Great Food, Better Company

Have a bunch of things to do before heading out for class, so I’ll share a quickie post while I finish up my yogurt dessert 🙂 I just couldn’t wait to show you guys what I did this weekend!

Friday night was the International Women’s Day Dinner.

I was at Table 16, with some people involved in the Applied Health Sciences.

The venue was quite lovely; it was Fed Hall on campus. They use this place for big events and it is so spacious! I took these hydrangeas home after the event, and they’re now sitting on the kitchen table in a jar of water that I’ve spilled a total of three times in two days.


Salads for everyone to start. The presentation was really cute! Not quite sure what those yellow cubes were, though. They didn’t taste like mango and the texture was unlike butternut squash. The dressing on my salad was amazing but only one bite had dressing on it. I know, pretty tragic.


I tried a seedy bun with garlic butter, too.

The main dish came, and I had a chicken thigh stuffed with goat cheese, root vegetables, and potatoes with mushroom gravy.

I sat next to the Dean of the Applied Health Sciences. He was really nice!

Professor Andrey have a great presentation about women’s rights, sustainability, and moving forward.

We enjoyed her lecture while having dessert: chocolate cake with a layer of refreshing mint. I accidentally ate the entire thing 😉

On Saturday, I met up with fellow Schulich Leaders for a great lunch together.

Lucas and Maddy took the bus with me to Famoso Pizzeria in Uptown Waterloo.


Lucas had the BBQ chicken pizza.

Maddy enjoyed a four-cheese pizza with Caesar salad.

This was Emily’s tomato bisque (with feta, which automatically makes everything delicious) and a Caprisioso pizzetta. I have no idea what I just spelled, but I think that was the name of this guy!


Nicole had the Margherita with a Caprese salad, which I learned is pronounced “Cuh-pree-zee” instead of “Cap-rezz”. :O


My pizzetta was topped with crispy proscuitto, brussel sprouts, dates, honey, and walnuts with blue cheese. It was creative and so good! The pistachio pesto, generous chunks of mozzarella, and fresh basil were my favourite parts. I wish there was a bit more balsamic on my Caprese salad, though!

Dessert was a tough debate – gelato or tiramisu? I ended up going for the fig cheesecake gelato, but next time it’ll definitely be the tiramisu or the salted caramel dark chocolate gelato.

I was stuffed after lunch, but we took a short walk to Davids Tea and enjoyed some tea! I tried a black tea that had subtle caramel and coconut flavours. It was absolutely delicious with some 2% milk – thanks, Emily, for the suggestion!

Nicole is our resident tea expert. This girl knows EVERYTHING about tea! We also concluded that tea is weird. It’s like a soup made of leaves and herbs, which you drink plain out of a mug 😉

Lucas, Nicole, Emily, and Maddy are absolutely amazing. Read about them by clicking on the blue links – you won’t regret it and I guarantee you will be stunned by all the things they’ve accomplished! I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to get to spend time with them a couple times a year 🙂

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That’s it for today! I had a busy morning and now have a couple classes this afternoon. How sweet is it that I don’t start class until 3:30 PM on Monday? Very sweet.

See you guys soon!