16 Resolutions for 2016

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  1. Keep a mug of hot water or tea on my desk so I can take little sips as I go about studying. Or, more likely, looking at Buzzfeed. I’m great about eating BEFORE I get hungry so I don’t overeat because I’m starving (well… most of the time), so why not do the same with good old H2O? This year, I want to drink water BEFORE I get super thirsty and dehydrated.
  2. Get at least 50 minutes of go-all-out exercise every day. Buy a shoe tag and go to regular classes. Try something completely new, like ballet classes or aerial yoga.
  3. Keep a “finance journal” in my planner and record the money I spend on everything from laundry to groceries so I can be more responsible about money 🙂
  4. Become a certified yoga instructor! Make some friends with similar interests and get to know all kinds of different people.
  5. Aim for an 11:30 bedtime every night, so there’s a little wiggle room but I’ll always get to bed by midnight. Sometimes studying (and distractions like blogging, Facebook, and Buzzfeed!) push my bedtime to 12:30 or later, even though I never go to bed past 1:00. Still, that’s too late – especially because I will have 8:30 AM classes a couple times a week in my next semester. I’m hoping to get into a nice 11:30 to 7:30 schedule.
  6. Stand up every 20-30 minutes of studying. When I am super focused, my butt gets glued to a chair and stays there for two – or more! – hours. I know that’s not the best for my body, especially when parts of my legs and feet start to go numb and I feel like an aching 85 year-old when I stand up. I think it would be a good idea to get up a couple times an hour, pace around the house, drink some water, get some dishes done, or even do a couple vinyasas on my mat.
  7. Do a little bit of morning exercise before breakfast. Blogilates has some great exercise videos that focus on major muscle groups (arms, core, legs) as well as whole-body exercises. Her fun cardio routines are my favourite! In 2016, I’m really going to try squeezing a little bit of exercise into my morning schedule.
  8. Do my readings before the lecture. Rewrite my notes after every lecture, and study with friends on a regular basis to review key concepts.
  9. Prepare bag and important things for the next day – the night before!
  10. Become an SLG (student learning group) Leader for Biology
  11. Do research with nutrition professor Heather Keller, and send her my presentation on the Mediterranean diet. Complete 50 hours of volunteer work in her office, entering data for her research project on BMI.
  12. Try volunteering in a different unit at the hospital: Emergency department?
  13. Summer volunteer trip
  14. Go to Toronto with dad
  15. Forgive myself more often. It’s okay if I miss a Super Sculpt class or do badly in yoga one day. It’s not a problem if I have two or three extra scoops of nut butter. It isn’t the end of the world if I buy mushrooms that aren’t organic. I think it’s really important to be nice to myself, and that’s something I haven’t been very good at. In the New Year, I will try my best to be my body’s best friend.
  16. Read a couple books for pleasure. Buzzfeed made a great list recently, a compilation of the bestselling Young Adult novels of 2015. The summaries look fascinating and I’m down for any action novel. The Wrath and The Dawn, Room, and An Ember in the Ashes are three books that I want to check out. I went to Chapters today and found two YA novels that are “Heather’s Choice”, which means it’s a really great staff pick – The Girl on the Train and The Accident Season. I scanned the summaries and the first couple of pages for both books – they look EXCELLENT! Has anyone read any of these books?

9780399171611_large_The_Wrath_and_the_Dawn thEYVVNY70 Projects-Abroad-VOlunteer-Conservation-in-Thailand-Volunteer-conservation-thailand.org_Toronto skyline

20 thoughts on “16 Resolutions for 2016

  1. Great list– you’ve got me thinking about really writing my own list down.– Most curious about your summer volunteer trip. Do you have something in mind? Here’s to all you have ahead in 2016– hope it’s the best!

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    1. I’ve always wanted to spend a summer in Nepal, Peru, or Mongolia – but my parents are very against it, so it’s a no for now. 😦 But I’m hoping to convince them! Thanks for the kind wishes, and happy 2016 to you as well, Rhonda!


      1. Hey Cindy– well, hope it works out ahead some day. I did a 7 week stay in central China teaching conversational English to high school Chinese English teachers. It was an amazing summer –such warm wonderful people, hard at times, but so satisfying. Happy week ahead… xo

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      2. Wow! That’s very interesting. I agree about the satisfaction being the primary reason – it must’ve been such a rewarding summer. Thanks for the kind wishes and I hope you have a lovely week as well 🙂

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  2. Hi, new reader here – love your blog! 🙂 these sound like great new year’s resolutions. I totally agree with number 15, it makes it so much easier to achieve all kinds of goals (even those not fitness/health related) when we’re kind to ourselves. Definitely something I’m striving for too in 2016!

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    1. I love your blog name and how it’s chem-related! We are sister blogs 🙂
      Yay, I am so happy that #15 is relatable. I think that one is my “hardest” resolution of the bunch!
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m off to check out your blog!


      1. Hm, I don’t know why but my name links to my old blog title, which has no posts! My new blog is theosismine.wordpress.com, if you’re still curious! Still cooking and chemistry related 😀

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