Dad Days: Perogies and a Parking Fine

If you guys didn’t know (which I wouldn’t expect you to, because I haven’t posted about it yet) – my dad was here to visit! We flew from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, Ontario on September 7th. School started on the 8th. Dad was here for ten days, and left on Sunday the 17th. Do you remember when he came to visit last time – and we visited a super cool aquarium after having the prettiest croissants ever? Here are some of the things that happened and meals we enjoyed during those nice ten days!

I started one morning with two slices of delicious seedy avocado bread and a cheesy Oka omelet with zucchini and yellow squash.

Dad and I visited Timeless Cafe and Bakery, where I opted for a tasty tempeh plate. There were five slices of tempeh, green beans, and mashed squash with almonds and grapefruit puree. Definitely one of the most interesting restaurant entrees I’ve ever ordered! Dad had chicken and potatoes. For dessert, we split a strawberry shortbread creme brûlée and a chocolate plum tart with vanilla whipped cream and pistachios. The creme brûlée was the highlight of this meal for me!

I baked banana muffins using my all-time favourite recipe, and being the scatterbrained person I am, forgot to take photos of the finished product. So please feast your eyes on these satisfying photos of unbaked banana batter.

Another day I devoured a salmon filet baked with cayenne, paprika, garlic, butter, and lemon. The flavours work so well together, and I have

This was pasta with zucchini and mushrooms. I used rigatoni, and Dad liked this as well!

His version was topped with breaded chicken from Costco, which we heated up in the toaster oven.


Chocolate-banana oatmeal with a lovely strawberry topping and sunflower butter!

Dad REALLY enjoyed these doughnuts from Costco. There’s Boston Cream, Chocolate, and Creamy Caramel. All of them are stuffed and came in a box of 24 doughnuts! One day, he ate three for breakfast and six for lunch while I was at school. Classic.

Red House, in my opinion, is still one of the best restaurants in Waterloo. I love this place so much! Dad and I enjoyed goat cheese + pancetta perogies, summer squash and sausage pasta with chicken and caramelized onions, butternut squash and cilantro fritters, hummus and pita bread, and a heavenly dessert…

Creamy caramel ice cream with dark chocolate brownie cake. It was amazing!

We also received a parking violation one day! Fortunately, we didn’t get fined because it is our first offence. For some reason, I found this parking ticket absolutely hilarious because we always joke about how we’re never going to get ticketed.


The new Applied Health Sciences building at my school is a beauty! So glad that Kinesiology students get to use the new building for our exercise labs. The new anatomy (*cough* cadaver) lab is in here, too, which I haven’t seen yet – but I’m sure it’s a big upgrade from being in the basement of the Optometry building last year!


Having fun isn’t hard when you have 20 amino acid structures/properties to memorize…


Mom meals! I always find that she makes better food when I’m gone. Hmmm…

C’est ça for today! If you haven’t yet checked out my last post about a super cool event – you should 😉

9 thoughts on “Dad Days: Perogies and a Parking Fine

  1. Ah the tempeh plate sounds so tasty–have to replicate it at home! 🙂

    AND, I still have yet to get a parking ticket. I’ve gotten away with some violations because I’d only be at a location for an hour or less, but I’m still really stressed out about those situations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally depends on the prof, but mine is doing research based on biomolecules – so he’s picky about that (unfortunate for us, haha!). Perhaps your future professor will be a bit more lenient!
      We should definitely do a cooking day someday though…


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