Do You Get Seasick?

On our last full day in the Sunshine Coast, we had breakfast at Zoe’s Bakery and Cafe. I loved my egg bake and this quiche with chanterelles! The poppyseed berry coffee cake was also unbelievable.

I loved the view outside our hotel!


For lunch, we went grocery shopping and bought things to cook in our kitchenette at home. Seline made red peppers with ranch, corn with salt and butter, and scrambled eggs. Mom and I made fried salmon, roasted broccoli, avocado, and noodles. We had a feast!

This is our hotel – the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. It is so modern, and is was very clean.

Next, we made a reservation for a ride to go whale watching! The ride was three hours and included a fast ride on the zodiac and an hour of seasickness-inducing whale watching. We also saw bald eagles, seals, and sea lions. Unfortunately, all seven of us felt a little ill.

Post-ride photo of everyone! Check out these thick long-sleeved, long-panted (?) life vests.


Dinner at the Matterson House involved lots of steak, meat, and potatoes.

Seline loved her seafood chowder and tomato-cheese pasta.

Mom and I shared the spinach fettuccine with smoked salmon, parmesan, and pine nuts. I loved it!


I also loved my dessert – a creamy Skor pie, and apple crumble à la mode.

Vacation for me = adventures + food coma + extra sleep

3 thoughts on “Do You Get Seasick?

  1. So much fun with all of you on this trip! I breathed fresh air, saw beautiful scenery, eat yummy foods and the most happy things was with my whole family. Thank you for spending time to look up the nice restaurants and famous spots for tourists. You are such a sweet girl. We all love you.

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  2. I’ve never really traveled by ship before–my MOTHER gets SO seasick so we can’t go on cruises or anything like that! Anyways, all of this food looks splendid! The lemon poppyseed cake seems so delicious!

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