Kitsilano Foodie Day with Seline

It’s Flashback Friday!


Thomas Haas double-baked chocolate almond croissant // organic quark danish // Moroccan chicken sandwich

DSC08886 DSC08908

Beehive ceiling


Row after row of chocolate

DSC08888 DSC08890

One of my top three favourite sandwiches in the world



DSC08910 DSC08911



Tasty but lacked something :/

DSC08919 DSC08924

DSC08904 DSC08905

Mmm, almond frangipane and chocolate perfection

DSC08912 DSC08913

All together


Leftovers to go

DSC08928 DSC08929

Terra Breads

DSC08931 DSC08933

Their famous blueberry flatbread


Las Margaritas

DSC08939 DSC08940

Chips and homemade salsa


Mexican rice, flautas with chicken and salsa, sour cream, guacamole


We love Mexican food!


Rain or Shine ice cream cone

DSC08954 DSC08956

I miss summer and I miss BC!

5 thoughts on “Kitsilano Foodie Day with Seline

    1. We did enjoy all of that in one trip downtown! 🙂 It was awesome but we were stuffed afterwards.

      Pastries! I lived in France with my sister during the summer and PASTRIES was what kept me going. I think I ate my weight in desserts in Paris!

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  1. Oh yes, I remember this day! All the food look so yummy. I don’t make desserts that often since you have gone to Waterloo. I am looking forward to seeing you on Christmas time and we are going to to eat good desserts and have some fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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