My Sister… Enlightened?

Morning started with a trip to Quality Foods for groceries. Dad and I bought eggs, oil, and some milk for coffee as well as Tim Hortons’s breakfast sandwiches for himself and Seline. Mom and I enjoyed scrambled eggs, yogurt, and banana.

Shortly after a discussion with the lovely Su family, we went to the Butterfly World in Coombs, where we were lucky to see Romeo, this 16 year-old turtle roaming the ticket counter area like a puppy or kitten. He was so energetic and moved so quickly that we thought he was a fake electronic toy!

The butterflies were so pretty, and the greenhouse (?) was very humid, like a tropical rainforest. The sweetest classical music was playing, and butterflies were absolutely everywhere. The air smelled like oranges because of all the plates of butterfly food that were artfully arranged in the greenhouse.


After that, we drove to Englishman River Falls, a provincial park.

The falls were absolutely magnificent. Photos just don’t do it justice! I wish you were all here on the bridge to hear the rushing water, the crashing of waves on the rocks below, and to see just how high up we were from the rocks below.

We ventured to the top of the waterfall afterwards, where we hopped from rock to rock, trying to avoid the ice-cold water. Dad captured lots of photos, while we grinned through the pain of sharp rocks digging into our feet. We shouldn’t have gone barefoot across all the pointy pebbles!

Seline and I took some neat shots with different angles. I love the top-right photo of Seline sitting in a lotus position with that beam of light. It looks like she’s becoming enlightened! Like Buddha or something.

TFW your so-called “inflexible” sister can sit in a perfect lotus without any stretching, and you can’t even sit in a proper cross-legged position. :O

At Piper’s Lagoon, we found the tiniest crabs before it began raining!


And then we were off to lunch at Mon Petit Choux, a recommendation from my Nanaimo friend Maddy. Vegetable quiche that I shared with Mom came with salad and a buttered baguette. I also ordered a warm mug of London Fog latte. Delicious!

The others enjoyed their food as well – Seline had a roast beef sandwich with eggs and potato, Winnie savoured some creamy chicken pot pie, Frank had a ham quiche, and the Su parents had sandwiches. My dad loved the Croque Madame so much that I asked the manager if we could buy half a loaf of her frozen brioche, which she normally doesn’t sell. (She said yes! Yay!)

Before we dug into our meals 🙂


In Coombs, there is a neat building with goats on the roof. Goats. On. The. Roof. It’s awesome. Oh, and there’s a specialty supermarket underneath!


Dinner came too quickly! We had a reservation at Cuckoo Trattoria, a famous Italian restaurant in Coombs. We had garlic shrimp, linguine pescatore, spinach and cheese gnocchi, conglichioni, and a four-cheese pizza.

Desserts included a creamy coconut pie and a peanut butter cup pie with whipped cream. I was so full after this meal that it was hard to stand up straight! Uh oh.

Photos I forgot to upload from yesterday include Mom’s cute selfie with the ‘I ESCAPED’ sign. And an awful photo of our first hotel.

It’s Monday morning now, and we have another exciting day coming up… bye for now!

5 thoughts on “My Sister… Enlightened?

    1. Girl… I missed you (even though you’ve been right here!). I need to visit your blog more regularly – it always inspires me a lot 🙂 Hope you’re having the BEST summer of your life before uni!

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