5. Elle’s Veggie Eats: Elle’s blog is pretty, passionate, and adorable! Her Japanese-inspired treats always make me drool. I also love how she made a Vegan-in-Vancouver map for those plant-based foodies in BC.
  6. Moments with Rae: Rachel is one of the loveliest people I know in real life. She recently started studying at the University of British Columbia, and we actually met a couple years ago on the blog world. I knew I had to meet her, and before I knew it – we became real-life foodie friends. The first time we met, our parents had to come along to make sure the other person wasn’t just an Internet creeper. 😉 Rachel has some of the world’s most beautiful oatmeal photos, and we have crazily different tastes. She loves matcha, I’m a red bean girl. She’s into Korean food – I can’t tolerate a hint of spice. Rachel likes airy and fluffy Japanese cheesecake, and I’m all about dense, creamy, thick New York cheesecake.
  7. The Domestikated Life: Kate’s blog, in one word, is REAL. She nails some of the problems that real people have today in real life. Hey, not everyone has time to make a four-hour quiche from scratch. She is also a dietetic intern with a love for living meaningfully. She’s done a couple of Q and As, all of which are so empowering. Finally, Kate’s recipes are gold. Oven-baked cheddar zucchini, summer squash and salmon pasta, Ritz truffles – oh my!
  8. Superfitbabe: Cassie has a fascinating past and is a true inspiration to me. Her enthusiasm, body positivity, and balance in her life. Plus, we love all the same foods. Kabocha and curry, I’m looking at you.
  9. The Oatmeal Artist: Lauren’s blog is 100% dedicated to oatmeal. Her photos and recipes have inspired many of my personal favourites. Every week, she does a ‘This Week in Oatmeal’ newsletter, which motivates me to change up the way I enjoy my oatmeal. I’m also so proud of how much her blog has improved over the years. I make her fudgy peanut butter chocolate banana oatmeal regularly – it’s my #1 favourite recipe of hers!
  10. A_Boleyn: I think this blog symbolizes the cookie-baking, bread-baking, newspaper-reading grandmother that I never had (mine was all about making noodles). Her blog is a food diary that shows amazing bread puddings, adventures with a massive turkey, and a tasty-looking fudge that I want to stuff in my mouth.

You tell me – what are your favourite blogs? List your TOP 3 favourite blogs in the comments below – and share why you love them!

I suppose that’s enough with the procrastinating. Time to get back to the books!

23 thoughts on “My Top 22 Favourite Food Blogs

  1. This is an awesome list you put together – I also love a lot of these blogs! I saw that you post a few vegan recipes and read some vegan blogs. You might also enjoy Whole Living Lauren ( who has been one of my favorites this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m pretty new to the whole blogging world so this post was a godsend!! Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to check them out and explore your awesome blog some more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So many goodies here! There are many that I have never checked out, so thank you for the recommendations. I really appreciate the mention. I am envious of your pictures and meal ideas. You give me lots of inspiration!
    My favorite food blogs are Gimme Some Oven, Kim’s Cravings, and Imma Eat That!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! You absolutely deserve it. Your blog is amazing! Gimme Some Oven always has beautiful and delicious-looking entrees! Now I’ll have to check out the other two. Thanks Kate!


  4. This is awesome to see all these blogs compiled like this! Those food blogs are my faves as well, damn delicious is one of my personal Favorite blogs, with oh she glows right up there too! Thank you for featuring me, that was really nice, I’m glad you appreciate my blog and I appreciate you sayinf that I am ‘real’, that’s exactly what I try portraying through my blog!
    Your description of the other bloggers is spot on and beautiful too, great post 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. The techniques involved aren’t too challenging. You can buy the caramel sauce if you don’t want to make it yourself but, with a bit of practice, and a good thermometer, making it is quite easy. It’s good practice for other recipes that use the same technique of caramelizing sugar.

        If you don’t want to butterfly your own turkey breast, you can get a good butcher to do it for you. But, really, with the videos on youtube and a sharp boning knife, it’s not hard and with a bit of practice you can do it yourself. If your turkey ends up in pieces, cut it up even further and make turkey tenders. Nothing gets wasted.

        PS: Check out the sweet and savoury egg roll post for the chocolate fudge sauce if you don’t want to make a caramel sauce and decorate your pumpkin cheesecake with that instead.

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      2. Honestly, your tips are the best! I think I’ll need to get a super-sharp knife and a nice thermometer (or, maybe… just some bottled caramel sauce). 😉 Chocolate pumpkin cheesecake sounds divine. I sure could use some right now (or any time, really).

        Liked by 1 person


    In all seriousness, thank you SO SO much for putting me on your list of favorite blogs!! I also love so many sites that you’ve linked here, especially Deliciously Ella, Minimalist Baker, Fit Foodie Finds, Oh She Glows, Cookie and Kate, Vivian Tang, Moments with Rae and The Oatmeal Artist! ❤

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