Before I Came Home

Before I came home, Mom sent me lots of pictures of little Arnie. He’s not really little anymore – this guy is now almost 7 years old! I can’t believe he’s been living with us since I was in Grade 7.


Before I came home, I went to a yoga workshop in downtown Kitchener. I was lucky enough to have a friend drive me, so I gobbled down this dinner of rice, spicy falafels, avocado, and spinach beforehand.


Before I came home, I had two more days of yoga teacher training before we broke off for the summer. On our last day, one of my fellow yoga teachers in-training brought a salted caramel cake. And veggies for those wanting to be healthy. 😉

The same day, I had this Egyptian menouli stuffed with feta cheese and spinach.


Mom made a big heart coffee cake with nuts 🙂

And I did some yoga at the park. It was beautiful during my last couple of days.


Played a LOT of 8192, AKA the new 2048. I love it.


And I had a lovely meal with a good yoga friend before coming home! This meal was from Red House. I loved every bite of this eggplant and tempeh moussaka. Dessert involved salted butter almond gelato and peanut butter cookie gelato. Mmmm. Definitely a good end to my first year!

Leaving for Nepal tonight at 2 AM and I have a ridiculous story to tell… see you soon!

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