12 thoughts on “3 Vegan Snacks + 9 Yoga Teaching Tips + 18 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. This was so cute! Listening to Disney music, writing shopping lists, being wrapped in a blanket, dancing, reading recipes and melted peanut butter also make me happy 😉 I’ll definitely try the pumpkin steamer recipe too!
    I also LOVE Cookie and Kate’s recipes! Her crispy baked tofu and quick roasted Brussel sprouts are some of my favorites! At my college, we’re given a meal plan so we have to utilize our “dollars” at cafeterias and grocery stores! Unfortunately, I haven’t used up enough so I have WAY too much for the winter quarter. Better stock up on lots of groceries! XD
    You’re so lucky that your mother still makes tons of delicious recipes! My family and I usually end up getting lots of takeout because they’re so busy whenever I come over for the break, but once in a while, I still enjoy delicious home-cooked meals! Hopefully Christmas will come and I can request and cook a few recipes! The pumpkin oatmeal squares are definitely some of many that I have to try. They look amazing!
    And as for the logo, I give it TWO big thumbs up! It sums up your blog perfectly!

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  2. The logo is so cute!!!!! My creativity is next to none and I honestly have nooo idea how you could incorporate some yoga symbols in there (my graphic designer friend made my logo haha).
    As for that pumpkin spice beverage, you best believe I’m trying that out!

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    1. Did she?! I need to find a graphic designer friend now. You’re so lucky!
      Yes! I’m so glad it’s October because that gives me the excuse to eat pumpkin oats in the morning, pumpkin pasta for lunch, and pumpkin something-else for dinner. Oh, and pumpkin dessert too! Never enough pumpkin 🙂

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      1. Thank you. Funny story about that cheesecake.

        It was the first cheesecake I ever made that did NOT crack. And for some strange reason I tried to take it out of the pan while it was still warm. It’s an old fashioned pan where you have to PUSH the bottom out cause the outer ring doesn’t expand. And I ended up with a HUGE crack that I had to hide.

        I was going to pipe whipping cream all over the top but the rosettes didn’t hold up so I spread the cream all over the top, dug out a jar of the caramel and got creative. Turning disaster into a masterpiece. 🙂

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