Roommate Rules

Good morning everyone!

Today I’m going to share some tips on being a good roommate. I’m super lucky that I have a great roommate who has taught me a lot about being a nice roomie, myself, and of course, Mom gave me lots of common-sense tips to share as well.

  • Share the duties. Both of you are responsible for shared places, like the kitchen and bathroom. You (or your roommate) shouldn’t be doing all the cleaning by themselves.
  • Be friendly! A smile goes a long way.

532125_1280x720 spraying-bathroom-sink-with-cleaner

  • Do some “roomie” things together if you have it in common. If you both like movies, why not visit the local cinema for a special Roomie’s Night Out? Or maybe cook a fun dinner together. The options are really endless!
  • Help your roomie out once in a while. If he/she is swamped with homework, offer to do the vacuuming or wash the dishes. Your roomie will really appreciate it, and will probably do the same for you when you’re stuck in your room, cramming for exams.


  • Use common sense. Would you like it if your roommate blasted loud music at night? Or left water all over the counter around the sink? Or if he/she borrowed your things without asking? Nope.
  • Clean up after yourself. No need to become a neat freak overnight, but do keep in mind that your roomie lives here as well. This means putting your dishes away after they’re dry, wiping the table, and sweeping crumbs away once in a while. No one wants to live with a sloppy person!


  • Respect your roomie’s privacy and personal space. Super important if you are sharing a little apartment unit, or even a room.
  • COMPROMISE! No explanation needed here.


  • Be flexible and accommodating. If your roomie has a massive exam coming up, it’s a good idea to be respectful and quiet. Let he/she relax if they need to. Be a considerate person 🙂
  • At the same time, be firm on important matters. You want to defend what you believe in, and your roommate should (and will!) respect your principles.


  • Communicate! Text messages, phone calls, even handwritten notes work well.
  • Be generous and forgiving. Everyone will have that moment where they just forget to take the hair from the drain or don’t have time to wash all the dishes in the sink. It doesn’t matter! A broken plate or a missed bus shouldn’t ruin a great friendship.