Oatmeal Extravaganza

Let’s look at oats today!

My Valentine’s Day started with this creative bowl: 1/2 a mashed banana cooked with three pureed beets, sunflower butter, chocolate chips (A LOT), shredded coconut, and cashews. I love decorating my oatmeal to be extra special on holidays. Do you remember my Halloween oatmeal?

Chocolate oatmeal made with mashed banana and topped with coconut, yogurt, cashews, and sunflower butter. There were some frozen cherries in here, too. This was meant to be just like a black forest cake. 🙂

I’m not quite sure if this was a failure or a success! I meant to make a bruleed banana oatmeal bake, but there were some technical problems. In other words, Stupid Cindy thought it would be a good idea to use the kettle AND the toaster oven… simultaneously. The power went out and my bake was only half-done, so I just broiled it until the sides were golden brown. Then, Stupid Cindy decided that she didn’t want to eat it inside the glass baking dish, and inverted it onto the plate instead. Being only half-done, half of the oats were still stuck to the dish! Oh well, smothered in crunchy peanut butter and hemp hearts, this was still 100% delicious.

This batch was so good that I made it two days in a row! Banana oatmeal with raspberries, cashews, hemp hearts, and a big blob of sunflower butter. That stuff is addictive and life-changing!

Get your hands on some sunflower butter, my friends! 🙂

More dark chocolate oatmeal with chopped cherries. Do you like adding frozen fruit to your oatmeal?

Plain oatmeal with almond butter and a bunch of fruit on top – raspberries and banana, with some hemp hearts. 🙂

Truly the best breakfast of all time.

Whew, that was a quick post! I’m going to quickly do my dishes and then try to get some work done – though we all know that means look at Buzzfeed, message my friends, FaceTime my mom and sister, and nibble on dessert. Hey, at least my textbook is open? 😉

Thank goodness for reading week!

Tell me in the comments below because I need want to know:

  1. What is a CRAZY oatmeal combination that you’ve done? I’ve done carrot (totally normal in the foodie world but elicits the weirdest expressions from most people, IMO), zucchini, spinach, cheese (all kinds!) and now, beets! How about you?
  2. Would you be interested in reading about what I’m doing in my classes? I am taking 6 courses + a lab, and was wondering if my friends on the blogosphere would be curious  about some of the things I’m learning and doing academically. 🙂
  3. Do you have reading week at school? What did/do/are you doing during reading week?

26 thoughts on “Oatmeal Extravaganza

  1. I don’t think it’s crazy per se, but one of my favorite combinations for oatmeal is to cook it with pumpkin puree and add a dash of cinnamon. So good! Also I really like adding peanut butter to my oatmeal sometimes.

    It’s common to eat savory oatmeal around where I live too, but I personally haven’t experimented with it yet, but I intend to in the future to try out adding things like: spinach, bacon, different cheeses etc to oatmeal. One of the magazines I used to read, offered different combinations like that to try out with oatmeal.

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  2. Pureed beets in oatmeal! What a great idea I’ve never thought of. I love beets. Thanks for giving me another way to enjoy them. The funny thing is that I just had oatmeal for breakfast this week (I eat the same thing all week then change it up the next). I prefer fresh berries but I just happened to use frozen strawberries this week and I don’t mind it at all. Being not so adventurous with oatmeal, the ‘oddest’ thing I’ve had with oatmeal is almond butter – it was an accident but turned out to be delicious.

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    1. Yay! Oh cool, I really like that idea of having the same thing all week and switching it up for the following week. That is really smart because right when you start to get sick of it, you’ll be on to something else! Fresh berries are wonderful, but frozen are the best IMO during the winter when fresh berries cost an arm and a leg. 🙂
      You need to do AB more often – it make the oats so dreamy!

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  3. You are SO creative and your photography keeps getting better and better! I was going to ask if youd ever done savoury oats… But I see that you’ve done it all. That’s one I have yet to really try out.
    Good thing peanut butter and hemp seeds can fix ANY kitchen mishap, right?
    Happy belated Valentine’s Day, love.

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    1. Hey! You are BACK! I’ve actually been checking your blog regularly for a while and wasn’t sure where you disappeared to 😉 So happy to see you back in the blog world!
      Thanks so much! Peanut butter can fix any LIFE mishap too… who needs drugs when you can have peanut butter right?


  4. Hmm I guess the craziest oaty combination would be carrots and ginger (not very exciting I know, I’m rather soft-core when it comes to experimenting with different foods and flavors 😅)
    Oh and I’d love to hear more about your classes! 😀

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    1. AHAHA “soft-core” is such an awesome term! I have never heard that word being used but I love it. 🙂 I am going to steal it for myself!
      Thanks for stopping by! Your carrot ginger oatmeal bowl sounds fantastic. What kind of ginger did you use?


      1. Oh cool! I should pick one up from the store next time. I already have the smushy fresh garlic in a tube. 🙂
        No, not at all! I would actually be so honoured and would absolutely love to be featured! Thanks so much!


  5. Your photos and recipes look so delicious! Ironically I just had oatmeal this morning, though I took the easy way out and used the instant oatmeal packets ^^;. Usually I had peanut butter or banana (or both!), though one day I also added jelly and it turned into a crazy PBJ oatmeal, so good! My weirdest combo though was a happy accident with coffee. Some splashed into my oatmeal and it turned out to be delicious!

    It would be fun to see what you’re learning in classes ^^ most of my studies have been in the digital arts (graphic and game design) but I also love DIY so it’s an interesting combo lol.

    While I’m not in school anymore, lately I’ve been brushing up on HTML5 so I reserved a bunch of books from the library on it, and I am also reading a fascinating books about weird facts on presidential deaths ^^; sounds less morbid than it looks.

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    1. Thanks! Your creative oatmeals sound delicious – especially the happy coffee accident bowl! It sounds like a tiramisu-inspired oatmeal (if you added cocoa powder and maybe some mascarpone cheese). Amazing! What kind of DIY are you into? And don’t worry – that’s totally not morbid – I LOVE creepy and weird facts about deaths and accidents and bizarre coincidences! You should definitely share some of the cool facts from that awesome book of yours. 🙂

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      1. Oh man, that’s a good idea! I love making tiramisu 😮 the oatmeal would be a cool spin.

        I do a lot of knitting and crochet lately, but I also like sewing (and anything cosplay) and recently wire wrapping ^^.

        Hehehe awesome! The book is called “Dead Presidents” by Brady Carlson. I love little trivia facts hehe!

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  6. Hey there fellow food lovers! Cindy I gotta say, your posts are fantastic! They look so yummy hehe. 🙂 All in all I wanted to just drop by to thank you for the follow and I hope that you’ll enjoy readying it, here and there also comment on it( i m open for all feedbacks) :*
    Lots of love, Janey;)

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  7. Probably the craziest was my cauliflower chocolate oats or my matcha zucchini mint oatmeal! They tasted awesome though 😀 I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you created here! Everything is gorgeous! And I would love to read more about your classes!

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  8. You make the oatmeal look so good! Wonderful photography!
    I’ve never gotten too crazy with my oatmeal, I’ve stirred eggs in them before, but that’s about it as far as savory foods go. For some reason savory oats don’t appeal to me… I’m afraid to make them, I think. Someone needs to make them for me!

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    1. Do you know Kath Eats Real Food’s blog? She once did a sweet egg oatmeal! I was inspired by that and tried French toast oatmeal before, but the egg separated 😥
      To be honest, savoury oats aren’t my thing either so I totally understand! I think we all just prefer a little sweetness, a little chocolate, some fruit and definitely nut butter in the morning 😉

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  9. 1. Weirdest oatmeal I’ve done was savory – it was with nutritional yeast and rosemary, garlic and black pepper. But I guess that’s not too weird…
    2. I would be so interested to learn about what you’re learning about in class. You’re a kinesiology major, right? That is a major that I thought I might be interested in myself.
    3. Yes! I know there’s a reading breakfast going on in our library, but I don’t think I’ll be able to attend 😦 Either way, I feel like every week is reading week! It’s one of my favorite ways to relax.

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    1. 1. Oh my goodness! I HAVE nutritional yeast and never thought of cooking it into oatmeal! That would make it a super-healthy risotto, in my opinion 🙂 Would be SO good with a fried egg!
      2. Yes! Really? Oh fantastic. Thanks for the feedback!
      3. Oh cool, I totally agree. Have you read any great books recently that you’d recommend?


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