Lunches and Dinners

Hi everyone! I just finished a lovely couscous, falafel and veggie dinner and need to wash dishes before starting my homework – but I wanted to quickly share some of the meals I’ve enjoyed for the past 2-3 weeks.

You can see my breakfast-only post HERE for 26 ideas that are guaranteed to draw you out of bed (well, it works for me!), and I recently shared a bunch of 2-minute dessert ideas on this post. Because what’s a meal without dessert?

Onto the savoury eats, though – enjoy! 🙂


Pulled chicken sandwich with brie and wilted spinach

DSC05104 DSC05105

Served with butternut squash soup!


Mexican quinoa salad with black beans, corn and scallions, roasted red peppers, avocado, lime and salsa-greek yogurt dressing

DSC05140 DSC05164

Leftover spinach, mushroom, and roasted red pepper frittata with feta, grapes, whole wheat crackers and brie

DSC05180 DSC05185

Leftover quinoa chicken bake with parmesan, crackers, brie, and grapes

DSC05257 DSC05253

Thai green curried salmon with zucchini, bell peppers, and carrots, steamed broccoli, quinoa

DSC05294 DSC05295

Princess Cafe panini of the day: goat cheese, artichokes, mushrooms and caramelized onion, roasted red pepper

DSC05326 DSC05332

Apple parsnip soup! With a side of neuroscience 😦


Apple brie grilled cheese with tomato soup

DSC05373 DSC05383

Couscous salad with black beans, feta, peas and corn, carrots, roasted red peppers

DSC05465 DSC05467

Topped with pecans another day

DSC05469 DSC05473

Apple-brie grilled cheese and soup

DSC05509 DSC05553

Snack: crackers, brie, and grapes before a lasagna dinner

DSC05580 DSC05585

Lasagna made with sharp cheddar, ricotta, mushrooms, and spinach

DSC05591 DSC05595

With sauteed garlic-lemon broccoli. Yum!


Another grilled cheese: this time apple-cheddar with Dijon mustard.

DSC05761 DSC05762

Simple snack of crackers, grapes, and brie.


Massive veggie sandwich with cheddar, roasted red pepper, grilled zucchini, and avocado

DSC05793 DSC05795

This sandwich was so loaded that it fell apart as I was eating it! 😦


Tomato scrambled eggs over quinoa with zucchini, bell pepper, and mushroom stir-fry

DSC05831 DSC05834

Omelet with goat cheese mozzarella, scallions, zucchini, and yellow zucchini


Grilled frittata sandwich with spelt bread and butternut squash + yam soup!

DSC05987 DSC05990

This grilled sandwich also had a layer of mashed avocado, truffle salt, and fig goat cheese. One of my favourite lunches!

DSC05994 DSC05998

Scrambled eggs with fig goat cheese, mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash, toast and soup


Princess Cafe lunch: sweet potato coconut curry soup


And a delicious “yamwich”: roasted yams, brie, caramelized onions, spinach, and pesto on multigrain bread. Okay, THIS was my favourite lunch!

DSC06134 DSC06137

Thai-fried quinoa with egg, pineapple bits, peas, scallions, garlic, lime, and coconut milk. A tropical feast for lunch that kept me full all afternoon!

DSC06171 DSC06175

I went to Vincenzo’s, a famous Italian grocery store in Waterloo, one Saturday afternoon to grab groceries and a sandwich for lunch.

DSC06224 DSC06225

I also picked up a cheesecake and received two MAJOR disappointments:

  1. The sandwich was not grilled. It was a cold sandwich, and I’m really not a fan of cold sandwiches. 😦 I had half and saved the rest for another time.
  2. The ingredients in the cheesecake were disturbing. Look above… this is never something I would eat, but I paid for it and didn’t want to throw it out, so…

DSC06230 DSC06233

This was the horrible bananas foster cheesecake. I took a bite and nearly spat it out – it was like artificial banana medicine. Have you ever had banana medicine? This is what this cheesecake tasted like. 😦 What a disappointment! I was still craving something sweet after I threw this out (yes, I threw out food… and it was CHEESECAKE, what a surprise) and had some gelato: maple-pecan, chocolate-almond, and peanut butter chocolate. YUM.


Leftover sandwich toppings from the second sandwich half were given another life: grilled up in spelt bread with apple slices and more brie!

DSC06322 DSC06323

Apple-brie French toast. This wasn’t my favourite lunch but a drizzle of maple syrup did improve it 🙂



Mexican quinoa topped with avocado, Greek yogurt, cheddar, black beans and corn, chicken, roasted peppers, salsa, and lime

DSC05132 DSC05147

Spinach, mushroom, roasted red pepper frittata with feta

DSC05174 DSC05175

Quinoa mixed with sauteed vegetables and shredded chicken, topped with sharp white cheddar. Pre-bake!

DSC05201 DSC05202

And post-bake, served with sauteed garlic broccoli and sweet potato aioli.

DSC05203 DSC05207

We all know that the cheesy topping was the best part: I’m definitely adding more next time!


Poached salmon in a Thai green curry vegetable “stew”, sauteed broccoli and quinoa

DSC05261 DSC05272

Bow ties with tomato vegetable sauce, spinach, and parmesan


Thai peanut noodles with chicken, egg, carrots, spinach, scallions, and cucumber. I used my favourite peanut sauce recipe 🙂

DSC05393 DSC05395

Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms, feta, and two slices of different toast!

DSC05407 DSC05413

Spinach-ricotta ravioli topped with spinach tomato sauce, mushrooms, and parmesan

DSC05440 DSC05442

Simple pan-fried salmon, roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli with sweet potato aioli

DSC05478 DSC05480

Salt, pepper, and a little lemon make excellent seasoning.

DSC05483 DSC05485

Tomato scrambled eggs with scallions, quinoa with peas and corn, broccoli

DSC05558 DSC05560

Quinoa stir-fried with zucchini, corn, mushrooms and topped with sweet potato harissa hummus and sweet potato aioli

DSC05638 DSC05642

Thai green curry with carrots, spinach, eggplant, peas, and mushrooms over quinoa

DSC05746 DSC05749

Frittata for one: two eggs with zucchini and mushrooms, ricotta on top, broccoli and sweet potato aioli

DSC05772 DSC05774

Wish this was goat cheese instead! Ricotta has such a mild flavour.


Leftover lasagna with parmesan broccoli

DSC05805 DSC05806

Heating it up in the oven makes the edges nice and crispy 🙂

DSC05808 DSC05814

Pan-fried salmon, roasted brussels sprouts, potato and zucchini gratin made with goat cheese mozzarella: the gratin was the highlight! Thin slices of zucchini and potato baked with simply goat cheese mozza, salt, pepper, and dried basil for about half an hour to 40 minutes. Perfection!


Indian coconut curry with chickpeas, spinach, and peas, zucchini and bell pepper stir-fry, quinoa

DSC05861 DSC05865

Chickpeas, curry, and coconut go together beautifully. This is such a classic Cindy-meal 🙂


Avocado, lemon, and truffle salt on toast, frittata with zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, and sweet fig goat cheese

DSC05981 DSC05983

Hideous photos because it was late and I was still freaking out over setting off the smoke alarm – even toasting bread a minute too long will set of the smoke alarm at my place!

Goat cheese with fig spread is so, so good – I’m never buying another goat cheese in my life! By the way, this was the same frittata that made the delicious sandwich above.


Coconut chickpea curry with spinach, broccoli, mushroom and zucchini stir-fry

DSC06001 DSC06002

I love little veggie stir-fries as a side dish.


Thai-style fried rice with coconut quinoa, scallions, egg, peas, and pineapple, sauce of soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice

DSC06051 DSC06059

Lasagna with parmesan-garlic broccoli

DSC06080 DSC06090

Goat-cheese stuffed chicken meatballs, sauteed basil mushrooms, cheesy broccoli and zucchini over quinoa. This meal (minus quinoa) was made by my Master Chef roomie. She is an excellent cook and such an inspiration!

DSC06143 DSC06144

Zucchini and potato gratin with goat cheese mozzarella, Thai green curried salmon with yellow bell peppers and lime, quinoa with peas and scallions

DSC06205 DSC06206

Goat cheese chicken meatballs with mushrooms and zucchini, topped with arugula and basil ricotta over quinoa: my roomie inspired this dish. Her meatballs were stuffed with goat cheese but I got lazy and mixed the chunks in 🙂 By the way, quick oats work as a substitute for breadcrumbs!

DSC06265 DSC06273

Vegetable ricotta lasagna with parmesan broccoli – I like this version better than my previous one!

DSC06332 DSC06336

Leftover meatballs mixed with tomato sauce and spinach, served over quinoa with goat cheese and sauteed broccoli

DSC06355 DSC06361

So that’s it for today – what are your favourite lunches and dinners?