Creative in the Kitchen: 6 Quick, Easy, Customizable Recipes


Nut butter + sliced banana + cinnamon in a sandwich, then toast both sides on the stovetop with coconut oil


1/3 cup quick oats cooked with 2/3 cup any type of milk, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, chia and flax, and a whole mashed overripe banana. Top with nut butter and crushed nuts


Make a sandwich with nut butter and banana, dip the sandwich in a mixture of egg + milk + cinnamon + vanilla and fry lightly with coconut oil. Serve with berries and creamy yogurt!

DSC06805 DSC06807

Delicious with some maple syrup


Oatmeal cooked with apple and topped with crumbled muffin and yogurt


Blueberry pancakes topped with banana and maple-almond yogurt, hemp hearts

DSC06447 DSC06458

Make a simple but sophisticated sandwich by grilling two slices of bread with thin apple slices and brie cheese.


Breakfast pancakes with yogurt globs, berries, banana

DSC06944 DSC06947

Add frozen blueberries to oatmeal and top with crushed nuts and nut butter


Enjoy the end piece of toast with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon



Lasagna with broccoli with a special dessert of yogurt + cocoa powder + maple syrup topped with almond butter, blackberries, hemp hearts

DSC06379 DSC06381

Snack of crackers, brie, and grapes while preparing lunch


Way-too-cheesy grilled cheese with Dijon mustard, arugula, tons of cheddar, apple

DSC06566 DSC06571

More lasagna

DSC06515 DSC06517

Look at all the layers! Squash in here is amazing – I used yellow and green zucchinis

DSC06521 DSC06526

A lazy Sunday morning meant I had time to make this easy, cheesy quinoa casserole. I cooked mushrooms with garlic and butter before adding a bit more butter and some flour to make a roux. Some milk and chicken broth were added to make a luscious sauce, and then I grated in some extra sharp white cheddar.

DSC06590 DSC06592

Steamed broccoli and quinoa were tossed in, mixed, topped with cheese, and broiled. The melty, bubbly cheese on top was out of this world.


Enjoyed my meal with grapes, soup, and neuroscience. Hardest class I’ve ever taken.

DSC06604 DSC06608

Random ingredients in a sandwich: goat cheese, hummus, arugula


Cheese and grapes, hummus and crackers, leftover quinoa bake


Mexican-style quinoa: mix cooked quinoa with corn and scallions, black beans, peppers (roasted are great too!), cheddar, and a scoop of salsa. Top with avocado and fresh lime juice.

DSC07058 DSC07065

Mmmm this was yummy! I used a mixture of goat cheese and cheddar. The best!


More lasagna for a quick lunch after yoga. I wasn’t super hungry so had half of a (large!) piece.

DSC06782 DSC06768

Lunch the next day was unphotographed, but I made a mixture of leftovers – roasted cauliflower and sweet potato, zucchini, goat cheese, and couscous. Made a satisfying “salad” of sorts! Actually, I do have a photo – taken on my iPhone when my camera was “broken”. 😉 You can see a horrible photo of the mixed up salad here.


Not really food related, but they’re puppies! Seeing these wonderful service dogs at school made me miss my little boy at home. Well, he’s not really little. In terms of age and size. He’s actually six and pretty fat. Still love him though!

DSC06424 DSC06420


Oooooh guys, this was good! I mixed chopped leftover chicken and goat cheese meatballs with pasta sauce, spinach, and mushrooms, then topped it all with mozzarella and goat cheese to broil.

DSC06428 DSC06430

One of my favourite dinners! I had seconds and thirds of this. And more bites as I packed it up.

DSC06431 DSC06433

Cook scallions and corn (I used frozen) and add spinach, then cooked couscous or quinoa. Top with some pan-fried fish (salmon for me!) and drizzle with any sauce or even fresh lemon juice. I had a sweet potato aioli on top!

DSC06532 DSC06534

Tomato scrambled eggs are a weekly thing for me! Served on couscous with broccoli


Thai-style peanut sauce noodles with every single veggie in the fridge


x2. This easy peanut sauce would be good on anything! I’m thinking of making a sunflower butter version.

DSC06666 DSC06669

More Mexican quinoa bake


Roasted cauliflower and sauteed garlic zucchini with couscous and maple-soy salmon

DSC07033 DSC07030

Madhulika’s special chicken lasagna with broccoli. Topped the lasagna with goat cheese!


Another day, another piece of lasagna.


And leftovers of that quinoa, mushroom, broccoli cheddar bake! Yummy.



Some of this vegan pumpkin “muffin” topped with crushed nuts and peanut butter


Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

DSC06679 DSC06681

This dessert was part of a meal that I enjoyed when meeting the donors and communications team of the Schulich Leaders Scholarship Committee. My first apple strudel! It was quite yummy.


Yogurt topped with muffin, raspberries, and nut butter

DSC06797 DSC06799

This is super weird but I needed something sweet so I turned to banana slices, nut butter, and chocolate to make these little “sandwiches”


Yogurt, muffin, nut butter


Cocoa powder in yogurt with maple syrup, topped with raspberries, crushed nuts, nut butter. This is a classic Cindy dessert 😛


A favourite! Pumpkin loaf topped with a piece of hazelnut chocolate and microwaved until melty, with some peanut butter and chopped nuts

DSC06648 DSC06650

Pumpkin pie! Definitely the most time-consuming of these desserts 😉


That’s it! Did you eat anything delicious recently?