Bad News!

There’s something wrong with my camera!

I transferred all of my photos onto the computer last night, and erased every shot, but this morning I couldn’t take any pictures because “Memory Space Full”. :O

So I ended up taking pictures of today’s meals on my iPhone 4, which was a totally different experience! The quality is making me cringe, though. Here is what I eat on the most normal, average Tuesday 🙂

And… here’s to the shortest post in blog history.


A handful of nuts after because… I wanted nuts. Nuts for nuts!


Snack: sweet potato hummus and rye + flax crackers


Dessert: yogurt with flax and maple syrup, peanut butter, and some more of those addictive nuts 🙂

Did you have a delicious day? What did you eat?

16 thoughts on “Bad News!

  1. Aww I’m sorry about your camera, Cindy! That happened to me once and the issue ended up being that I needed to empty my trash folder for the pictures to actually be deleted from my memory card. Maybe worth a try?! I still think your pictures are super pretty though and everything looks so so good!

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    1. That’s a good idea! I’m going to try that… and also call my Dad who is a techie pro 🙂 And use google. “Ask google” is my motto.

      Thank you! That makes me so happy coming from one of my favourite inspirational bloggers 🙂


      1. I fixed it! I wasn’t sure what worked because I tried your trick and then “formatted” my memory card on the camera. But now I’m taking pics on it again! Yay 🙂 THANK YOU!


  2. Oh dear ! What happened? iPhone 4’s photos are actually not too bad. Taking photos on you phone and you can share them right away. Of course your camera photos look much nicer. Your food are always so healthy! Good for you!

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    1. Thanks Mom! Your comments always make me smile. The bad thing about the iPhone 4 photos is the quality. If only that was better! But the good thing is that I can post them the day of.
      Thank you 🙂


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