Meanwhile in BC

Mom has been cooking a LOT back home recently!

IMG_1264 IMG_4858

Arnie has been cute! Well… not really. We always joke that he looks like a horse now.

IMG_6088 12083656_1232462186771076_90521095_n

Cute messages from Mom! “Oh no. Oh no.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.39.13 PM

Mom made pasta salad for the homestay students and some cinnamon coffee for herself.

12084132_1232677936749501_1603432167_n 12071502_1229360073747954_946120097_n

Seline enjoyed a sushi lunch with her friend Brianna!

IMG_6997 IMG_7504

Mom did a little baking without me! Pumpkin muffins and swirled pecan cake from a boxed mix.

12048957_1230013177015977_391256384_n 12092655_1233326993351262_796974625_n 12067889_1233325750018053_1357921082_n

Congee with meat, and two Chinese dinners that Mom cooked. Cooking for one is hard, but imagine cooking for NINE! That’s what my mom has to do every meal of the day.

12087540_1229373793746582_1860848353_n 12083950_1233380493345912_2044661314_n 12047814_1229373827079912_1778090679_n

Hi Seline! Hey Arnie.

12064264_1232462553437706_1576812403_n 12087017_1232462226771072_884911788_n

Breakfast for the students: toast, fruit, eggs, beans. And tortellini with creamy mushroom sauce and chicken noodle soup for Seline!

12076973_1232203960130232_2136755632_n 12092614_1232430610107567_716375127_n 12077405_1232678040082824_1892073132_n

Noodles with meat and meatballs and shrimp and egg. Whoa… deluxe. Chips, which Mom has recently been addicted to recently. Check out that tortellini – Costco’s massive packs are THREE in one!

12087576_1230962010254427_1867145461_n 12077103_1233383516678943_1460777368_n 12092567_1232017676815527_259299330_n

Mom posts regularly on her Weibo account: this fried rice was made with sausage, chicken, peas, egg, and mushrooms. Seaweed soup in the back!

12092590_1232912433392718_365645268_n IMG_1270 IMG_8089

Sometimes I get a little homesick, but with messages from Mom and long FaceTime sessions, I don’t feel too lonely. 🙂 Can’t wait to go back home soon!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone 🙂

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile in BC

  1. Hi baby, thank you for sharing my photos of dishes. You know I enjoying cooking and I hope my family like the food I cook. Your photos are much better than mine. I enjoying reading your posts too. Keep it up. I am your #1 fan.


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