Thursday Tradition

Good morning everyone! How has your week been? I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. Do you have any plans for the weekend?


Some little tidbits of food that I enjoyed at Princess Cafe last Thursday and the Thursday before that. I’ve been to Princess Cafe multiple times and you can see previous meals here and here.

DSC06485 DSC06487

This was a sandwich special: brie with harvarti, walnuts, honey, and poached pear with rosemary butter and a side salad of spinach, beets, maple vinaigrette and roasted beets.


For dessert I couldn’t resist a butter tart! This was heated up and perfectly gooey with a buttery crust.


Another time I gave Madhulika’s favourite sandwich a try – the curried tuna melt! The soup of the day was a vegan carrot ginger with coconut milk, so I had to give that a try as well. It certainly did not disappoint!

DSC06725 DSC06735

Flavoured with tons of chopped vegetables, herbs, and curry powder, this tuna salad was insanely flavourful and went so well with the hearty multigrain bun, cheddar, and tomato slice. It was seasoned so nicely.


Mmmm. Check out how gooey the cheddar is. I can hardly begin to explain how perfectly crispy the bread was, and how fresh and zesty the filling tasted.


Someone nominated me for this award earlier but I never got around to writing a post on that!


If you missed a couple of posts, these are some of the things I’ve shared recently. 🙂

12072575_829597347157946_7989689100828746103_n DSC07888 DSC07456

23 thoughts on “Thursday Tradition

  1. I once made a savoury tart with blue cheese, pears and candied walnuts which was amazingly tasty so I’m sure your sandwich was as well. I’m not a fan of beets so I’d have to give that a pass. The ginger carrot soup your friend likes also sounds like a winner. Butter tarts are yum … I haven’t made them in ages but they’re pretty easy to throw together.

    Have a great weekend.

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    1. I’ve never made butter tarts before. You must be an expert! Oh my goodness, that savoury tart sounds so insanely good. That combination is just classic! Can you please share a recipe for that tart? It would make a fabulous lunch with some soup and salad!


      1. I grew up eating butter tarts from a package bought at the grocery store. We’re not ‘native’ Canadians and my mom never made a butter tart in her life. 🙂

        If you visit my LJ you’ll find both of the tarts … here’s a link to the butter tart post. There’s also a recipe for the pastry for them there but you can buy frozen tart shells, of course, which makes it a lot easier.

        Here’s the link to the blue cheese/pear tart. Pies, tarts, quiches etc. sometimes there’s an overlap in the posts for the pastry and fillings.

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      2. LJ was a precursor to ‘blogs’. I have 3 yrs of posts there. Just like blogs, you can negotiate using the tags (bolded) at the top of every post. They’re the blue hot links.

        Also at the top of every post is the bolded word ‘journal userinfo’ next to which you’ll find a link which takes you to the user’s profile. You can find all kinds of useful user info there.

        The bolded word ‘archive’ followed by the link takes you to a monthly overview of posts for a different kind of browsing … by post title.

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      3. PS: If you just want a recipe for the filling of the butter tarts, this may be less bother than scrolling through all those posts. Use the frozen tart shells for it. Some people say REAL butter tarts don’t use raisins (or nuts) inside. Just that gooey filling.

        Butter Tart Filling – fills 2-3 dozen 2″ tart shells

        1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted and cooled
        1 cup brown sugar (demerara is good too)
        1 cup corn syrup
        pinch of salt
        1 tsp vanilla extract
        1 egg
        1 1/2 cups raisins or roughly chopped pecans (optional)

        Prehat oven to 375 deg F (190 deg C).

        Beat eggs with a whisk. Beat in the sugar until the mixture is light and lemon coloured.

        Whisk in all the remaining ingredients, except the raisins if you are using them.

        Put a thin layer of raisins in each shell and pour the egg mixture over them until the shell is 3/4 full. (You’ll be tempted to add more but the mixture souffles up during the last half of the baking process and sticks to the edges of your tart shells making removal quite messy).

        Bake at 375 deg F (190 deg C) about 15 minutes or until set. (You can pour the mixture into a large pie shell as well. Bake for 25 minutes.)

        Devour warm or cold.

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      4. Go to the baking section of your grocery store. The same place you find maple syrup, you’ll find corn syrup. With the Xmas sales coming up you might even find it on sale. 🙂 You can use maple syrup but there’s no need to.

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      5. You’re welcome. How’s the snow in your area? Ours has mostly melted but it’s gray and miserable. I’m glad I ran my grocery shopping errand yesterday … got lots of goodies from the Asian grocery store to play with. 🙂

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      6. We had tiny sprinkles of snow today, but there’s nothing on the ground at all. It’s pretty dark and gloomy for most of the day. And really windy 😦
        Mmm sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see what you do with those ingredients.

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      1. It does sound amazing. It such an unusual combination I can’t quite imagine how it would taste, but I love all the ingredients individually, so I’m sure I’d find it delicious.

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