Why I Want to Teach Yoga

Good Monday morning everyone!

You might remember from this post that I showed you some of my favourite yoga poses. Well… I have more favourites! I’m also going to tell you a little bit about why I love yoga – and why I want to obtain the 200-hour yoga teacher certification starting this April. πŸ™‚

As I extend my arms, stretching my fingertips as I sweep them into a prayer position above my head, I can’t help but think of how yoga makes me feel. Empowered. Calm. Confident. To me, yoga is not about shedding a couple pounds or becoming the world’s most flexible. Unlike doing deadlifts at the gym or taking a jog, yoga is about connecting to myself. Rather than hurrying from one task to another, with efficiency being the primary goal in mind, yoga is an outlet where I can do my best in a judgment-free zone.

β€œWhat’s so good about yoga?” The quick, easy answer is that yoga makes me feel amazing – and I want others to feel that way, too. Becoming an instructor would allow me to teach others the importance of self-awareness, presence, and focus, in addition to helping them celebrate the beauty and power of the human body. Although I love telling people that I’m addicted to yoga, the response I typically receive is: β€œI wish I was flexible enough”. I cringe every time I hear these words, but always explain that yoga is beyond simply a series of poses.
The word β€œyoga” seems to conjure up images of intimidating headstands and pretzel-like positions – none of which I can actually perform, and that’s okay. Instead, I love yoga for its ability to relieve my stress, improve my balance, and prevent injuries. Thanks to yoga, I always remember to breathe during exercise (or when I’m feeling frustrated!). Of course, this majestic form of exercise has also taught me to concentrate, push my limits, strive for β€œone more breath” in each posture, and coordinate my mind with my body.
Becoming a yoga teacher would mean more to me than just helping people unclutter their minds and achieving their physical and mental goals. With a certification, I will not only be able to discover harmony within myself, but also inspire other yogis to explore spirituality. Furthermore, I want others to realize that yoga is more than sitting in a lotus – it’s about discovering the limits of your mind, breath, and body. Yoga detoxifies my mind as much as it refreshes my body. My self-growth has increased exponentially since starting yoga over a year ago. My confidence and poise, both of which disappeared after I stowed away my figure skates, started to build up again. Each time I leave the studio, I feel a little stronger, a little braver, and as if another little part of me has been reinvented.
Unlike most 18-year olds, it isn’t hard for me to imagine my dream life in a decade. Although it is still early for me to declare what I aspire to do for the rest of my life, I have started to devise plans and goals, like a meaningful-but-complicated road map. First of all, I love food. In other words, I am seriously dedicated to preparing and analyzing my meals. Evidently, I have always wanted to go into the field of dietetics.
The problem? I hate desks. I hate sitting, and I hate cold, boring offices. Cubicles are the worst. I could never, ever visualize myself entering data into my computer for hours, shoulders hunched over a desk, with only the company of an overhead fluorescent light and the monotonous hum of a printer. Becoming a dietitian-slash-yoga instructor would also allow me to interact with people and continue writing regularly on the blog, all about life, happiness, and recipes. Dietitian, healthy-food blogger, and yoga instructor mesh together beautifully, and I think these three facades will enable me to do my best in helping others achieve their health goals.
I am certain that becoming a yoga instructor will allow me to be myself and learn so much – all while having fun and enjoying the present moment. Cheers to another beautiful year, a year of happiness, and moments of meditating on our mats. Namaste.

Tell me:

  • Have you done yoga before? Do you like it?
  • How does yoga make you feel?

34 thoughts on “Why I Want to Teach Yoga

  1. I tried yoga a few times back in high school, but never really got into it. Now that I’m almost 23, trying to run my own business and “adult-ing,” I’m more stressed and I feel like I want to try yoga again. I’m also a classical ballet dancer, so yoga can really help me stretch tight muscles. I hear you on the not wanting to sit in an awful office all day long–if you know what you want, go for it!

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    1. Adulting sure is hard! I am just starting to “adult”. πŸ˜‰ Wow! I am sure your training in classical ballet will benefit your yoga, and vice versa! That is so wonderful. I wish I did ballet my whole life!

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  2. Honestly (except for a few times on the Wii) I’ve never done yoga before… I guess I was always scared I would suck due to my inability to touch my toes and other strechyness problems. But your enthusiasm and motivation kinda makes me want to give it a go πŸ™‚

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  3. I 100% agree with your thoughts on yoga. My best friend has been a yoga teacher for over 7 years, and I saw how much her body and more importantly mind has changed, especially through traveling and practicing through India and Bali. Yoga really shouldn’t be just about shedding a few pounds like you said, you need to be able to connect and accept spiritual side of it if you want to truly practice. Good luck to you, I’m sure you’ll do great!

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  4. Yoga is amazing, and it’s true– it’s not something that’s only for flexible people. Instead, you do the yoga and become more flexible (and not just in the body, but in the mind and spirit). You don’t have to be able to fold yourself up like an origami box to enjoy it! Though it does make it a fun goal to work towards πŸ˜› Love this post! I could so see you being an excellent instructor.

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  5. You’re very limber. I’m jealous. πŸ™‚

    I wish I could do yoga but with 3 hip replacements and bad knees, a lot of movements and positions are prohibited. i wish there was a course of exercises that would be suitable.

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      1. πŸ˜₯ I really take it for granted that I used (and still do!) live just 4 minutes from a swimming pool, and can use it for FREE because I used to teach skating (city employees can use the rec centre for free!) and now, as a student, I have a free pass as well. πŸ™‚
        I am very lucky!
        My grandpa likes Tai Chi, which is also good for people with injuries.


  6. I *L.O.V.E.* yoga, though I’ve never been to a studio class. I really want to go to a real-live class sometime though! It’s hard when I’m doing it at home to know if I’m doing it right. Lol, it would be awesome if you lived in the area and I could go to a class taught by you after you got your teacher training. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Wow, really? I am the opposite – I don’t think I could ever do it alone in my room at home! That takes a lot of perseverance. I do like having the big mirrors in the studio. Yes that would be incredible! πŸ™‚


  7. I love yoga too. Remember when you and your sister were small, we did mama and daughters yoga? The yoga teacher played a peaceful music in the class while I was struggling with all the movements. Your first hot yoga experience was with your high school friend. You told me how amazing the hot yoga was when you come home. Did you like yoga from that time? I can’t wait for my mama yoga lesson when you come back this summer. My mama friends are excited to be in your class.

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    1. OMG, this comment was just so cute! I could not stop smiling as I was reading it. πŸ™‚ I do remember that class. It was really fun! I remember she lighted candles, and we had to do lots of deep breaths. But that made you a little bit dizzy πŸ˜›
      Hot yoga for the first time was really fun! I liked it AFTER I did it – during the 1.5 hour hot yoga session, I nearly died! But I can’t wait to show you some things in person soon!


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