December Updates

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you, Kate, for this template. Had lots of fun filling it out with a bunch of random ideas and thoughts.

10438280_10153522277293707_7117568334602140374_nScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.54.50 PM

Current excitement: 11 more days until I’ll be home in good, boring old Coquitlam. 🙂 There truly is no place like home home.

Current need: A big hug. Virtual ones are cool too 😉 And maybe some nut butter.

DSC08964 DSC08970

Current procrastination: Aside from schoolwork, baking! There are so many recipes I want to make, including banana chocolate espresso muffins by Jack, cornbread, and pumpkin cream cheese bars. Yum!

Current Book: My biology textbook. Finals are too close! My Sociology final exam is in three hours. I love this class and think it should be a good exam 🙂

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Current music: I’m starting to like Celtic music! It helps me focus when I read and do practice questions and equations. Adrian von Ziegler makes some incredible music and I love anything autumn-inspired or sounds like the sea.

DSC08850 DSC08859

Current drink: Earl grey tea and hot water – just the usual. I have some pumpkin hot chocolate mix lingering in the cupboards but haven’t opened it yet! I’ll have to buy some milk from the grocery store next time just so I can enjoy some hot hot chocolate as a post-dinner treat.

DSC08882 DSC08887

Current food: Applesauce! I’d always been iffy about applesauce. If you talked to me about applesauce last month, I would’ve told you it’s weird baby food. I was totally skeptical about what it could do for baked goods. Wouldn’t you taste the apple? Doesn’t it take away from the richness? Isn’t it… weird? It’s baby food! After making this healthy chocolate banana cake, however, my preconceived notions on applesauce were blown out of the water. I’m now a total convert – I can’t wait to start subbing butter and coconut oil with this brilliant, budget-friendly, fat-free, moisture-inducing substance!

DSC08903 DSC08908 DSC08920

Current obsession: Chocolate… but we all know that’s not a current thing. I recently bought a butterscotch milk chocolate and it’s like a dream – melty, rich chocolate with chunks of crunchy, toffee-like crispy bits. I love it!

DSC08779 DSC08790

Okay, and cheese would probably be my current obsession #2. Cheese is one of my top comfort foods. The gooier, the meltier, the more flavourful – the better. Ah, there’s truly nothing better than a crispy grilled cheese sandwich and a big bowl of soup. This sammie was filled with harvarti, goat cheese, caramelized onions, walnuts, rosemary butter, and honey, served with curried butternut squash soup.

DSC08797 DSC08798

Current bane of my existence: Construction! They say there are two seasons in Waterloo – WINTER and CONSTRUCTION. It doesn’t seem to end, and all the buses are taking detours, skipping stops, and being 20 minutes late or 10 minutes early. Grrrrr.

DSC08807 DSC08816

Current blessing: Free fitness classes at my school. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Since I’m on campus anyways, it’s so convenient to stop by and do a 50-minute yoga class or some cardio in the form of Zumba. The instructors are always so enthusiastic, but I think the best thing is how short the classes are. They fit right into my schedule 🙂 Thank goodness for cycling, yoga, and all the other classes my school offers – they’re really keeping me sane during this hectic exam season!

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.56.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.56.10 PM