University of Waterloo Farmers Market

Hi guys! How has your day been so far?

I have some photos to show you of the uWaterloo farmers market, which comes to the Student Life Centre (SLC) once a week. First, let’s walk out of Health Services (where I went for my TB skin test – a hospital volunteer requirement) and into the campus!

DSC05232 DSC05233

Oh, look! Snails! This photo is awful, but snails are so cool even though they taste pretty good.

DSC05234 DSC05237

There’s a lake! On campus! I don’t know why that makes me so excited. This one is so still that it totally mirrors the Health Services building.


This is the Student Life Centre, or the SLC. Most of the school’s big events happen here, including volunteer fairs and information sessions.


I like sitting here, by the windows, where I usually study eat.

DSC05243 DSC05242

There were cupcakes for sale downstairs – these were made by a baker in the Village-1 residence.

DSC05244 DSC05245

Muffins, tarts, scones, and bagels were also part of the spread. I managed to resist all the yummy-looking baked goods, however, in favour of some fresh produce.

DSC05246 DSC05248

I left with four apples, four potatoes, a big bundle of super fresh green onions, a yellow pepper, a yellow zucchini, and a bag of spinach. One girl there told me that this was baby spinach, but it’s actually MASSIVE regular spinach. 😦 I miss my baby spinach and will have to pick up a package from Sobey’s this week.

DSC05251 DSC05252

That’s it for today, everyone – I have a busy three days to go until the weekend. Hope you all have a happy half-week celebration 🙂