This and That ☃ – with My New Journey

Hi everyone! How are you guys? I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Every day this week seemed endless, but now that I’m looking back on it – the week just flew! What do you think?

I am in a pretty good mood right now, after doing a de-stress yoga class last night and writing my second-last exam this morning. The exam was for my Kin 155 class: Introduction to Neuroscience. It was a difficult course, but the exam wasn’t too bad – I think it went well! That’s always worthy of being in a good mood 🙂


My exam started at 9:00 and ended at noon, so I just got home and devoured a fantastic lunch: butternut squash soup and a pita with cheddar, sliced apple, goat cheese, and honey. An amazing combination, by the way! Also had some leftover chocolate banana cake squares, microwaved and topped with melty peanut butter. Yes, I made them AGAIN. The fourth time in less than a month – these babies are addictive! Madhulika and I just can’t get enough… stealthy healthy for the win. Still, I need an intervention.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.35.08 PM

Later, I’ll be doing a little more studying for my last exam on Monday evening, before heading off to a Zumba class and then a cirque yoga class. Oh! And I’m going to make tofu with peanut sauce tonight. 🙂

By the way, this post is going to be RANDOM. So maybe click away if you don’t like totally random things. I just wanted to share some awesome moments and finds with you guys today!

I received some lovely comments and birthday wishes that made me smile on one of my recent posts, and they made me so happy. THANK you everyone, who sent me good-luck wishes for finals, virtual hugs, and birthday wishes. This message was one of the most special ones to me – it came from a new friend, Mary, who is in all my Kinesiology courses this semester. She sent this to me on Messenger and absolutely made my day! Honestly, this girl is one of the friendliest, most thoughtful people I know and always goes out of her way to help others.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.53.13 PM 

Another wonderful message – this was from my Grandpa. He started learning English when he was about 70 years old and is currently in his mid-80s. To him, you can never stop learning for as long as you live. He is such an inspiration to me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 8.01.12 AM  

I volunteer every Sunday morning at the Grand River Hospital in Kitchener. I usually leave the house at 8:30 (unless I miss my bus, which hopefully doesn’t happen again!) and arrive at 8:50. My shift starts at 9:00 and ends at 12:00, and I spend all three hours in the Children’s Inpatient Clinic. This is where kids go if they are preparing for surgery or recovering from another medical procedure. Sometimes, there are as many as 20 kids on the unit, but other times there are just two. I love volunteering at the hospital but really miss the Eagle Ridge Hospital in Port Coquitlam, BC, where I used to volunteer. What I liked about the ERH was that there were lots of teens on each unit, and we got to talk with each other while doing paperwork and interact with the seniors.


On the children’s department, it’s a little different – the parents are REQUIRED to be there with their children (under 17), so there isn’t much patient interaction. But I have done some awesome things like pick up a 3-day old baby, play with a 4-year old leukaemia patient, and do crafts with the sibling of a sick newborn. Most of the time, however, I’m doing paperwork, getting photocopies from the mail room, and decorating the unit. Last Sunday, I plastered 121 red socks and green trees all over the walls to bring some Christmas cheer into the children’s department!

IMG_3280 IMG_3282

Sunny, but windy as usual.

Totally random: funny things I found on a Facebook page dedicated to hilarious (and occasionally wise!) things that UWaterloo professors say in lectures!

20020_1595850147320179_3363480472930171749_n 11032009_1642897252615468_1039979071513074442_n

12003995_1648380658733794_2027024598053158709_n 12345657_1656844974554029_5832952446616182591_n


And my favourite statement – this was from my Biology professor:


How true is this?! It takes me a good 15 minutes to craft a well-written email to a professor, and the responses are typically “yes” or “sounds good”… sent from an iPhone. Does that happen to anyone else?


ZUMBAAAA! Guys, I am in LOVE with Zumba now. I suck at it. I’m one of the worst dancers you will ever meet. You’ll probably throw up if you see me try to “shake it”, and if you watch me copy the instructor, you’ll wonder why I’m always 3 beats behind and so uncoordinated!

But Zumba is a ton of fun. It’s 50 minutes of full-out cardio but feels like 15 minutes of fun dancing (well, it kind of is). It’s incredible and I love sweating the stress away. Know what I mean?

397488_10153375251840710_471951883_n b3ede28020d0ccc107e2b7b472b466f9

Hey students, does school stress you out? For me personally, I really enjoy school and don’t get stressed out by deadlines or exams or a busy schedule. However, when people around me start panicking, I feel anxious too. How about you?

1016850_10152859477101840_5930640161832976018_n 1969164_10152859448986840_5185168270931720278_n

Wise and thought-provoking tidbits from around the ‘net:

10441037_10152837432616840_2019122027926353456_n 10574488_10152831204601840_2462562452360386240_n

Both of these made me think…


Does anyone follow Humans of New York on Facebook? Something huge happened recently as Brandon Stanton interviewed some refugees – President Obama commented in support of this refugee scientist. Amazing!


Mom bought a fitness ball (what do you even call these things?) from Value Village last week and Seline has been having fun experimenting with it! I can’t wait to play on it when I get back in… OMG… 4 days!

IMG_8451 12399220_1271012186249409_1775313761_n 12395094_1271012222916072_852673898_n

This is going to be me as soon as I land in the airport. I miss you guys so much – okay, I’m over it, where’s the sushi?


I’ve been messaging Mom a lot recently. Most messages are photos of my daily oatmeal or her funny little comments.


It’s funny because half the time, I have no idea what she’s trying to say. Do you get this woman? 😉

12355120_1247199675306568_2146214992_n 12380560_1247199655306570_1905874782_n

Either way, things have been going very well back in BC.

12355236_1269098649774096_89779178_n 12358397_1269098479774113_2144292272_n IMG_0452

Mom’s meals are typically a mix of Chinese and Western food.

IMG_0458 IMG_0507

Her breakfasts and lunches for our five homestay students are simple: bread with meat, PB, jam, egg, cheese, etc., and dinners are more elaborate.

IMG_9279 IMG_0453

Arnie, my doggie who is now six and a half, is still as dopey as ever! Seline had fried chicken last night because she is getting her wisdom teeth out soon. Uh oh! I got lucky in that I didn’t need to get my wisdoms out – I had four teeth pulled out for braces.

12358018_1269466163070678_776533525_n 12366983_1270963152920979_1635595462_n

I always find it crazy how mature Seline looks – she’s always so put-together while I’m just going crazy. School comes so easily to Seline and she makes friends like a rabbit makes babies. Whoa, I am the WORST at analogies. Anyways, dressing up and looking nice at school is a breeze for her, but I just don’t put in that effort! Actually, I have a theory that the uglier I dress for an exam, the better I’ll do. No evidence here, just justifying the whole sweatpants and sweater mentality. I wish I had Seline’s patience and dedication to wearing makeup – the last time I touched makeup (okay, I didn’t even touch it) was for prom eight months ago! Oh man, prom was eight months ago?!

IMG_9627 12355221_1246554542037748_1673340387_n

These have absolutely nothing to do with anything but I just think they’re awesome and want them in my room. Now. Aren’t they CUTE? I am in love with ocean-y things and found these on Buzzfeed.

enhanced-26167-1449939436-7 enhanced-29127-1449861387-5

Sometimes we all need a little reminder:


My roommate’s boyfriend, yup – same guy who made the amazing pumpkin pie from scratch, is also the King of Meal Planning. He cooks lots of wild rice in a big rice cooker, makes a whole pot of mixed vegetables, and bakes up some lean chicken breast. He has lots of containers that he fills with these goodies, and his meals are always balanced and super-healthy. Don’t these look tasty? He usually cooks every Monday.

DSC08866 DSC09072

Now Madhulika and Arsalan have lots of eggs and toast for breakfast. Sometimes, they spread avocado on it to make yummy avocado toast!


 The exciting news?! In April, I will start a 200-hour yoga teacher training program with Pranalife Yoga!

Cook_StandingBigToe+cropped Pranalife-YTT-Mailchimp

I’ve been thinking about becoming a yoga teacher for a long time. I taught figure skating for 3-4 years before moving to Ontario for university, and ever since I quit skating I felt like something was missing from my life. I’m going to do a longer post about this (hopefully before 2016), because I really want to share my skating story with you. 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been doing yoga regularly for over a year and really discovered a love for the practice of yoga. When I found out about this program, I was super interested and got in contact with the lovely Asia Nelson right away. Before I knew it, I was handing her the money order and receiving my confirmation! This means that next December, I will be a certified yoga teacher. I can’t wait and will definitely make a post on this as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.59.56 AM

I am so thrilled to embark on this new journey in 2016.

In other news, my dad might be coming mid-winter to visit me in Waterloo! He’s essentially self-employed with a group of other renovators, and since the workload is much lighter in the winter, he’ll have some spare time to travel to Ontario. The best part? He’ll be studying with me.

Nah, what a joke… “you read, he watches movies”. LOL!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.11.05 AM

Yup, that’s it for today. I’m off to do a little studying and cleaning around the house now. I hope you all have a delicious weekend and I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to recently 🙂